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Zayat's Bankruptcy Lawyers Want to Sever Ties Over $368K in Unpaid Fees

The law firm representing Ahmed Zayat in his $19-million bankruptcy pleading asked a federal judge Monday for permission to walk away from the case based on Zayat's alleged non-payment of $368,273 to the firm in outstanding legal fees. "The representation of the Debtor has consumed an extremely significant amount of the available resources of our firm," wrote attorney Jay Lubetkin of Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully, LLC, in a July 26 "motion to withdraw" filed in United States Bankruptcy Court (District of New Jersey). "The Debtor has been consistently advised that...

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Bankruptcy Judge Grants Extra Time to Probe Zayat's Finances

The federal judge overseeing Ahmed Zayat's Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition has ordered that the trustee in the case will now have through Apr. 30 to pore over financial documentation to make sure the allegedly insolvent owner and breeder of Triple Crown champ American Pharoah isn't hiding assets. In a court order dated Mar. 31 that was filed Apr. 2 in United States Bankruptcy Court (District of New Jersey), Judge Vincent Papalia wrote that "the Trustee's time to file a complaint objecting to the Debtor's discharge is further extended..." In the...

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MGG to Bankruptcy Judge: 'Zayat Is a Perpetual Liar Determined to Hinder and Obstruct'

On Mar. 16, Ahmed Zayat asked a federal judge not to grant the trustee in his bankruptcy case extra time that had been requested to scrutinize Zayat's finances so the trustee could make sure the owner and breeder of Triple Crown champ American Pharoah was telling the truth about not being able pay $19 million in debts because he allegedly only had $314.22 to his name. Now, one week later, MGG Investment Group, LP, the lender who is separately suing Zayat and his family members for allegedly obtaining a $24...

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MGG Wants Zayat Debt Ruled 'Non-Dischargeable' Because of Alleged Fraud

MGG Investment Group, LP, is already nearly a year into a civil lawsuit initiated to try and recoup $24 million in loan defaults by Ahmed Zayat and his family-owned bloodstock and racing operation. Now the New York-based lender is going after the insolvent Triple Crown-winning owner and breeder in a different court by trying to get a federal bankruptcy judge to rule that some of Zayat's debts shouldn't be legally forgiven under the Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection he is seeking because those loans were the product of years of systematic...

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November Auction Anticipated for Zayat Horses Under Receivership

Attorneys representing MGG Investment Group, LP, which is the plaintiff in a $24.5 million Kentucky civil lawsuit alleging fraud and loan defaults against Ahmed Zayat and his family's Zayat Stables, LLC, disclosed in a legal document filed Sept. 18 that the court-appointed receiver in that case intends to hold a November auction to sell off horses that are being held as collateral against the unpaid debts. News about this anticipated November auction was made public in the form of a letter dated Friday and filed in United States Bankruptcy Court,...

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Judge Grants Yeomanstown's Move To Dismiss MGG Claim

Judge Kim Bunnell ruled to dismiss the claims brought by the MGG Investment Group against Yeomanstown Stud in which they sought the return of the stallion El Kabeir in Fayette County (Ky.) Circuit Court Friday morning. Yeomanstown purchased the stallion from Ahmed Zayat's Zayat Stables Sept. 20, 2017, for $500,000. MGG was attempting to acquire the horse as part of its suits seeking the return of horses and breeding shares sold by the Zayats which had been pledged as collateral for $30 million in loans. Yeomanstown had moved to discuss...

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MGG Drops Complaint Against Thomas Clark Bloodstock

After filing a civil complaint against numerous individuals and entities that had purchased horses or other assets from Ahmed Zayat, MGG Investments has given up the portion of its complaint that aims to collect money from Thomas Clark Bloodstock. Clark's attorney Tom Miller received a notice Tuesday from lawyers representing MGG notifying him that the complaint against Clark had been voluntarily dismissed. Last week, MGG amended its civil complaint against Zayat to include several breeding farms and individuals, including Coolmore Stud, Hill 'n' Dale and LNJ Foxwoods. MGG has sued...

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For Buyers of Zayat Horses, What is the Law?

When the MGG Investment Group filed a complaint in Fayette Circuit Court on Tuesday seeking the return of horses previously owned by Zayat Stables which had been sold privately and at public auction, it raised the question: is it the responsibility of a buyer at auction or a sales company to run a search prior to the transaction to determine if the horse is being sold free of liens and encumbrances? And are private buyers of horses required to do so? In short: might the buyers of those horses at...

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Zayat Camp Releases Statement

The New York lending firm that last month initiated a $23-million lawsuit against Ahmed Zayat and his financially troubled Zayat Stables, LLC, broadly amended its civil complaint in a Kentucky court earlier this week (click here). Zayat Stables issued the following statement Thursday regarding the amended complaint: "We are disappointed but not surprised at MGG and Kevin Griffin's aggressive attack on the horse industry. Zayat Stables said from the beginning that it wanted to liquidate certain assets to generate enough proceeds to pay off all of its creditors. Motivated purely...

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Zayat Lawsuit Broadens to Include Prominent Bloodstock Business Partners

The New York lending firm that last month initiated a $23-million lawsuit against Ahmed Zayat and his financially troubled Zayat Stables, LLC, has broadly amended its civil complaint in a Kentucky court. As of Tuesday, the suit now additionally targets 10 prominent bloodstock individuals and entities that the plaintiff alleges played a role in the "fraudulent scheme" orchestrated by Zayat family members "to sell at a steep discount several millions of dollars of Zayat Stables' assets" that had been pledged as collateral for $30 million in loans. The wide-ranging updated...

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Zayat Addresses Maker Complaint

Jay Ingle, an attorney with the Lexington, Kentucky-based law firm Jackson Kelly PLLC, released a statement on behalf of owner Ahmed Zayat Saturday morning addressing the complaint filed by trainer Mike Maker in Jefferson County Court this past Thursday seeking better than $120,000 in alleged unpaid training bills. "This lawsuit from Mike Maker is absurd," the statement read. "Ahmed Zayat made all payments required under his prior settlement with Mr. Maker until MGG seized control of Zayat Stables' bank account last month. It is outrageous for Mr. Maker to cry...

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Zayat Asks Court to Dissolve Order Appointing Receiver

Ahmed Zayat has filed a motion asking the same court that appointed a receiver to oversee the assets of his Zayat Stables to dissolve that order and instead allow the stable to resolve its dispute with MGG Investment Group in some other matter. The filing came five days after a Fayette County (Ky) Circuit Court judge ordered Zayat's assets into receivership, a response to a $23-million civil lawsuit lodged by the investment firm, MGG Investment Group, LP. MGG had alleged that Zayat had defaulted on his loans and had improperly...

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