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By BILL FINLEY G R E AT F U N , G R E AT RA C I N G , GRE AT C R A B C A K E S . place and Fort McHenry, but you may not know where to get the BALTIMORE – In the land of the erences might enter into the equa- type of crab cake you will long crab cake, which is the best crab tion, but there really is no right or remember – probably the best cake of them all? It’s a question wrong. With Baltimore offering so you’ve ever had. I can’t tell you that has challenged critics, tour- many great options when it comes with any certainty who is going to ists, locals, food lovers and men to crab cakes, no list can be a de- win the Preakness, but I can tell and women from all walks of life finitive one. you where to go to get the Balti- since 1661 when David Jones set- Then again, one can always try. more crab cake of your dreams. To tled the area that now constitutes Coming to Baltimore for the GI visit Baltimore and not eat crab the city of Baltimore. Like who was Preakness? You probably already cakes is a sacrilege and an insult to better, Secretariat or Man o’War, know all about Pimlico and its his- these succulent crustaceans who is it an unanswerable question? tory. Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral, sacrifice their lives for your eating When you’re dealing with such a Cal Ripken Jr., the Inner Harbor, pleasure. It’s not acceptable be- level of excellence, personal pref- Camden Yards, Babe Ruth’s birth- havior. Sorry, it’s just not OK. 13