Ken Wilkins

Letter to the Editor: Gary Falter, The Jockey Club

Ken Wilkins got it right: "The challenge is to identify and solve the real problem--we do not have enough people that want to own racehorses. More owners will create more demand for our breeding product, period. Conversely, less demand will exacerbate all our problems. It has already impacted us and we are experiencing a slow and sure gradual shrinking of our business. What can each of us do to achieve the outcome of increasing ownership? Let us start with asking the right question. How can we increase demand for our...

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The Nomination Struggle: Ken Wilkins

Chris McGrath's Value Sires series in the TDN has frequently touched on the difficulty in selling nominations to stallions in their third-year at stud, as well as to solid, established stallions standing for a moderate fee. We asked stallion managers and nominations teams as well as bloodstock agents what changes could be made, if any, to help the situation. Ken Wilkins, Adena Stallions I have read with interest the discussion that TDN has facilitated regarding the struggle to fill third-year sires as well as proven but moderately priced horses. As...

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