John Schickel

Kentucky's HHR Bill Hinges on Definition of 'Pari-Mutuel Wagering'

The legislative fix to legalize historical horse race (HHR) gaming in Kentucky will hinge on a one-paragraph definition of "pari-mutuel wagering" that a bipartisan group of state senators want added to an existing list of definitions that pertain to regulating horse racing. The text of SB120 was posted online Feb. 3, one day after the bill was introduced. Senator John Schickel crafted the statutory attempt to keep HHR operational, and his measure has the backing of Senate President Robert Stivers, Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer, plus five other legislators listed...

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HHR Bill Introduced in Kentucky State Senate

Kentucky State Senator John Schickel and Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers introduced Senate Bill 120 into the Kentucky State legislature late Tuesday with the goal of keeping historical horse racing in Kentucky and ensuring the future of Kentucky's signature equine industry. "KEEP applauds Senator Schickel and Senate President Stivers for Introducing Senate Bill 120, Legislation to Keep Historical Horse Racing in Kentucky," read a KEEP press release issued late yesterday. "In response to the Supreme Court's ruling on historical horse racing, the legislation will define pari-mutuel wagering to be consistent...

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