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By LUCAS MARQUARDT E ach year, Lexington in Louisville. The Louisville location in Louisville, this was home. adds a restaurant or is home to Proof on Main, a popu- Searle brought with him an as- two that takes the city’s lar eatery whose bar was recently cetic that favors local ingredients burgeoning called one of America’s 20 best for and down-home flavors. The “To destination cities. Share” list, for instance, includ- In 2016, that restaurant is Lockbox, When 21c opened in Lexington ed Kentucky catfish brandade, an located in the new 21c Museum earlier this year, Proof on Main’s ex- emulsion typically of cod and olive Hotel on West Main. ecutive chef Jonathan Searle made oil that here favors a local catch, A boutique chain with a modern the switch, marking a homecoming served with toast. flair, 21c now has six hotels across for the Lexington native who has The “In Jars” are a popular op- the greater Midwest, including one said that while he enjoyed his time tion—several small canning jars culinary scene to another level.