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Open Letter to the Industry: #FreeDataFriday – Churchill Offering Free Past Performances

by Thoroughbred Idea Foundation BettorIQ's recent podcast, "A Sports Betting Education," featured professional bettor Rob Pizzola, who was asked what might motivate him to model or wager on a new sport. "First and foremost, what does the market looks like?...Ultimately, that's the first thing. The second is what data is available. Is it public data? Is it private? Do I have to purchase it? is it reliable? You want to talk about emotions in sports betting, the instability you have to deal with, with some of the data I have...

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Making Betting More Friendly: Joe Migliore

JOE MIGLIORE, West Point Thoroughbreds I think the one answer you are going to hear from everyone will be to focus on lowering takeout. While I agree that is a must for the longevity of the game going forward, I'd like to highlight another area that I've always felt was a major roadblock to attracting new players and retaining existing ones. The easiest thing tracks can do is to provide new and existing players with free access to accurate, clear, and concise data and information. Past performances, replays, workouts, trainer...

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Open Letter to the Industry: Horsemen Struggling, Purses Down – Give Away Free Basic PPs

by Thoroughbred Idea Foundation For more than two weeks, Home Box Office (HBO) has offered free streaming via the HBO Now and HBO GO platforms for several of its famous titles, "the first time...this type of programming [is] available outside of a paywall throughout the month of April. The service is usually priced at $14.99 per month." Horse racing is not HBO, but the point is obvious. What a better way to get people to try your product than take the most captive audience period in history and give them...

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