Robert D. Fierro

Robert D. Fierro is Managing Director of DataTrack International, a firm that helps clients breed, and select, Thoroughbred racing and bloodstock prospects utilizing pedigree analysis and several long-established biomechanical programs. With his partner, Jay Kilgore, he devised BreezeFigs™, a system of speed ratings for 2-year-old-in-training sales that is marketed to buyers at those sales ands later online to handicappers through Daily Racing Form. Mr. Fierro has been a breeder and owner and served as president of New York Thoroughbred Breeders, Inc., during the 1990s.

Letters to the Editor: Bob Fierro On Sam Huff

You should understand that from the time I could figure out pro football as a kid in the 1950s, I was probably the only one in New York City who detested the football Giants and loved the Baltimore Colts. Don't ask why, it just happened (and continues to this day–go Jets!). Thus, you would not [...]

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Body & Soul: Another Freshmen Future Book

Following the completion of the last major 2-year-old sale of the season in each of the past three years, we looked at the potential success of the freshmen sires by creating a handicapping event, noting that the freshmen sires of each year were very competitive bunches, i.e., many of them were capable of rising to [...]

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Body & Soul: Hey Sport, How Ya Doin'?

Your correspondent distinctly remembers interviewing a youngish financial guru over lunch at The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel on Central Park West. It was in 1977, and it was shortly after Seattle Slew won the Triple Crown, something one doesn't forget. What sticks in our mind, however, was not the interview. Rather he went [...]

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Body & Soul: What Goes Around Comes Around?

Don't let that headline throw you off–we are not about to bury anyone in keeping with the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of the proverb, i.e., “the consequences of one's actions will have to be dealt with eventually.” However, there may be a little karma being tossed around herein because of what the graphic which accompanies [...]

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Body & Soul: Don't Look Now… Well, Maybe We'd Better

This business about sire lines has been driving your correspondent a bit nuts for the past 40 years, dating from when he first came to understand the realm, initially through the discourses of the great analyst Dr. Franco Varola and the estimable author Abe Hewitt. In those days we all not only relied on the [...]

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Body & Soul: Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone

It's not exactly an axiom but it seems almost as soon as a stallion is exported from this country, the racehorses he left behind start making a lot of noise. Without getting too deep into the bushes by matching these stallions with their offspring–while acknowledging Empire Maker, Hard Spun and Daredevil among the previous and [...]

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Body & Soul: How Quickly the Tide Turns…

Those of us who grew up in New York City in the 1950s and 1960s were not only blessed with some extraordinary major league teams and athletes, as well as more than enough superior racehorses, but were also lucky that so many of the radio and television play-by-play announcers were among the greatest of all [...]

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Body and Soul: Another Competitive Future Book

Following the completion of the last major 2-year-old sale of the season in each of the past two years, we looked at the potential success of the freshman sires by creating a handicapping event, noting both times that the freshman sires of 2018 and 2019 were very competitive bunches, i.e., many of them were capable [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Robert Fierro on Steve DiMauro

Everyone whose life he touched was no doubt touched in many ways upon hearing of the passing of Steve DiMauro. That would include many memories of his training accomplishments with Wajima, Lady Pitt, Dearly Precious, et al, and his place in the Hall of Fame-as well as the fact that he basically “discovered” jockey Richard [...]

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Body & Soul: Freshman Stars vs. Graduation Rates

Tingling with a bit of pride at the final rankings of the 2019 Freshman Sires, we're crossing our fingers that things will remain steady in the future. That's because six of the Top 10 were listed as the ones we liked best based on various biomechanical programs which DataTrack uses to project such possibilities. Our [...]

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Body & Soul: Three Strikes and You're In

Have you ever come up with an idea that is based on a lot of anecdotal evidence and would seem to fit a theme you've already settled upon only to realize something comes up that immediately changes the expected result? Happened to us a few days ago when we conjured up the thought that Mr. [...]

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Body and Soul: Culture Clashes

It seems that whenever your correspondent comes up with a writer's block or a dearth of exciting news to dwell upon, his hand reaches out to the trusty bookshelf and invariably falls upon the spine of either one of Dr. Franco Varola's game-changing tomes, “Typology of the Racehorse,” or the sequel, “The Functional Development of [...]

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