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Sales of : Frankel (GB)'s progeny in 2023.

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2023 Weanling Sales Results

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2023 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Frankel (GB)'s progeny in 2023.
2023 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 175,000 35 28 $680,882 (5) $523,288 (3) $2,536,096 $2,038,883
Hip Sex
TADEY BR: Carisbrooke Stud 54 C - Tirania (GB)
£(131,250) B:  RNA
Pivotal (GB) C: Carisbrooke Stud
TADEY BR:  74 C - Beauty Is Truth (IRE)
£131,250 B:  Agrolexica International Trading
Pivotal (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATOCT BR: Newsells Park Stud 25 C - Playful Sound (GB)
£sd(240,000) B:  RNA
Street Cry (Ire) C: Newsells Park Stud
TATOCT BR: D. J. and Mrs Deer 28 C - Poplin (GB)
£sd900,000 B:  Godolphin
Medicean (GB) C: Oakgrove Stud
TATOCT BR: Mrs R. F. Johnson Houghton 64 F - Roodle (GB)
£sd500,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock
Xaar (GB) C: Camas Park Stud
TATOCT BR: White Birch Farm, SC 92 F - Shades of Blue (Ire)
£sd300,000 B:  Richard Knight/Salhia Stud
Kodiac (GB) C: European Sales Management
TATOCT BR: Alpha Delta Stables LLC 175 C - Villa Marina (GB)
£sd400,000 B:  SackvilleDonald
Le Havre (Ire) C: Newsells Park Stud
TATOCT BR: Newsells Park & Ammerland GmbH & Co.KG 184 C - Waldlerche (GB)
£sd450,000 B:  Badgers Bloodstock
Monsun (Ger) C: Newsells Park Stud
TATOCT BR: New England,Myriad,Naseby,Watership Down 195 C - Westwiththenight (Ire)
£sd450,000 B:  Juddmonte
Cape Cross (Ire) C: New England Stud
TATOCT BR: Floors Stud Limited 251 C - Attraction (GB)
£sd575,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock
Efisio (GB) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT BR: BB Bloodstock 255 C - Bahia Breeze (GB)
£sd(150,000) B:  RNA
Mister Baileys (GB) C: Houghton Bloodstock
TATOCT BR: Big Brothers Pride Syndicate 263 C - Big Brothers Pride (Fr)
£sd400,000 B:  BBA Ireland
Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Baroda Stud
TATOCT BR: Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd 266 C - Bizzarria (GB)
£sd2,000,000 B:  M. V. Magnier & White Birch Farm
Lemon Drop Kid C: Hascombe & Valiant Stud
TATOCT BR: Mr Faisal Meshrf Al Qahtani 318 F Sand Gazelle (GB) Desirous (GB)
£sd425,000 B:  Thoroughbred Racing Corporation
Kingman (GB) C: Barton Stud
TATOCT BR: Foxtrot Liv Syndicate 371 C - Foxtrot Liv (GB)
£sd650,000 B:  BBA Ireland
Foxwedge (Aus) C: Voute Sales
TATOCT BR: Coln Valley Stud 383 C - Give And Take (GB)
£sd250,000 B:  C Gordon Watson Bloodstock
Cityscape (GB) C: New England Stud
TATOCT BR: Meon Valley Stud 421 C - Izzi Top (GB)
£sd475,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock
Pivotal (GB) C: Meon Valley Stud
TATOCT BR: The Kiyoshi Partnership 436 C - Kiyoshi (GB)
£sd(160,000) B:  RNA
Dubawi (Ire) C: Jamie Railton
TATOCT BR: Newsells Park Stud & Merry Fox Stud 456 C - Legerete
£sd460,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock
Rahy C: Newsells Park Stud
TATOCT BR: St. Elias Stable LLC 459 C - Limonar (IRE)
£sd250,000 B:  White Birch Farm
Street Cry (IRE) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT BR: Bjorn Nielsen 463 C - Lombatina (Fr)
£sd85,000 B:  C Gordon Watson Bloodstock
King's Best C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT BR: Fittocks Stud 483 C - Materialistic (GB)
£sd950,000 B:  M. V. Magnier & White Birch Farm
Oasis Dream (GB) C: Fittocks Stud
TATOCT BR: Stonethorn Stud Farms Ltd 492 F - Millisle (Ire)
£sd1,600,000 B:  Shadwell Estate Company
Starspangledbanner (Aus) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT BR: Lordship Stud 748 C - Swiss Dream (GB)
£sd150,000 B:  Margaret O'Toole/Oak Tree Farm
Oasis Dream (GB) C: New England Stud
TATOCT BR: Coverdale Stud 1133 C - Hareem Queen (Ire)
£sd100,000 B:  Stroud Coleman Bloodstock
Dark Angel (Ire) C: La Motteraye Consignment
GOFOR BR: Yeomanstown Stud 32 C - Promised Money (Ire)
625,000 B:  Godolphin
Dark Angel (Ire) C: Yeomanstown Stud
GOFOR BR: Watership Down Stud 297 C - Counterpoint (GB)
230,000 B:  Windfield Colts Partnership; Arthur Hoyeau, agent
Dubawi (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR BR: Forenaghts Stud 301 F - Criticism (GB)
400,000 B:  BBA Ireland
Machiavellian C: Forenaghts Stud
GOFOR BR: B. V. Sangster 525 F - Multilingual (GB)
1,850,000 B:  M. V. Magnier
Dansili (GB) C: Camas Park Stud
KEESEP BR: Bryant H. Pursuit of Success III 183 F - Keertana
$400,000 B:  G. Watts Humphrey Jr.
Johar C: St George Sales, agent
KEESEP BR: Mr John Gunther 318 F - Smart Change
$(500,000) B:  RNA
Smart Strike C: Glennwood Farm, agent
BBAGS BR:  189 C - Vagabonde (Ire)
(320,000) B:  RNA
Acclamation (GB) C: Ronald Rauscher
ARAUG BR: 1 0s.A.S.U. Ecurie Des Monceaux & 3mme 1 jenny Bianco & 1mme 1ilse Smits & 1 0s.A 91 F - Tacitly (GB)
380,000 B:  Morten Buskop Bloodstock
Dubawi (Ire) C: Ecurie des Monceaux
ARAUG BR: 1 0s.A.S.U. Ecurie Des Monceaux & 1m. 1k ei Kin Hung & 9 0e.A.R.L. Qatar Bloodsto 178 F - Correze (GB)
(240,000) B:  RNA
Shamardal C: Ecurie des Monceaux
ARAUG BR: Ecurie Des Monceaux 274 F - Light Dream (Fr)
320,000 B:  Jean-Claude Rouget
Anodin (Ire) C: Ecurie des Monceaux
Total Sold £: 131,250
Total Sold £sd: 11,370,000
Total Sold €: 3,805,000
Total Sold $: 400,000
RNA Amount £: (131,250)
RNA Amount £sd: (550,000)
RNA Amount $: (500,000)
RNA Amount €: (560,000)
2023 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Frankel (GB)'s progeny in 2023.
2023 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 175,000 4 4 $123,260 (55) $106,793 (44) $260,380 $0
Hip Sex
TATAHI BR: Healthy Wood Co. Ltd 1343 C Short Circuit (GB) Sivoliere (Ire)
£sd15,000 B:  Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock
Sea The Stars (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
ARQMAY BR: SAS Haras Voltaire 65 C - Vicugna (GB)
240,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock/Annabel Neasham Racing
Pivotal (GB) C: Mocklershill
ARQMAY BR: Ashtown B/S, O.B SARL, E.Puerari, G.Bozo 133 C - Hoh My Darling (GB)
160,000 B:  Beechmore Bloodstock
Dansili (GB) C: Tally Ho Stud
OBSAPR BR: Diamond Creek Farm 1015 C - Squeeze (Ire)
$40,000 B:  Chad Schumer, agent
Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Wavertree Stables, agent
Total Sold £sd: 15,000
Total Sold €: 400,000
Total Sold $: 40,000
2023 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Frankel (GB)'s progeny in 2023.
2023 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2014 Eng 275,000 2 2 $5,071,399 (1) $5,071,399 (1) $6,543,741
Hip Sex
GOFNOV BR: Niarchos Family 1240 M Alpine Star (IRE) Alpha Lupi (IRE)
6,000,000 B:  M. V. Magnier
Sea The Moon (GER) Rahy C: Kiltinan Castle Stud
GOFNOV BR: Flaxman Holdings Limited 1260 M That Which Is Not Shiva (JPN)
3,300,000 B:  M. V. Magnier
Elusive Quality Hector Protector C: Norelands
Total Sold €: 9,300,000
2023 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results
Sales of : Frankel (GB)'s progeny in 2023.
2023 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
Sale Statistics not supported for this category
Hip Sex
GOFNOV BR: Flaxman Stables Ireland Ltd 1104 F Humankind (IRE) Ama
440,000 B:  Prospect Partnership
Storm Cat C: Norelands
GOFNOV BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd 1455 F Ballot Time (GB) Vote Often (GB)
55,000 B:  Ibrahim Vefa Araci
Beat Hollow (GB) C: Baroda Stud
ARQAU BR: 0m. 1rashit Shaykhutdinov 388 C Gallant Deed (FR) Global Magic (GER)
35,000 B:  Pierre Groualle
Lando (GER) C: Chappet
KEENOV BR: Andrew Rosen 125 F Skims (GB) Royal Decree
$1,800,000 B:  Summer Wind Equine
Street Cry (IRE) C: Bluegrass Thoroughbred Services, agent
KEENOV BR: Haras Don Alberto 273 F Fortineno (IRE) Rubina (IRE)
$120,000 B:  Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock
Invincible Spirit (IRE) C: Lane's End, agent
KEENOV BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited 1640 F Pond Walker (GB) Alsindi (IRE)
$32,000 B:  Polly Bloodstock
Acclamation (GB) C: Gainesway, agent
GOFHIT BR: Ballylinch Stud 97 G Fernao (IRE) Macheera (IRE)
55,000 B:  Carol Walsh
Machiavellian C: Rathbride Stables
TATAHI BR: Oak Lodge Bloodstock 119 C Blue Antares (Ire) Scarlett Rose (GB)
£sd16,000 B:  KGS
Royal Applause (GB) C: Kingsley Park
TATAHI BR: Cheveley Park Stud Limited 205 C Theoryofeverything (GB) Persuasive (Ire)
£sd55,000 B:  Gallop Racing
Dark Angel (Ire) C: Voute Sales
TATAHI BR: J. L. C. Pearce 390 G Cap Francais (GB) Miss Cap Ferrat (GB)
£sd1,000 B:  Aghacaen BVBA
Darshaan (GB) C: Dominion Racing Stables
TATAHI BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited 548 G Tujjaar (GB) Tajaanus (Ire)
£sd8,000 B:  Richard O'Brien
Arcano (Ire) C: Shadwell Estate Company
TATAHI BR: Gestut Ammerland 1044 G Baltic Voyage (GB) Baltic Duchess (Ire)
£sd52,000 B:  Highflyer Bloodstock/A Honeyball
Lope de Vega (Ire) C: Jamie Railton
TATAHI BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd 1063 G Malabu Drive (GB) Tates Creek
£sd4,000 B:  Kholed Falathab
Rahy C: Juddmonte
TATAHI BR: Godolphin 1100 G Tajawal (Ire) Feedyah
£sd120,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock/Bennett Racing/Annabel Neasham Racing
Street Cry (Ire) C: Godolphin
TATAHI BR: Newtown Anner Stud 1408 G Letsbefrank (Ire) Miss Polaris (GB)
£sd35,000 B:  Durcan Bloodstock
Polar Falcon C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATSUM BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited 64 G Hello Zabeel (Ire) Lady of the Desert
£21,000 B:  Michael Blake Racing
Rahy C: Bedford House Stables
TATJUL BR: Denford Stud Ltd 56 F Rotonda (Ire) Magnolea (Ire)
£sd14,000 B:  Broadhurst Agency
Acclamation (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL BR: George Strawbridge 184 F Cloud Angel (GB) Angel Terrace
£sd80,000 B:  McKeever Bloodstock
Ghostzapper C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL BR: Sir Robert Ogden 241 F Kensington (Ire) Canonbury (Ire)
£sd85,000 B:  Blandford Bloodstock
Oasis Dream (GB) C: Barton Sales
TATJUL BR: The Honorina Partnership 326 G Counsel (GB) Honorina (GB)
£sd9,000 B:  Value Racing
Sea The Stars (Ire) C: Dominion Racing Stables
TATJUL BR: Mr V. I. Araci 637 G Evocative Spark (Ire) Hyper Dream (Ire)
£sd22,000 B:  Mr McCarthy
Oasis Dream (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL BR: D. Pearson 685 C The Parent (GB) Sophie P (GB)
£sd105,000 B:  SackvilleDonald
Bushranger (Ire) C: East Everleigh Stables
TATJUL BR: Godolphin 716 G Age of Sail (GB) Concordia (GB)
£sd40,000 B:  Bruce Perry Bloodstock
Pivotal (GB) C: G. L. Moore Racing
TATJUL BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd 766 C Liable (GB) Responsible (GB)
£sd32,000 B:  Gassim Ghazali
Oasis Dream (GB) C: Juddmonte
TATJUL BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd 767 C Glazunov (GB) Raymonda
£sd18,000 B:  Hamad Aljehani
Lonhro (Aus) C: Juddmonte
TATJUL BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd 779 F Ballot Time (GB) Vote Often (GB)
£sd50,000 B:  Whiston Bloodstock
Beat Hollow (GB) C: Juddmonte
TATJUL BR: Juddmonte Farms Inc 780 F Choro (GB) Samba Inc (Arg)
£sd18,000 B:  Agustin Villamil
Include C: Juddmonte
TATJUL BR: Gestut Haus Ittlingen 888 G Carlton (GB) Chantra (Ger)
£sd25,000 B:  T Waggott
Lando (Ger) C: Godolphin
TATJUL BR: Rockcliffe Stud 896 G Lil' Frank (GB) Pepita (Ire)
£sd52,000 B:  Hamad Ahmad al Jehani
Sir Prancealot (Ire) C: Godolphin
TATJUL BR: Newsells Park Stud & Partners 900 G High Honour (GB) As Good As Gold (Ire)
£sd32,000 B:  Donal Kinsella
Oasis Dream (GB) C: Godolphin
ARQJUL BR: 3 0 Wertheimer Et Frere 412 G Zuzukel (Fr) Lady Zuzu
38,000 B:  Gearard Costello; John Daniel Moore, agent
Dynaformer C: Wertheimer Et Frere
ARQJUL BR:  466 C L'Acajou (Ire) Anna Karenina (Ire)
75,000 B:  Zied Romdhane
Green Desert C: Andre Fabre
TATTJU BR: Guy Pariente Holding Sprl. 105 G Restitution (Fr) Restiana (Fr)
£18,000 B:  JP McGrath Bloodstock/Jack Cantillon
Kendargent (Fr) C: Barbury Castle Stables
TATBRG BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited 81 F Impulsive Lady (Ire) Impala (GB)
£sd11,000 B:  Houghton Bloodstock
Oasis Dream (GB) C: Jamesfield Stables
TATBRG BR: Fairway Thoroughbreds 93 G Sausalito (GB) One Last Dance (Aus)
£sd50,000 B:  Suliman Bloodstock
Encosta de Lago (Aus) C: G L Moore Racing
TATBRG BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd 126 C New Image (GB) Modern Look (GB)
£sd45,000 B:  Thoroughbred British Racing
Zamindar C: Juddmonte
ERAHRA BR: G. B. Partnership 62 G Syrtis (GB) Sabratah (GB)
̐80,000 B:  Mohamed Majid Saeed Ibrahim Al Shamsi
Oasis Dream (GB) C: Ahmed Al Shemaili
TATAMA BR: Fifth Avenue Bloodstock 99 G Tribal Wisdom (Ire) Zindaya
£35,000 B:  Ian Williams
More Than Ready C: Godolphin
GOFFEB BR: The Love Conquers Partnership 468 F Nomadland (GB) Love Conquers (Jpn)
110,000 B:  BBA Ireland
Deep Impact (Jpn) C: Baroda Stud
TATFEB BR: Bjorn Nielsen 260 G Chaloner (Ire) Reflective
£26,250 B:  Brookhouse Racing
Seeking the Gold C: Brian O'Rourke Bloodstock
TATFEB BR: Phoenix Thoroughbred Limited 440 G Franco Grasso (GB) Oakley Girl (GB)
£11,550 B:  Kevin Frost Racing
Sir Percy (GB) C: St Gatien Stables
Total Sold €: 808,000
Total Sold $: 1,952,000
Total Sold £sd: 979,000
Total Sold £: 111,800
Total Sold ̐: 80,000

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