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Sales of : Mo Town's progeny in 2022.

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Mo Town

Uncle Mo - Grazie Mille, by Bernardini
2022 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Mo Town's progeny in 2022.
2022 Weanling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2020 7,500 29 22 $17,213 (270) $10,000 (329) $28,000 $80,000
Hip Sex
KEEJAN BR: Cowboy Stables, LLC 121 F - My Queen
$10,000 B:  MWG
Forestry C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Juan Piedra 375 C - Dialed to Go
$20,000 B:  George Sharp
Dialed In C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR:  444 C - Girardi
$12,000 B:  Jose Aguirre
Tiznow C: Mulholland Springs, agent
KEEJAN BR: Mike Abraham 557 F - One Stormy Mama
$8,000 B:  Douglas Renee McGaugacy
Storm Cat C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Barry R. Ostrager 924 C - Letshootpool
$7,500 B:  Kyle Ober
Freud C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEEJAN BR: Elaine MacPherson 1282 F - Kiana's Dream
$1,200 B:  Guillermo Morales
Sky Mesa C: Warrendale Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Troy West, Joe Griffith & Colt Pike 1320 C - Macbu
$9,000 B:  Terry Morgan
Maclean's Music C: Blackburn Farm, agent
FTDSEP BR: Glen Todd 19 C - Castinette Dancer
$3,500 B:  Willow Creek Farms
Ministers Wild Cat C: Ballysax Bloodstock;
FTDSEP BR: Glen Todd 26 C - Marlin Monroe
$10,000 B:  Jon Denson
Honor Code C: Ballysax Bloodstock;
FTNMIX BR: Cheryl Prudhomme & Dr. Michael Gallivan 45 C - Alana's Allure
$(19,000) B:  RNA
Shackleford C: Vinery Sales, agent
FTNMIX BR: Cheryl Prudhomme & Dr. Michael Gallivan 101 F - Electric Boots
$37,000 B:  SGO Thoroughbred
Bellamy Road C: Vinery Sales, agent
FTNMIX BR: Sequel Thoroughbreds LLC 187 F - Mo Justice
$40,000 B:  BL Transport / Ordonez
Lemon Drop Kid C: Sequel New York, agent
KEENOV BR: Hashtagsid Syndicate 380 C - Hashtagsid
$7,500 B:  Pedro Lanz
Scat Daddy C: Bill Murphy, agent
KEENOV BR: Bobby Ray Rankin III 999 F - Zadina
$80,000 B:  Taproot Bloodstock, agent
Malibu Moon C: Bluewater Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Dr. Brad Tanner 1878 F - Clemency
$(14,000) B:  RNA
Shackleford C: Terrazas Thoroughbreds, agent
KEENOV BR: Richard Simenson 1886 F - Coratina
$(24,000) B:  RNA
More Than Ready C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Center Hills Farm 1951 F - From Jump Street
$20,000 B:  Somers Stables
Jump Start C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Deann Baer & Greg Baer DVM 2053 F - Music Teacher
$25,000 B:  Louis Dubois
Commissioner C: Scott Mallory, agent
KEENOV BR: Linda Griggs 2123 F - Royal G G
$31,000 B:  Erick Aquino
Royal Academy C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Ms. Kim Valerio & Galteemore Bloodstock LTD 2523 C - Reenie D
$28,000 B:  D.J. Stable
Giant's Causeway C: Blandford Stud, agent
KEENOV BR: Paul Larosa 2595 C - Taylor's Wildcat
$(29,000) B:  RNA
Tale of the Cat C: Eaton Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Anzac LLC, Respite Farm & Terlep 2736 F - Erzulie Dantor
$(24,000) B:  RNA
Yonaguska C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEENOV BR: Jacob D. Bennett 2739 F - Eurasia
$2,500 B:  Paul Larosa
Pioneerof the Nile C: Scott Mallory, agent
KEENOV BR: Big Aut Farms LLC & Spruceton Farm LLC 2773 C Tayib Agulo Gwendalyn Sue
$6,000 B:  Red Scarf Racing
Forestry C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Dawn Martin & Savesnine Corp 3136 C - Delphinium
$(4,500) B:  RNA
Pioneerof the Nile C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEENOV BR: Dr. Frank Batten 3316 F - Prom Dress
$14,000 B:  Natalie Moreau
Stephen Got Even C: Mulholland Springs, agent
KEENOV BR: Columbiana Farm, LLC 3377 C Downtown Motown Stormin Babe
$5,500 B:  Denise & Robert Yates
Stormy Atlantic C: Columbiana Farm, agent
KEENOV BR: Lucky Horseshoe Racing 3486 F - Creative Element
$(6,500) B:  RNA
Creative Cause C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Oak Lodge Bloodstock 3646 F - Russkiy Lemon
$1,000 B:  Flip or Flop Stables
Lemon Drop Kid C: Blandford Stud, agent
Total Sold $: 378,700
RNA Amount $: (121,000)
2022 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Mo Town's progeny in 2022.
2022 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2020 10,000 32 27 $37,827 (233) $30,000 (229) $100,000 $95,000
Hip Sex
OBSWIN BR: Maurice F. Casey III 33 F - Can't Steal My Joy
$65,000 B:  Woodford Thoroughbreds
Exclusive Quality C: Abbie Road Farm, agent
KEEJAN BR: James Purvis DVM 782 F - Surf Ride
$10,000 B:  Arga Racing Stable
Scat Daddy C: James B. Keogh, agent
KEEJAN BR: Avla Pitts 891 F - Bill's Presence
$4,500 B:  Jose Garcia-Blanco
During C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEEJAN BR: Susan Young 1102 C - Sassy Redhead
$(12,000) B:  RNA
Henny Hughes C: Nicky Drion Thoroughbreds, agent
KEEJAN BR: Farm d'Allie Racing Stable 1320 C Etoile's Town Etoile d'Allie
$(24,000) B:  RNA
Johannesburg C: Small Batch Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Champion Equine, LLC & Mulholland Springs, LLC 1397 F - Lesson Plan
$7,000 B:  MBR
Forestry C: Mulholland Springs, agent
KEEJAN BR: Wolf Creek Farm 1418 C - Mari's Big Rock
$13,000 B:  Arga Racing Stable
Diamond C: Stuart Morris, agent
KEEJAN BR: Justin Harris 1521 C - Sweet Baby Bea
$10,000 B:  Arga Racing Stable
Tale of the Cat C: Blandford Stud, agent
BRCSEP BR: Prescott Farms 29 F - Ease It On Over
$36,000 B:  Swift Thoroughbreds
Shackleford C: Prescott Farms
FTKJUL BR: John L. Clair 114 F - La Contessa
$(60,000) B:  RNA
Congrats C: Small Batch Sales;
FTKJUL BR: Joe B. Mulholland Jr., John P. Mulholland & Karen Mulholland 143 C - No Vacancy
$(37,000) B:  RNA
Quality Road C: Paramount Sales;
FTKJUL BR: Marablue Farm, LLC 259 C Only a Day Away Broadway Lullaby
$80,000 B:  Scott & Evan Dilworth
Songandaprayer C: Taylor Made Sales Agency;
FTKOCT BR: Cheryl Prudhomme & Dr. Michael Gallivan 462 F - Among the Willows
$2,200 B:  Colleen Davidson
Brahms C: Vinery Sales;
FTKOCT BR: Norevale Farm, Cory Rogers & Erin Rogers 574 F - Bodella
$30,000 B:  Gayle Van Leer, agent
Bodemeister C: Bird In Hand Stables;
FTKOCT BR: Elizabeth B. Barr 591 F - Brief Holiday
$8,000 B:  Six K's Training & Sales
Harlan's Holiday C: Machmer Hall Sales;
FTKOCT BR: Jim Edgar 872 C - Fighting Market
$3,700 B:  Dean Keller/Billy Fallow
After Market C: Grovendale Sales;
FTKOCT BR: Liberty Road Stables 931 F - Givine (Fr)
$2,000 B:  Bella Stable
Blackdoun (Fr) C: Gainesway;
FTKOCT BR: John L. Clair 1119 F - La Contessa
$21,000 B:  Bryan Rice
Congrats C: Small Batch Sales;
FTKOCT BR: Randy Alderson 1261 C - Midnight Hook
$(7,000) B:  RNA
Midnight Lute C: Vinery Sales;
FTKOCT BR: Joe B. Mulholland Jr., John P. Mulholland & Karen Mulholland 1376 C - No Vacancy
$25,000 B:  Tom McCrocklin, agent
Quality Road C: Mulholland Springs;
KEESEP BR: Maurice F. Casey III DVM 1254 C Soul Catcher Tuxedo Lady
$95,000 B:  David Raim; Jeff Runco, agent
Archarcharch C: Eaton Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: Lantern Hill Farm LLC 1927 F Motet Miss Holiday Inn
$20,000 B:  Grassroots Training and Sales
Tactical Cat C: Lantern Hill Farm, agent
KEESEP BR: Don M. Robinson 2258 F - House of Fortune
$95,000 B:  Christophe Clement, agent
Free House C: Winter Quarter Farm, agent
KEESEP BR: Joe B. Mulholland Jr., John P. Mulholland & Karen Mulholland 2371 F - Past Twilight
$50,000 B:  Blue Crevalle
Pulpit C: Woodford Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP BR: Linda Griggs 2484 F - Timetobegone
$30,000 B:  Pro Racing Stable
Vindication C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: Castle Park Farm, LLC & Jerry Adamany 2652 C - Grand Slam Girl
$80,000 B:  Zack Markwell
Grand Slam C: Hidden Brook, agent; Bonne Chance Farm, LLC
KEESEP BR: Reece Racing 2668 C - Infinite Grace
$100,000 B:  Garry Simms, agent
Tapizar C: St George Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: C. Kidder 2989 C - Classy Production
$30,000 B:  Eric Antonio Delvalle
Run Production C: Gainesway, agent
KEESEP BR: Katie Browne & Brian Bell 3001 C - Dance Play
$50,000 B:  Crooked Shamrock Racing Stables
Malibu Moon C: Susan Y. Foreman, agent
KEESEP BR: Susan Young 3223 C - Sassy Redhead
$32,000 B:  GGS Legal Racing
Henny Hughes C: St George Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: John R. Penn & David Parkey 3297 F - Truffles
$25,000 B:  Golden East Horse
Forestry C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: William Butler 3563 F - Miss Kew
$(19,000) B:  RNA
Catienus C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: C. Kidder & N. Cole 4092 C - Grace That Abounds
$(22,000) B:  RNA
Old Fashioned C: Vinery Sales, agent
LTBSYM BR: Love Partnership Interests, L. P. 46 C - American Honor
$39,000 B:  Ken Love
Stormy Atlantic C: Clear Creek Stud, agent
OBSOCT BR: Peggy Costanzo 318 F - Salty Soul
$3,500 B:  Tom McCrocklin, agent
Itsmyluckyday C: Summerfield, agent
OBSOCT BR: J D Farms 371 F Ultra Mo Sweetest Appeal
$18,000 B:  Eduardo Salgado/Rafael Gonzalez
Graydar C: Summerfield, agent
OBSOCT BR: Hidden Lake Farm, LLC and Classic Bloodstock 478 F Midcentury Modern Cleopatty
$34,000 B:  Edilberto Herrera
Cairo Prince C: Abbie Road Farm, agent
OBSOCT BR: Barry R. Ostrager 603 F - Lady On Holiday
$3,500 B:  Idella Fernander
Harlan's Holiday C: Bobby Jones Equine, agent
SARAUG BR: Allen C. Hallett 317 C Questionnaire Kelly's Prize
$67,000 B:  Chalk Racing
Pure Prize C: Vinery Sales;
SARAUG BR: Cheryl Prudhomme & Dr. Michael Gallivan 324 F - La Condesa
$50,000 B:  Grassroots Training and Sales
Freud C: Vinery Sales;
Total Sold $: 1,139,400
RNA Amount $: (181,000)
2022 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Mo Town's progeny in 2022.
2022 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2020 12,500 36 29 $103,795 (70) $60,000 (120) $546,080 $350,000
Hip Sex
GOFFDU BR: Bo Hirsch LLC 59 C - Tizza Trick
495,088 B:  Prince Fasil Khalid bin Abdul Aziz
Tiznow C: Powerstown Stud
OBSMAR BR: Michael T. Barnett 24 C - Pardonmecomingthru
$260,000 B:  West Point Thoroughbreds; LEB, agent
Chatain C: Gene Recio, agent
OBSMAR BR: Gil Masters 70 C Velocimo Richiesredhothoney
$50,000 B:  TEC Racing; Joe Sharp, agent
Malibu Moon C: Golden Thoroughbreds Training and Sales
OBSMAR BR: Elizabeth H. Muirhead 117 F Mo Tough She'sa Tough Tiger
$40,000 B:  Up Hill Stable; Paul Magee, agent
Tiger Ridge C: Parrish Farms, agent
OBSMAR BR: White Fox Farm 119 F Rock This Towne Shopped Out
$150,000 B:  Mike Ryan, agent
Mineshaft C: Niall Brennan Stables, agent
OBSMAR BR: John R. Penn 201 F - Three Halos
$45,000 B:  CHPR
Liaison C: Dark Star Thoroughbreds; Dark Star Thoroughbreds (Stori Atchison)
OBSMAR BR: Cheryl Prudhomme & Dr. Michael Gallivan 267 C - Among the Willows
$60,000 B:  George Weaver, agent
Brahms C: SGV Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSMAR BR: Joe B. Mulholland Jr., John P. Mulholland & Karen Mulholland 409 C - Empress of Midway
$80,000 B:  Gayle Van Leer, agent
Empire Maker C: GOP Racing Stable Corp., agent
OBSMAR BR: Lantern Hill Farm LLC & FirstcorpThoroughbreds 613 C - Mighty Katherine
$60,000 B:  Al Stall
Seeking the Dia C: GOP Racing Stable Corp., agent
EASMAY BR: Dreamtime Stables LLC 111 F Mo Temptation Toasty
$150,000 B:  My Racehorse & Dennis O'Neill
Polish Numbers C: Grassroots Training and Sales; $
EASMAY BR: John R. Penn & David Parkey 127 C - Truffles
$(57,000) B:  RNA
Forestry C: L. G.; $
EASMAY BR: Mendy Abrahamson & Abrahamson Equestrian 214 F - Bear Canyon
$10,000 B:  Bluegrass Racing Club
Champali C: Kings Equine; $
EASMAY BR: Brandywine Farm (Jim & Pam Robinson) 343 C - Express Chick
$20,000 B:  John Fanelli
Hennessy C: Little Farm Equine; $
EASMAY BR: Horseshoe Racing, LLC 366 C - Forgiveness
$12,000 B:  Cool Hill Farm
Tiznow C: De Meric Sales; $
EASMAY BR: Andy Beadnell 521 F - Miss Bodine
$20,000 B:  Alpha Omega
Vindication C: Six K's Training & Sales; $
FTDJUN BR: Castleton Lyons & Kilboy Estate 1 F - Rushin No Blushin
$(145,000) B:  RNA
Half Ours C: KP Sales
KEENOV BR: Castleton Lyons & Kilboy Estate 791 F Jacksmybrother Rushin No Blushin
$90,000 B:  Jackpot Farm
Half Ours C: Eaton Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Ledgelands LLC & Andrew C. Ritter 5179 F Rendezvous Green Eyed Cat
$50,000 B:  MWG
Tale of the Cat C: WinStar Racing, agent
OBSAPR BR: DP Racing, LLC 24 C Smart Mo Vendita
$190,000 B:  Mayberry Farm
Smart Strike C: Britton Peak, agent
OBSAPR BR: Brandywine Farm (Jim & Pam Robinson) 108 C - All Day Donna
$150,000 B:  Raymond Kuah
Value Plus C: Brick City Thoroughbreds
OBSAPR BR: Laura McKinney 516 F - Hey Little Sister
$300,000 B:  Glassman Racing
Jump Start C: Eisaman Equine, agent
OBSAPR BR: Ralph Edward Kinder & Erv Woolsey 555 C - I'm Patriotic
$(70,000) B:  RNA
To Honor and Serve C: Bold Arrow Thoroughbreds
OBSAPR BR: Moreau Bloodstock International, Inc. 687 F Key of Life Longride to Wisdom
$350,000 B:  Flurry Racing Stable
Harlan's Holiday C: Top Line Sales, agent
OBSAPR BR: Hidden Lake Farm, LLC & Donna Bernhard 721 C - Marialua
$75,000 B:  George Sharp; Equinox, agent
Maria's Mon C: Brick City Thoroughbreds
OBSAPR BR: Jory Sherman & Don Blowe 796 C Mazing Mark Moon Meeting Too
$80,000 B:  Mark Norman
Malibu Moon C: Golden Rock Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSAPR BR: Todd Frederick, Chad Frederick & Phoenix Farm and Racing LLC 909 F Mo Town Madison Prevention
$160,000 B:  Stefania Farms; Saffie Joseph Jr., agent
Aptitude C: Paul Sharp, agent
OBSAPR BR: Wynnstay, INC 1003 F - Sapphire Spitfire
$60,000 B:  Sean Shay; Gary Contessa, agent
Awesome Again C: Britton Peak, agent
OBSAPR BR: Pete Gonzales & Lenny Kohn 1018 F - Scripted
$16,000 B:  Steve Budhoo
Mission Impazible C: CM Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSOPN BR: Champion Equine, LLC 31 C Town of Guaynabo Lesson Plan
$(37,000) B:  RNA
Forestry C: Golden Rock Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSOPN BR: Mike Freeny 286 F - Rose Pedals
$30,000 B:  Perrine, Inc.; Oracle Bloodstock, agent
Street Cry (Ire) C: Blue River Bloodstock, agent
OBSOPN BR: Jason Hewitt & Doris Leisenring 342 C Spy Town Senora Quatorze
$7,500 B:  Larry Mejias
Louis Quatorze C: Silvestre Chavez Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSOPN BR: Grantley Acres & Carl McEntee 627 F - Annies Law
$15,000 B:  Chad Schumer, agent
Harlan's Holiday C: New Way, agent
OBSOPN BR: Thomas Scucci & Renee Scucci 780 C - Daddy's Diva
$(19,000) B:  RNA
Scat Daddy C: Bobby Dodd, agent
OBSOPN BR: Shawhan Place LLC, Dr. Perry Wornall & Billy Thomson 800 F Rag Town Delavie
$13,000 B:  Alan Sherman
Union Rags C: Paul Sharp, agent
OBSOPN BR: Hubert Vester 811 C Mo Exaggerator Dixie Babe
$52,000 B:  Violeta Racing
Dixie Union C: Randy Miles, agent
OBSOPN BR: George E. Bates Trustee 814 F - Done Smoking
$(17,000) B:  RNA
Smoke Glacken C: Woodside Ranch, agent
OBSOPN BR: James David Squires 950 F - Hairdo
$8,500 B:  Terry Davie
Millennium Wind C: J. J. Thoroughbreds
OBSOPN BR: Scott Pierce & Debbie Pierce 961 F Lucidity Heavenly Bliss
$(14,000) B:  RNA
Holy Bull C: Blue Sapphire Stables
Total Sold €: 495,088
Total Sold $: 2,604,000
RNA Amount $: (359,000)
2022 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Mo Town's progeny in 2022.
2022 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2020 7,500 28 27 $17,000 (210) $10,000 (231) $87,000
Hip Sex
KEEJAN BR: Roger W. Clark 15 M Gather Round Endless Parade
$8,000 B:  Lambholm, agent
U S Ranger Williamstown C: Bedouin Bloodstock, agent
KEEJAN BR: Hurstland Farm & Barry Henley 1292 M Lady Relaunch Clean Up Kris
$3,000 B:  Keith Amburgey
Bright Launch Kris S. C: Hurstland Farm; Hurstland Farm (Alfred H. Nuckols Jr.)
KEEJAN BR: John C. Oxley 1401 M Sensible Match Miss Matched
$15,000 B:  Gordon Reiss
Street Sense Formal Gold C: Four Star Sales, agent; St. Simon Place, LLC and Steve Estepp
OBSWIN BR: Dixiana Farms LLC 429 M Cuckoo Kenia Amy's Outburst
$8,000 B:  K.O.I.D. Co.
Midnight Lute Speightstown C: Bobby Jones Equine, agent
KEEJAN BR: Arapaho LLC 144 M Gwendalyn Sue Royal Leah
$13,000 B:  Autry Lowry; Elise Handler, agent
Forestry Royal Academy C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC 970 M Gulf View Hi Beautiful
$15,000 B:  Regan Wright
Malibu Moon Snow Ridge C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Mace Siegel & Samantha Siegel 981 M Impetuous Youth I Believe in You
$11,000 B:  Roig
Candy Ride (Arg) Pleasant Tap C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEEJAN BR: Bruce Raymond Grossman & Keith Dickstein 1079 M Queen of the Lake Laura's Bet
$3,500 B:  Anthony Tate
Salt Lake Ultramate C: St George Sales, agent
KEEJAN BR: Hurstland Farm & Kevin McLaughlin 1286 M Conquesta Turn to Lass
$7,500 B:  Happy Birthday Roxy
Empire Maker Bright Launch C: Hurstland Farm, agent
KEEJAN BR: Sienna Farms LLC 1380 M Kalambaka Queen Storm Prospect
$18,000 B:  Shannondoe Farm; Sarah Thompson, agent
Pico Central (Brz) Stormy Atlantic C: Considine Farm, agent
KEEJAN BR: Harry Landry & James Hogan 1433 M Munnings Muse Matinee Express
$(24,000) B:  RNA
Munnings Zensational C: Lane's End, agent
FTDJUN BR: Sycamore Hall Thoroughbreds, LLC 9 M Not Concerned The Careless Cat
$(9,500) B:  RNA
Curlin Tale of the Cat C: Harper Ridge Thoroughbreds
FTDSEP BR: Can-A-Mex Farms & Clive & Linda Lytle 29 M Seven Feathers Fleet Amyanne
$10,000 B:  Shelley Todd
Stephanotis Western Fame C: Ballysax Bloodstock;
FTDSEP BR: Dee-Ellen Cook 35 M Dear Lilly Lilly Marlene
$13,000 B:  Randi Moreau-Sipiere
Graeme Hall Lost Soldier C: Ballysax Bloodstock;
KEENOV BR: John D. Gunther & John Darren Gunther 723 M Don't Cry for Me Sobinka (Ire)
$5,000 B:  Chad Schumer, agent
Street Cry (Ire) Sadler's Wells C: Glennwood Farm, agent
KEENOV BR: Liberty Road Stables 1384 M Turkmenistan Moon Catcher
$50,000 B:  Tall Oaks Farm
Candy Ride (Arg) Malibu Moon C: Ballysax Bloodstock, agent; Forever Spring Farm LLC
KEENOV BR: John T. Behrendt & Charles Marquis 1728 M Sky Kitten Nice Kitty Kitty
$87,000 B:  Chad Schumer, agent
Sky Mesa Forest Wildcat C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Keene Ridge Racing, LLC 1974 M Holly Molly Dolly Rcuandry
$7,000 B:  Leinster Racing
Arch A.P. Indy C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Red Oak Stable 2241 M Angelic Spirit Ubetwereven
$20,000 B:  Four Fools Breeding
Orb French Deputy C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEENOV BR: Garland E. Williamson 2539 M Sarasota Sunrise Coogee Sunrise
$4,000 B:  Bill McDowell
Thunder Gulch Deputy Commander C: Michael C. Byrne
KEENOV BR: BSW Bloodstock LLC and Denali Stud 2593 M Tapiceria Missbelle O's Tale
$11,000 B:  Mighty Acres
Tapizar Tale of the Cat C: Blandford Stud, agent
KEENOV BR: Catherine Parke & Robert Spiegel 2738 M Etana Gasia
$52,000 B:  Georgia Farms; Blackburn Farm, agent
Super Saver Silver Deputy C: Mill Ridge Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Trackside Farm, Tenlane Farm & Liberation Farm 2759 M Fondness Shining Through
$7,500 B:  William Nicks
Elusive Quality Deputy Minister C: Trackside Farm, agent
KEENOV BR: Machmer Hall 2854 M My Adeline Hot Spell
$35,000 B:  James McIngvale
Girolamo Salt Lake C: Grovendale Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Cobalt Investments, LLC & Three Diamonds Racing 2920 M Saluda Pronto Pronto
$22,000 B:  Ahmad Alabdullatif
Congaree Fusaichi Pegasus C: Nursery Place, agent
KEENOV BR: Very Un Stable 2924 M Saythreehailmary's Just Call Me Angel
$15,000 B:  Ahmad Alabdullatif
Repent Devil's Bag C: Nicky Drion Thoroughbreds, agent
KEENOV BR: Louie Rogers Thoroughbreds LLC 3095 M Brahms Cat Brahms Affair
$25,000 B:  Chad Schumer, agent
Wildcat Heir Brahms C: Moonestone Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Respite Farm 3112 M Cayman Sol Cayman Sunrise
$6,000 B:  K.O.I.D.
Bodemeister Petionville C: Denali Stud, agent; Respite Farm
KEENOV BR: Frank T. Batten 3196 M I B Ok Peppy Rafaela
$12,000 B:  Jorge R. Jimenez
Animal Kingdom Bernardini C: Mulholland Springs, agent
KEENOV BR: T/C Stable, LLC 3230 M Lovely Em Milagra
$10,000 B:  Hidden Brook, agent
Scat Daddy Maria's Mon C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Dr. Frank Batten 3315 M Prom Dress Family Effort
$5,000 B:  Blue Sky Racing
Stephen Got Even Goldlust C: Mulholland Springs, agent
KEENOV BR: C. Kidder & N. Cole 3374 M Stake N Eggz Stake
$4,000 B:  Susan Steinmetz
Bird Song Boundary C: Hinkle Farms
KEENOV BR: Barronstown Stud 3481 M Cluain Fhada Butterfly Blue (Ire)
$2,000 B:  Michael J. Wood
Fusaichi Pegasus Sadler's Wells C: Trackside Farm, agent
KEENOV BR: Padua Stables, LLC 3554 M La Boheme Raspberry Eggcream
$15,000 B:  Chad Schumer, agent
Giant's Causeway Time for a Change C: Garrencasey Sales, agent
KEENOV BR: Sheila Adams & MARBAT LLC 3644 M Rules for Us Stormy Exchange
$7,000 B:  Amador Sanchez Quinteros
Constitution Exchange Rate C: Brandywine Farm, agent
Total Sold $: 526,500
RNA Amount $: (33,500)
2022 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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