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By BRIAN DIDONATO  Walk down Broadway in Saratoga need to make weight. . . ever again. Springs and you might miss it— But it has become a favorite spot in that is, if it’s a rare moment when a town full of great restaurants (#5 a group of hungry and thirsty pa- of 179 Saratoga restaurants listed trons haven’t spilled out of from on Trip Advisor) for obvious rea- the patio, through the inconspic- sons—at some point during your uous wrought-iron gate marked meal, there’s a good chance you’re “Druthers Brewing Co.” and onto going to utter the phrase, “This is the sidewalk as they wait to be the best [blank] I’ve ever had.” seated.      Built in 2012 in what was previ-    Druthers probably isn’t the place ously just an alley between two you go to celebrate that big Grade I buildings victory, if you’ve got a tee time the strip, the brew pub has seen its next morning at 7:00 a.m., or if you stock rise right along with the on Saratoga’s main