Letter to the Editor: Frank E. Macauley


Re: Dr. Ferguson’s Letter to the Editor.
Dr. Ferguson is the Veterinarian that we are currently using in the Ocala area. We are very satisfied with his service and his staff is a delight to do business with. However, I have to disagree with the point made in his Letter to the Editor.
I became a member of WHOA almost from the day it was formed. I believe in and support WHOA’s primary goal to eliminate race day medication. I’m disappointed because I doubt if the present “Integrity Act of 2015”, as presented to Congress will accomplish this goal. Sports, and the business of sports, and anything else where a fast dollar can be made, do attract the unsavory amongst us. Doesn’t matter if is NASCAR, NFL, tricycle racing, or Little League Baseball if there is money and/or the prestige of a trophy involved it will attract cheaters.
There is a lot more transparency today than there was when I first developed a fondness for our sport before World War II. Technology, a double edged sword, has come a long way. Today a higher percentage of the cheaters are being exposed. It is what happens after they are exposed that is the problem that does not have a simple solution. I haven’t any idea if the USADA will provide a solution; hopefully, they will at least open the door to other ideas.
How much longer can the “blood” of the two major components, the Fans and Owners, involved in our sport be drained? Regulation, taxation, deceptive practices, and outright cheating are more prevalent today then they have been in the past. A few years ago, I wrote an Op/Ed for TDN (submitted, but not published) where I attempted to show how the States, tracks and industry participants were ruining the sport for those that provided the fuel for its existence.
Yes, Dr. Ferguson Thoroughbred Racing continues to decline in the USA while flourishing in other countries. We have never made a return on our investment here in the United States. However, we have in other jurisdictions. This may very well be our last year for Thoroughbred investing in the USA. Nothing much has changed in the USA for the player or owner. Many years ago the “book makers” refused to take a straight show bet because some of the unemployed, during the Great Depression, were savvy enough to eke out a small profit. Imagine my surprise on Sept. 23, 2013 when I received a telephone call from “Twin Spires” to limit my show wagers to $20.00 or they would close my account.
Visit the following link which was found on “Triple Crown Insider” to read the comments on the Original Story.
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Through the years I have met many nice people involved in the Thoroughbred industry and have even made a few friends. I am very fond of these people and will continue my association with them.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank E. Macauley
WTL Equine International, LLC


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