Tattersalls Craven

Craven Gives New Cycle a Solid Foundation

NEWMARKET, UK—"That's what I love about this place," one shopper complained on Tuesday afternoon as a consignor extolled the virtues of the horse being paraded before him. "There's never any bad news." Well, he must have spent the last year under a rock. Pretty universally, all that anyone in the European industry sought from the new breeze-up cycle at Newmarket this week was a renewed sense of stability. And, while the closing session of the Craven Sale at Tattersalls proved somewhat tougher going for vendors than the first day, there...

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Breeze-Up Sector Hopes For Positive Reboot

NEWMARKET, UK--Business as usual? Hardly. But at least things don't feel quite as unnervingly unusual as last year. At the best of times, breeze-up pinhookers have a precarious window of opportunity. After a long winter of preparation, their horses get a few, fleeting seconds between those timing lasers--and if for any reason they misfire then very few prospectors nowadays, whatever they may claim, will give them the benefit of the doubt. And, unlike with foals and yearlings, there is no second chance. All you can do is put the horse...

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Breezes for Tattersalls Craven Breeze Up Sale to Take Place on Monday

In advance of the Tattersalls Craven Breeze Up Sale on Apr. 13-14, the breezes will be held over the Rowley Mile at Newmarket beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Tattersalls has ensured that there are multiple options to view the breezes, including live vide coverage streamed directly to the Sale Day Live page on the Tattersalls website: www.tattersalls.com. In addition, the breezes may be viewed on the Tattersalls YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Tattersalls1766/ or on the Tattersalls Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Tattersalls/. Replays of the breezes will also be available for viewing on...

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King And Bromley Breezing Into Cheltenham

There was very little that was normal about last year. A late start to the Flat season, no spectators at the races and the breeze-up sales held after Royal Ascot, which was one of the few early meetings to be held in its traditional slot. An extra twist to the Royal meeting was that one of the dominant trainers of the week was a man better known in jumping circles: Alan King. It is always worth taking note, however, when the master of Barbury Castle sends out a Flat runner,...

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