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Sales of : Invincible Spirit (Ire)'s progeny in 2017.

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2017 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Invincible Spirit (Ire)'s progeny in 2017.
2017 Weanling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
No Sale Statistics Available
Hip Sex
GOFNOV 2017 559 F - Lulawin (GB)
195,000 B: Harriet Jellett Catalog
BR: Lisieux Stud & Irish National Stud Kyllachy (GB) C: Lisieux Stud
KEENOV 2017 7 C - Ana Luna (GB)
$125,000 B: High Valley Equine Catalog
BR: Capital Bloodstock Dream Well (FR) C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
Total Sold €: 195,000
Total Sold $: 125,000
2017 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Invincible Spirit (Ire)'s progeny in 2017.
2017 Yearling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
No Sale Statistics Available
Hip Sex
AROYRG 2017 120 F - Tribune Libre (IRE)
155,000 B: Tina Rau Bloodstock / Nicolas Clement Catalog
BR: Skymarc Farm Inc and Ecurie Des Monceaux Nayef C: Monceaux
TAOCT 2017 657 F - Moonlight Danceuse (IRE)
£sd40,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Forenaghts Stud Farm Ltd Bering (GB) C: Tinnakill House
TAOCT 2017 675 C - Nancy O (IRE)
£sd90,000 B: Andrew Sime Catalog
BR: Mr John Gunther Pivotal (GB) C: Newsells Park Stud
TAOCT 2017 728 C Invincible One (IRE) Photophore (IRE)
£sd100,000 B: Hugo Merry Bloodstock Catalog
BR: P & B Bloodstock Clodovil (IRE) C: Croom House Stud
TAOCT 2017 756 C - Priceless Jewel (GB)
( £sd105,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Bjorn Nielsen Selkirk C: Watership Down Stud
TAOCT 2017 900 C - Swiss Kiss (GB)
£sd60,000 B: M.P. Tregoning Catalog
BR: Lordship Stud Dansili (GB) C: New England Stud
TATOCT 2017 15 F - Jane Eyre (GB)
( £sd150,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: 7m. 1rashit Shaykhutdinov Sadler's Wells C: Haras du Mezeray
TATOCT 2017 19 F - Just Special (GB)
( £sd65,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Mr J. Higgins Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Platinum Bloodstock
TATOCT 2017 25 F - Kissable (Ire)
£sd200,000 B: Dermot Farrington Catalog
BR: Lordship Stud Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT 2017 36 F - Lady Livius (Ire)
£sd280,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Ballylinch Stud Titus Livius (Fr) C: Ballylinch Stud
TATOCT 2017 63 C - Love Excelling (Fr)
( £sd90,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: John Connaughton Polish Precedent C: Church View Stables
TATOCT 2017 120 C Double Esprit (GB) Nature Spirits (Fr)
£sd100,000 B: Highflyer Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Niarchos Family Beat Hollow (GB) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT 2017 124 F - Night Fever (Ire)
£sd260,000 B: E5 Racing Catalog
BR: Barouche Stud Ireland Ltd Galileo (Ire) C: Barouche Stud (Ireland)
TATOCT 2017 133 C - Parle Moi (Ire)
( £sd120,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: The Kathryn Stud Montjeu (Ire) C: Bumble Mitchell
TATOCT 2017 145 F - Pleasantry (GB)
£sd300,000 B: White Birch Farm Catalog
BR: Wansdyke Farms Ltd & J. M. Burke Johannesburg C: Oghill House Stud
TATOCT 2017 206 C - Sharapova (Ire)
£sd150,000 B: Richard Knight Bloodstock, agent Catalog
BR: M. Duffy & Irish National Stud Elusive Quality C: Manister House Stud
TATOCT 2017 257 C - Syamantaka (Ire)
( £sd80,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Rathasker Stud & Irish National Stud Clodovil (Ire) C: Rathasker Stud
TATOCT 2017 302 C - Willow View
£sd325,000 B: Klaravich Stables Catalog
BR: Merry Fox Stud Limited Lemon Drop Kid C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATOCT 2017 362 F - Beach Frolic (GB)
£sd650,000 B: Shadwell Estate Co. Catalog
BR: Highclere Stud and Floors Farming Nayef C: Highclere Stud
TATOCT 2017 381 F - Cassandra Go (Ire)
£sd1,600,000 B: M.V. Magnier Catalog
BR: T. Stewart Indian Ridge (Ire) C: Ballyhimikin Stud
TATOCT 2017 431 F - Dress Rehearsal (Ire)
£sd400,000 B: C. Gordon-Watson Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Mr Ben Sangster Galileo (Ire) C: Camas Park Stud
TATOCT 2017 437 F - Dynaforce
£sd160,000 B: Klaravich Stables Catalog
BR: Newsells Park Stud Dynaformer C: Newsells Park Stud
TATOCT 2017 452 F - Evita (GB)
£sd400,000 B: BBA Ireland Catalog
BR: Watership Down Stud Selkirk C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT 2017 460 C - Fidelite (Ire)
£sd240,000 B: Shadwell Estate Co. Catalog
BR: Fidelite Syndicate & Irish National Stud In the Wings (GB) C: Corduff Stud
GOFOR 2017 25 C - Kitty Love
350,000 B: Shadwell Estate Co. Catalog
BR: Epona Bloodstock Ltd Kitten's Joy C: Croom House Stud
GOFOR 2017 89 F - Mythie (FR)
( 70,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: P. Kelly & Irish National Stud Octagonal (NZ) C: Ballybin Stud
GOFOR 2017 138 F - Prima Luce (IRE)
580,000 B: Cheveley Park Stud Catalog
BR: Kilcarn Stud Galileo (IRE) C: Kilcarn Stud
GOFOR 2017 141 C - Propaganda (IRE)
55,000 B: BBA (Ireland) Catalog
BR: Irish National Stud Sadler's Wells C: Irish National Stud
GOFOR 2017 164 C - Rose de France (IRE)
155,000 B: BBA (Ireland) Catalog
BR: Irish National Stud Diktat (GB) C: Irish National Stud
GOFOR 2017 184 F - Sendmylovetorose (GB)
( 95,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Mr M. Enright Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Cregg Castle Stud
GOFOR 2017 213 C - Spirit of Tara (IRE)
120,000 B: Justin Casse, agent Catalog
BR: Kilcarn Stud Sadler's Wells C: Kilcarn Stud
GOFOR 2017 300 C - Alumni (GB)
120,000 B: China Horse Club Catalog
BR: Castle Paddock Bloodstock Ltd Selkirk C: Lodge Park Stud
GOFOR 2017 340 C - Bratislava (GB)
300,000 B: BBA (Ireland) Catalog
BR: J. Grogan & Irish National Stud Dr Fong C: Grangemore Stud
GOFOR 2017 395 C - Danuta
85,000 B: Dr. Tan Kai Chah c/o Jim Ryan Catalog
BR: Mighty Universe & Irish National Stud Sunday Silence C: Ballylinch Stud
GOFOR 2017 440 F - Gift From Heaven (IRE)
450,000 B: Juddmonte Farms Catalog
BR: Irish National Stud Excellent Art (GB) C: Irish National Stud
TIRSEP 2017 69 F - Mawaared (GB)
( 70,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Irish National Stud Machiavellian C: Irish National Stud
KEESEP 2017 6 C - Fairytale Ending (IRE)
$240,000 B: Polo Green Stable Catalog
BR: Audley Farm Equine, LLC Galileo (IRE) C: Brookdale Sales, agent; Audley Farm Equine LLC
GOUKPR 2017 250 F - Ronaldsay (GB)
£125,000 B: Richard Guest Catalog
BR: Stowell Hill Stud & Irish National Stud Kirkwall (GB) C: Trickledown Stud
ARAUG 2017 7 F - Just Gorgeous (Ire)
( 220,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.R.L. De Chambure Haras D'Etreham & 3 0s.A.R.L. Riviera Equine & 1 0 Gestu Galileo (Ire) C: Etreham
ARAUG 2017 37 F - Pacifique (Ire)
250,000 B: Meridian International Catalog
BR: Skymarc Farm Inc and Ecurie Des Monceaux Montjeu (Ire) C: Monceaux
ARAUG 2017 45 C Moonlightpainter (Fr) Pilageya (Ire)
180,000 B: Jean-Claude Rouget Catalog
BR: 6m. 1viktor Timoshenko & 2m. 1andriy Mil ovanov New Approach (Ire) C: Montaigu
ARAUG 2017 73 F - Soie (Fr)
( 550,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: 5m. 1jean-Pierre Dubois Monsun (Ger) C: Capucines
ARAUG 2017 75 C - Special Gift (Ire)
200,000 B: Charles Gordon Watson Bloodstock Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.S.U. Ecurie Des Monceaux & 1 0 Lo rdship Stud & 6 0 Ecurie Skymarc Farm & New Approach (Ire) C: Monceaux
ARAUG 2017 80 F - Straight Lass (Ire)
320,000 B: Thierry Gillier; M.A.B. Agency, agent Catalog
BR: 1m. 1serge Boucheron Machiavellian C: Mezeray
ARAUG 2017 103 C - Zotilla (Ire)
240,000 B: Shadwell France Catalog
BR: Ecurie Monceaux/Qatar Blood/Lordship Std Zamindar C: Monceaux
ARAUG 2017 158 F - Galileo Always (Ire)
320,000 B: Juddmonte Farms Catalog
BR: 1m. 1charles Fipke Galileo (Ire) C: Montaigu
ARAUG 2017 159 F - Game Zone (Ire)
340,000 B: Akira Katayama Catalog
BR: Ecurie Des Monceaux & Skymarc Farm Inc Hurricane Run (Ire) C: Monceaux
ARAUG 2017 171 C - High Surf
420,000 B: Shadwell France Catalog
BR: 1m. 1jean-Philippe Dubois Storm Cat C: Capucines
ARAUG 2017 234 F - Polygreen (Fr)
400,000 B: Meridian International & David Redvers Bloodstock Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.S.U. Ecurie Des Monceaux & 4 0 Ea st Bloodstock Ltd & 1 0s.A.S. Beauregard Green Tune C: Monceaux
Total Sold €: 5,040,000
Total Sold £sd: 5,355,000
Total Sold $: 240,000
Total Sold £: 125,000
RNA Amount £sd: (610,000)
RNA Amount €: (1,005,000)
2017 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Invincible Spirit (Ire)'s progeny in 2017.
2017 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
No Sale Statistics Available
Hip Sex
TATAHI 2017 383 F Peak Spirit (IRE) Heavens Peak (GB)
£sd14,000 B: Compas Equine Catalog
BR: Newtown Stud and T. J. Pabst Pivotal (GB) C: Jamesfield Stables
TATAHI 2017 806 F Shaya (IRE) Nidhaal (IRE)
£sd27,000 B: Manuel Alvarez Gomez Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Observatory C: Arthington Barn
TATAHI 2017 1639 C Sackeb (GB) Qilaada
£sd3,000 B: Ali Abdulmajeed Catalog
BR: Essafinaat Bernardini C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GUKSEP 2017 51 C Laith Alareen (GB) Bewitchment (GB)
£7,500 B: 21st Century & Doncaster Racing Catalog
BR: Fittocks Stud Pivotal (GB) C: Helmsley Horse Racing
GOFAUG 2017 245 F Shaya (Ire) Nidhaal (Ire)
£19,000 B: Nick Bradley Racing Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Observatory C: Shadwell Stud
ARQMAY 2017 40 C - Perfect Hedge (GB)
( 190,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: 1 0 Fair Salinia Ltd Unfuwain C: CHANNEL CONSIGNMENT
ARQMAY 2017 70 F - Swingland (GB)
BR: BBA 2010 Ltd Pivotal (GB) C: Derryconnor Stud
TATBRE 2017 47 C Invincible Army (Ire) Rajeem (GB)
( £sd290,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Diktat (GB) C: Houghton Bloodstock
TATBRE 2017 146 F - Hallowed Park (Ire)
£sd130,000 B: John & Jake Warren Catalog
BR: Lodge Park Stud Barathea (Ire) C: Gaybrook Lodge Stud
GOFBRE 2017 128 C Laith Alareen (GB) Bewitchment (GB)
£60,000 B: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Malek Catalog
BR: Fittocks Stud Pivotal (GB) C: Mayfield Stables
Total Sold £sd: 174,000
Total Sold £: 86,500
Total Sold €: 155,000
RNA Amount €: (190,000)
RNA Amount £sd: (290,000)
2017 Covering Sire Sales Results

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2017 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results
Sales of : Invincible Spirit (Ire)'s progeny in 2017.
2017 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
Sale Statistics not supported for this category
Hip Sex
TATAHI 2017 19 G Lat Hawill (IRE) Arbella (GB)
£sd3,000 B: Kevin Fievez Catalog
BR: Windymains Farm Ltd Primo Dominie (GB) C: Belstane Racing Stables
TATAHI 2017 56 G Saaheq (GB) Brevity
£sd26,000 B: The Horse Watchers Catalog
BR: Cliveden Stud Ltd Street Cry (IRE) C: Shadwell Stud
TATAHI 2017 123 C Ensign (GB) Alta Moda (GB)
£sd8,000 B: McKeever Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Miss K. Rausing Sadler's Wells C: Ballydoyle Racing
TATAHI 2017 170 H Shamshon (IRE) Greenisland (IRE)
£sd20,000 B: Thomas Morley Catalog
BR: Stonethorn Stud Farms Ltd Fasliyev C: Diomed Stables
TATAHI 2017 193 C Mudawwan (IRE) Louve Sacree
£sd31,000 B: J.D.W. Bethell Catalog
BR: Herbertstown & Diomed Seeking the Gold C: Shadwell Stud
TATAHI 2017 269 G Song of Shadows (GB) Lyrique (IRE)
£sd2,000 B: Meshal Khudhur Madwarh Almutairi Catalog
BR: Darley Iffraaj (GB) C: Habton Grange Stables
TATAHI 2017 440 G Mushaireb (GB) Hidden Brief (GB)
£sd60,000 B: Dynamic Syndications Catalog
BR: Lordship Stud Barathea (IRE) C: Musley Bank Stables
TATAHI 2017 778 G That Is The Spirit (GB) Fraulein (GB)
£sd19,000 B: Jason Kelly Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Cliveden Stud Ltd Acatenango (GER) C: David O'Meara Racing
TATAHI 2017 853 G Calvados Spirit (GB) Putois Peace (GB)
£sd38,000 B: R. O'Ryan Catalog
BR: Newsells Park Stud Pivotal (GB) C: Linkslade Stables
TATAHI 2017 858 C Dawaaleeb Plaza
£sd65,000 B: Elmhurst Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Greenwood Lodge Farm, Inc. Chester House C: Shadwell Stud
TATAHI 2017 963 G Election Day (GB) Missisipi Star (IRE)
£sd25,000 B: Ahmad Alotaibi Catalog
BR: Petches Farm Ltd Mujahid C: Kingsley House Stables
TATAHI 2017 1053 G Sultan Baybars (GB) Rock Salt (GB)
£sd30,000 B: Jason Kelly Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Hesmonds Stud Ltd Selkirk C: Carlburg Stables
TATAHI 2017 1124 G Jumira Bridge (GB) Zykina (GB)
£sd100,000 B: Thomas Morley Catalog
BR: Cheveley Park Stud Ltd Pivotal (GB) C: Carlburg Stables
TATAHI 2017 1501 G Zorba The Greek (GB) Mistress Greeley
£sd8,000 B: Aziz Al-Mutairi Catalog
BR: Newsells Park Stud Mr. Greeley C: Machell Place Stables
TATAHI 2017 1683 G Permanent (GB) Love Everlasting (GB)
£sd1,000 B: John Hughes Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs G. Middlebrook Pursuit of Love (GB) C: Kubler Racing
GOFHIT 2017 62 G Presidential (IRE) Poetical (IRE)
5,000 B: Roger Fell; Colm Sharkey, agent Catalog
BR: John F. Tuthill Croco Rouge (IRE) C: Friarstown Stables
GOFHIT 2017 136 G Stamp of Authority (IRE) Silver Bracelet (GB)
( 4,500) B: RNA Catalog
BR: C. Farrell Machiavellian C: Delvin Stables
TASAUG 2017 17 G Zorlu (Ire) Special Assignment
( £0) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Samac Ltd Lemon Drop Kid C: Elton Racing
TASAUG 2017 77 F Desert Rain (Ire) Ballantrae (Ire)
£sd26,666 B: BBA (Ireland) Catalog
BR: Darley Diktat (GB) C: Godolphin
GUKSEP 2017 125 G Rousayan (IRE) Rose Quartz (GB)
( £13,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Haras De Son Altesse L'Aga Khan SCEA Lammtarra C: Helmsley Horse Racing
TATJUL 2017 26 F Zenovia (Ire) Zallerina (GB)
£sd800 B: Blandford Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Al Asayl Bloodstock Ltd Zamindar C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL 2017 168 F Camargue (GB) Chaquiras
£sd105,000 B: Hazelwood Bloodstock & Emirates Park Catalog
BR: Darley Seeking the Gold C: Godolphin
TATJUL 2017 189 F Historic Event (Ire) Scenica (Arg)
£sd16,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Forenaghts Stud Interprete (Arg) C: Godolphin
TATJUL 2017 267 F Networking (Ger) Nina Celebre (Ire)
£sd85,000 B: Badgers Bloodstock Catalog
BR:  Peintre Celebre C: Godolphin
TATJUL 2017 462 G Musahher (Ire) Halaqa (Ire)
£sd3,000 B: George Apostolopoulos Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Pivotal (GB) C: Shadwell Stud
TATJUL 2017 528 G Via Serendipity (GB) Mambo Light
£sd100,000 B: Norris & Huntingdon Catalog
BR: Mr R. Shaykhutdinov Kingmambo C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL 2017 805 G Song of Shadows (GB) Lyrique (Ire)
£sd9,500 B: W. Easterby Catalog
BR: Darley Iffraaj (GB) C: Hamilton Stables
TATJUL 2017 822 F Denver Spirit (Ire) Leavingonajetplane (Ire)
£sd4,000 B: Hamish Macauley Catalog
BR: Successori del Marchese G. Guglielmi Danehill C: Bedford House Stables
TATJUL 2017 842 C Coviglia (Ire) Bright Snow
£sd22,000 B: Jason Kelly Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Tullamaine Castle Stud and Partners Gulch C: Rosewell House Stables
TATJUL 2017 886 G Gnaad (Ire) Areyaam
£sd25,000 B: AB Racing Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Elusive Quality C: Robert Cowell Racing
TATJUL 2017 903 G Twin Point (GB) Gemini Joan (GB)
£sd16,000 B: Naser Aljenfawi Catalog
BR: Mr V. I. Araci Montjeu (Ire) C: St Gatien Cottage Stables
ARJUN 2017 425 C Shaiban (Ire) Rumored
8,500 B: Bernard Jeffroy Catalog
BR: Michel Monfort Royal Academy C: Sogorb
TATIAJ 2017 40 G Verdi (Ire) Leopard Hunt
£sd952 B: Peter Harper Catalog
BR: Roundhill Stud Diesis (GB) C: John Ryan Racing
GUKSPR 2017 687 H Grendisar (Ire) Remarkable Story (GB)
£45,000 B: R. Bouresly & Richard Venn Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Old Carhue & Grange Bloodstock Mark of Esteem (Ire) C: Middleham Park Racing
TATHIT 2017 42 M Casa Flora (GB) Cozy Maria
£sd1,500 B: De Burgh Equine Catalog
BR: Hascombe & Valiant Studs Cozzene C: Baroda Stud & Colbinstown Stud
TATHIT 2017 43 G Memories Galore (Ire) Persian Memories (Ire)
£sd8,000 B: Nawton Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Windflower Overseas Holdings Inc Indian Ridge (Ire) C: Windsor House Stables
TATHIT 2017 79 C Shamrokh (Ire) Alshakr (GB)
£sd27,000 B: Craig Buckingham Catalog
BR: Diomed Blds Ltd & Herbertstown Hse Stud Bahri C: Clarehaven Stables
Total Sold £sd: 886,418
Total Sold €: 13,500
Total Sold £: 45,000
RNA Amount €: (4,500)
RNA Amount £: (13,000)