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Sales of : Alternation's progeny in 2017.

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2017 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Alternation's progeny in 2017.
2017 Weanling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 7,500 1 1 $3,500 (281) $3,500 (271) $0 $3,500
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2017 2147 F - Dare You to Move
$3,500 B: South Legacy Stables Catalog
BR: Meg Buckley & Mike Buckley Coronado's Quest C: Threave Main Stud, agent
Total Sold $: 3,500
2017 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Alternation's progeny in 2017.
2017 Yearling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 7,500 33 26 $29,883 (252) $26,500 (211) $70,000 $75,000
Hip Sex
FTKOCT 2017 330 C - Sterling Vow
$8,000 B: White Cloud Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Spruce Lane Farm & Valerie Stevens Broken Vow C: Garrencasey Sales;
FTKOCT 2017 617 F - And Stay Out
$75,000 B: Grand Oaks Catalog
BR: Three Lyons Racing, LLC Exchange Rate C: Woodford Thoroughbreds;
FTKOCT 2017 846 F - Dancing Daisy
$3,200 B: Walter H. Woodard Catalog
BR: Albert Polk More Than Ready C: Four Star Sales;
FTKOCT 2017 888 C - Dattts R Girl Addy
$14,000 B: Bryan Pitnick; S. Johnson, agent Catalog
BR: Mrs. Ellen B. Kill Kelley Vindication C: James M. Herbener Jr.;
FTKOCT 2017 1000 F - Fantastic Promise
$2,500 B: G R Partnership Catalog
BR: Ashleigh Stud Farm, Frank Ramos & Jackie Ramos Fantastic Light C: Oxmoor Sales;
FTKOCT 2017 1344 C - Make Contact
$30,000 B: Antonio Sano, agent Catalog
BR: Bill Adair, Phyllis Adair & Connie Brown Time to Explode C: James B. Keogh;
FTKOCT 2017 1396 C - Miss Louisiana
$5,000 B: Bruce Grossman Catalog
BR: David Purvis Miswaki C: Brandywine Farm;
FTKOCT 2017 1420 F - More Than Proud
$40,000 B: Last Jump Farm Catalog
BR: D. J. Stable More Than Ready C: Betz Thoroughbreds;
IOWOCT 2017 39 C - Paws Up
$28,000 B: Albaugh Family Stables Catalog
BR: Midnight Thoroughbreds, LLC Posse C: Iowa State University, agent; Midnight Thoroughbreds, LLC
IOWOCT 2017 49 C Watch Me Soar Soaring Goddess
$20,000 B: Larry Gottula Catalog
BR: Iowa State University Desert God C: Iowa State University
BAROCT 2017 65 C - Allison's Hope
( $7,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Richard Barton Enterprise Langfuhr C: McCarthy Bloodstock, agent
BAROCT 2017 72 F - Atlantic Frost
( $7,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Richard Barton Enterprises Stormy Atlantic C: McCarthy Bloodstock, agent
OBSOCT 2017 67 C La Brawn Alta Love
( $9,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Woodford Thoroughbreds Gone West C: Stuart Morris, agent
EASOCT 2017 313 F Dreamer's Moon Dream Realized
( $9,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Blackstone Farm LLC Awesome Again C: Darby Dan Farm;
EASOCT 2017 359 C - Ghost Town Kat
$37,000 B: Sunshine Equine Catalog
BR: Michael B. Brown & Danielle Stott Ghostzapper C: Stuart Morris;
CANSEP 2017 25 C Double the Heart Question Period
$30,000 B: John A. Ross, agent Catalog
BR: Kingview Farms Gilded Time C: Huntington Stud Farm Corp., agent
ALBMIX 2017 106 F - Thatswhatimean
( $20,000) B: RNA
BR: Bugle Hill Farm, LLC Belong to Me C: Bugle Hill Farm; Bugle Hill Farm, LLC
KEESEP 2017 2099 F - Just Waiting
$60,000 B: Legacy Ranch Catalog
BR: Jack Huckabay More Than Ready C: Elm Tree Farm, agent
KEESEP 2017 2471 F - Havisham
$70,000 B: Joel Politi Catalog
BR: Tri Eques Bloodstock, LLC Bernardini C: Brookdale Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2587 C - Over the Moon
$70,000 B: Jeffrey Bloom, agent Catalog
BR: Dark Hollow Farm Malibu Moon C: Warrendale Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2676 F - Sweet Factory
( $19,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Brandywine Farm (Jim & Pam Robinson) Candy Ride (ARG) C: Brandywine Farm; Brandywine Farm (Jim & Pam Robinson)
KEESEP 2017 2972 C - My Favorite Tune
$20,000 B: Atlantic Stable Catalog
BR: William D. Fishback Jr. Maria's Mon C: Winter Quarter Farm, agent; W.D Fishback
KEESEP 2017 3215 F Dynamite Daughters Dynamite Dame
$12,000 B: Bill Kroska - Miracle Logistics Catalog
BR: Nancy Shuford El Prado (IRE) C: Elm Tree Farm, agent
KEESEP 2017 3255 C - Grecourt Gates
$15,000 B: Kenneth McPeek, agent Catalog
BR: William L. S. Landes Dixie Union C: Hermitage Farm, agent
KEESEP 2017 3306 C - Mama's Pro
$25,000 B: Tami Carter Catalog
BR: Jean N. Cravens Proper Reality C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 3406 F - Sharp Instinct
$50,000 B: Marette Farrell, agent Catalog
BR: John H. Adger Awesome Again C: Hidden Brook, agent
KEESEP 2017 3599 F - Dream of Bertie
$32,000 B: Jerry L. Romans Jr. Catalog
BR: Brereton C. Jones Ready's Image C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 4010 C - Small Axe
$32,000 B: Robert Amendola Catalog
BR: Glendalough LLC Dixieland Band C: Shawhan Place, agent; Glendalough LLC
KEESEP 2017 4063 C - Adalgisa
$31,000 B: Kinga Farm Catalog
BR: Lee McMillin Spinning World C: Warrendale Sales, agent; Lee McMillin
OKCYRL 2017 10 C - Derby Lane's Song
( $0) B: RNA
BR: Walter M. Jones Unbridled's Song C: Walter M. Jones
OKCYRL 2017 57 F - Susan Jane
$3,500 B: Danny R. Caldwell
BR: Amy Bayle & Brian Holmes Jump Start C: Buena Madera, agent
TTAMIX 2017 50 C - Dixie Darling
$20,000 B: Ruth & Buzz Brightbill
BR: Ruth C Brightbill Dixie Union C: Benchmark Training Center, agent
FTKJUL 2017 275 F Fate Heart of Destiny
$50,000 B: Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners Catalog
BR: Hurstland Farm & James H. Greene, Jr. Lion Heart C: Hurstland Farm;
Total Sold $: 783,200
RNA Amount $: (71,000)
2017 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Alternation's progeny in 2017.
2017 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 7,500 17 13 $60,529 (140) $37,000 (177) $100,000 $260,000
Hip Sex
OKCYRL 2017 82 F - Puzzle Dream
$4,100 B: Richard Albrecht
BR: James Everatt, Janeane Everatt & Arika Everatt-Meeuse Grindstone C: Calle Real Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSOPN 2017 176 C - Mocha d'Oro
( $15,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Albert Bell & Joyce Bell Medaglia d'Oro C: Thoroughbred Champions Training Center; Thoroughbred Champions Training Center LLC
OBSOPN 2017 316 F - Sahara Moon
$22,000 B: JAL Racing; Jose A. Lopez, agent Catalog
BR: C. Hunter Hager & E. Claire Hager Malibu Moon C: SGV Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSOPN 2017 398 C - Stormy B
$100,000 B: Gayle Van Leer, agent Catalog
BR: Brookfield Stud Cherokee Run C: Tom McCrocklin, agent
OBSOPN 2017 471 F - Wahoo Gold
$3,500 B: Hector R. Gonzalez Catalog
BR: Brereton C. Jones Medaglia d'Oro C: Thoroughbred Champions Training Center; Thoroughbred Champions Training Center LLC
TATHIT 2017 305 C - Hollow Sky
£sd40,000 B: CDS Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Curtis C. Green Yes It's True C: Brown Island Stables
OBSAPR 2017 167 F Spectacular Move Best Practices
$260,000 B: Art Sherman, agent Catalog
BR: Justice Farm & Greg Justice Tough Knight C: Envision Equine, agent
OBSAPR 2017 242 F - Chambray
$9,000 B: Bruce Grossman Catalog
BR: Nancy Shuford Alphabet Soup C: G. A. Thoroughbred Sales, agent
OBSAPR 2017 378 F - Dyna Del
$30,000 B: SROA (KOID) Catalog
BR: SJT Racing Stable LLC Dynaformer C: Stephens Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSAPR 2017 396 C - Enticing
( $27,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Pope McLean Service Stripe C: All in Sales, agent
OBSAPR 2017 699 C Limation Lime Lady
$100,000 B: Michael Langford Catalog
BR: David Purvis & James Purvis Limehouse C: Bobby Dodd, agent
OBSAPR 2017 744 C - Maria's Dance
$75,000 B: Jeffrey Bloom, agent Catalog
BR: Sally J. Andersen Maria's Mon C: Cary Frommer, agent
OBSAPR 2017 861 C - Out of Prado
$37,000 B: Charles Marquis Catalog
BR: Javier Martinez Avila Mr. Livingston C: Grassroots Training & Sales; Grassroots Training & Sales LLC
OBSAPR 2017 1118 C - Stormy B
( $95,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Brookfield Stud Cherokee Run C: Tom McCrocklin, agent
OBSMAR 2017 87 C Davka Philadelphia Gold
$65,000 B: Peter Miller, agent Catalog
BR: Sheltowee Farm, Michael E. Evans II & Travis A. Evans Touch Gold C: Omega Farm, agent
OBSMAR 2017 481 C Okavango Alfa Darling Bird
( $7,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Jose Luis Espinoza Birdstone C: Stonewall Dominion Farm; Stonewall Dominion Farm
OBSMAR 2017 674 C Dream Nation Lovely Dream
$27,000 B: Scott Gelner Catalog
BR: France Weiner & Irwin J. Weiner Freud C: Tom McCrocklin, agent
Total Sold $: 732,600
Total Sold £sd: 40,000
RNA Amount $: (144,000)
2017 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Alternation's progeny in 2017.
2017 Covering Sire Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2015 KY 7,500 4 2 $14,000 (162) $14,000 (144) $27,000
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2017 1336 M Fictionality Whimsy
$27,000 B: K.O.I.D. Catalog
BR: Pin Oak Stud, LLC Tale of the Cat Maria's Mon C: Elm Tree Farm, agent
BAROCT 2017 241 M Sunrise Avenue Silent Demand
( $4,500) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Kathleen Kennedy City Zip Quiet American C: Havens Bloodstock Agency, agent
ESLMIX 2017 172 M Strong Evidence Hard Evidence
( $0) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Dolphus C. Morrison Strong Hope Alleged C: Clear Creek Stud, agent
FTKFEB 2017 323 M Didhementionmyname Lion Lemon 'n Lime
$2,200 B: Jennifer & Byron Schunk Catalog
BR: Doug Branham Thunder Gulch Lion Hearted C: South Point Sales Agency;
KEEJAN 2017 732 M Feisty Best of the Sea
$3,000 B: Northern Dawn Stables Catalog
BR: David E. Hager, II Ready's Image Lord of the Sea C: Four Star Sales, agent; a Complete to Dissolve a Partnership
KEEJAN 2017 798 M Krusin Kelly Kells Bells
$2,000 B: Bill McDowell Catalog
BR: Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh & Timber Bay Artie Schiller Artax C: Hill 'n' Dale Sales Agency, agent
KEEJAN 2017 1290 M Secondhand In Seconds
( $4,700) B: RNA Catalog
BR: DJ Stable, LLC Mizzen Mast Giant's Causeway C: Hidden Brook, agent
KEEJAN 2017 1391 M Atlantic Hills Blue Hill
$2,000 B: Hale Stables Catalog
BR: James J. Barry Jr. Stormy Atlantic Coronado's Quest C: Shawhan Place, agent; Hedberg Hall, Inc.
Total Sold $: 36,200
RNA Amount $: (9,200)
2017 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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