Workouts Canceled at Santa Anita Tuesday Due to Air Quality

Santa Anita management sent a text to trainers Tuesday morning advising them that workouts would be canceled because of the air quality. "The AQI is at 159 this morning. We are going to cancel workouts and only allow gallopers and joggers," the text said. In conjunction with Dr. Rick Arthur, the Equine Medical Director at UC Davis, where he is assigned full time to the California Horse Racing Board, the Stronach Group has a policy that any air quality index about 150 could be unhealthy for horses, and that exercise...

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Published Workouts: Inaccuracies are Inexcusable

Like many issues in racing, the inaccuracy of published workout times is something we who are firmly planted in the industry have all just accepted as the way it is. Quote a breeze time to any trainer, owner or serious horseplayer and they'll tell you why it's pointless. "Official" times of works, and rankings, bullets, etc. are almost never correct, and somehow we've all just gone along with it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has analyzed workout video of a horse like it was the Zapruder film...

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XBTV Introduces Triple Crown Trail Portal

XBTV has launched the Triple Crown Trail, a portal on the XBTV.com website devoted to sophomores headed towards the 2020 Classics. The portal will contain exclusive, searchable workout videos, interviews and handicapping insights. The portal will also include handicapper Jeff Siegel's weekly Top 20 Rankings, the first installment of which is due Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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