Opinions on the Cap: Hutton Goodman


Hutton Goodman | Mt. Brilliant Farm photo

Editor’s Note: The Jockey Club has asked for public comment on their proposal to cap at 140 the number of mares a stallion can breed annually. In this ongoing series, we will publish the perspectives of breeders, stallion farms and others on the proposal.

Hutton Goodman, Racing Manager, Mt. Brilliant Farm:
We breed and we sell horses, but we breed to race first. So if we think our best shot to get a good racehorse is going to be to a stallion that covers 200 mares, and it’s going to affect us at the sale, but it’s going to get us a good racehorse, we’re going to do it because at the end of the day, we want race horses before we want sales horses. I don’t think it would be bad for commercial breeders if they limited them, but I hate them telling people what they can do with their horses. My dad always said we have a rule: we only breed to freshman sires if we have a share or if they won a Triple Crown.

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