Letters to the Editor: Barry Irwin


Barry Irwin


I would like to commend Kelsey Riley on her initiative as a journalist in going to South America to get the information required to write her sensational piece about South America’s push to rid racing of drugs (Following South America’s Lead On Lasix).

I agree with John Fulton on every point he made. He is as credible a spokesperson on this subject as anybody in the game. And I agree that we are definitely at an inflection point in terms of the survival of racing in the United States. Any North American trainer or horsemen’s representative who cannot agree with what John has said simply is either not paying attention, not interested in paying attention, selfish or in the employ of an alphabet organization that cannot see the forest for the trees.

The owners have been held ransom long enough by the HBPA, NYTHA and the TOC. Please–for the sake of the game–back the hell off and give the game a chance to right itself. Unless, of course, you would rather have animal rights organizations put measures on the ballot of every state where racing exists to end the whole shebang-a-bang once and for all.

Barry Irwin


Team Valor International

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