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Letter to the Editor: Positive Changes Coming Out of Pennsylvania, by Bryan Langlois, DVM

Over the past few months there have been stories about various State Racing Commissions doing or not doing things for the good of the sport. The Triple Crown season always brings more of a spotlight on the sport and, most times, how there is no progress being made. Quietly, however, one State Racing Commission has been making positive strides in improving the safety, welfare, and integrity of the sport and industry. That state is Pennsylvania. There perhaps has not been a more public vocal critic of the Racing Commission than...

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Letter to the Editor: A Tale of Two Apple Blossom Winners, by Catherine Riccio

In the 1980s the horse racing game was filled with white bridles and D. Wayne Lukas winning just about every weekend stakes race from coast to coast. The slogan which handicappers used was "D. Wayne off the plane," referring to his ability to ship horses to different tracks and pick up stakes wins. Several of Lukas's fillies included Landaluce, Terlingua, Lady's Secret, Life's Magic, Family Style, Lucky Lucky Lucky, Miss Huntington and the list goes on. When I think back of my first years working at the track, two fillies...

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Letter to the Editor: Bryan Krantz

Editor's Note: Bryan Krantz is an owner and breeder, as well as a former owner of Fair Grounds. He shares this story about Chris Owens, the longtime famed New Orleans entertainer and club owner who passed away Tuesday. Chris Owens was a regular Thanksgiving Day attendee for Fair Grounds opening day. Usually there were three in her group: Chris, her mom and boyfriend. She was a local celebrity and wanted to be seen. She usually requested a table across the dining room from the maitre d' stand. This insured she...

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Letter to the Editor: Joseph S. Bertino, Jr., PharmD, FCP, FCCP

I am writing to try to clear up some of the confusion concerning the science around betamethasone as it pertains to its use in racehorses. I am a (human) clinical pharmacologist and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Why are there different forms (salts) of betamethasone (in this case acetate and valerate)? Many drugs do not dissolve well in water, so other molecules are added to them so that they can dissolve in water in order to make useful dosage forms. Sometimes these other molecules are added to...

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Letters to the Editor: Ukranian Racing Tries to Survive

TOM HYLAND: Bill Finley's article At Ukranian Racetrack, Just Trying to Survive in Tuesday's Thoroughbred Daily News, was one of the most timely and moving articles I've read in the publication in several years. What impressed me most about the article was, of course, the work that Olga Bondar is doing to take care of the horses, while at the same time, having to look after her mother. She is doing this despite the dangers of traveling back and forth between the racetrack and her home. God bless this woman!...

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Letter to the Editor: Remembering Josephine Abercrombie

DR. E.C. 'PUG' HART When Clifford [Barry]'s number flashed on my screen [Wednesday] I had a gut wrenching feeling because I knew why he was calling. We both lamented that Mrs. A was in a better place and how it was "time." She was one of a kind, a true horse woman, a philanthropist and all the other superlatives people will be mentioning. But for those of us who were fortunate enough to really know Mrs. A, there has never been, and I doubt there ever will be another one...

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Letter to the Editor: John Sikura

The case of Bob Baffert has been, sad but fascinating to watch. It has served to be the perfect foil for agenda-driven companies and organizations to attach a face to 'the cause.' Due process and the right to defend oneself with veracity is the foundational tenet of this country. It protects citizens from overreaching by entities such as Churchill, NYRA and others banning Baffert from running at their tracks until adjudication is reached--not dictated. The actions of Churchill Downs clearly prioritize what we already know, which is that the value...

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Letter To The Editor: John Good

An open letter to Ben Huffman, Chris Polzin, Dan Bork, and Tyler Picklesimer, racing secretaries at CD & KEE, IND, ELP and KD, respectively-- The Thoroughbred racing industry continues to demonstrate its willingness to embrace technology, innovation and transparency for the long-term good of the sport. Our recent flagship events and race meets have been a credit to the sport-- a phenomenal product showcasing the equine and human stars and stories, and generating record handle. There is national TV exposure that we could have once only dreamed of. History will...

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Letter to the Editor: Horse Racing Needs a Commissioner's Office

by Armen Antonian Ph.D As the 2021 Breeders' Cup approaches, there is much for horse racing to celebrate. New procedures put in place at racetracks to prevent horses with pre-existing conditions from racing have reduced fatalities. And the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) will be implemented next year to standardize medication of horses. But from California to Kentucky to New York, horse racing is still under a magnifying glass. In the absence of national leadership, individual racetracks struggle to manage ongoing issues and each, on their own, is responsible...

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Letter To The Editor: Glenn Petty

I write today after reading the thoughtful letter from Jason Wilson regarding diversity in the Keeneland Sales ring. I'm reminded of a question I first asked sometime during the early 1980's: Why aren't grooms included in the Hall of Fame? This came to mind when I noticed that a yearling my employer (EMO Stables) had pinhooked at the time--Secretary General (by Foolish Pleasure out of Sippican, by Stage Door Johnny)--was running in the first-ever Breeders' Cup Juvenile in 1984. That race was won by Chief's Crown, trained by Roger Laurin...

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Letter to the Editor: Jason Wilson

I am writing with respect to the September 22, 2021 article New Face in the Keeneland Sales Ring. The article invoked the same feelings that I had the first time I went to one of the sales. In the days leading up to this first foray, my colleagues talked up the sales and the good times that they had watching horses sell for more than seven figures and attending the ancillary events that were part of the experience. I went into the arena on that day with high expectations, but...

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Letter to the Editor: Cynthia McGinnes

For the sake of being entirely accurate, which would help members of the press and public who aren't close followers of racing, I think it is important to clarify that Bob Baffert's positive tests have all been for overages of permitted medications not for banned substances. I think it is an important point to make, as it is not the same as what Jason Servis was using. Also, the positive test for Gamine in the Oaks was within the rules--she received the Beta Vet 18 days before the race, which...

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