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Sales of : Race Day's progeny in 2019.

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Race Day

Tapit - Rebalite, by More Than Ready
2019 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Race Day's progeny in 2019.
2019 Weanling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2017 KY 6,000 14 13 $10,846 (321) $6,000 (398) $47,000 $33,000
Hip Sex
FTKFEB 2020 32 F - Hashtagsid
$1,800 B: Rattner Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Ruddles Mill Bloodstock & John Mende Scat Daddy C: Bill Murphy;
FTKFEB 2020 180 F - Olivette
$3,000 B: Tommy Humphries  Catalog
BR: Thomas E. Dransoff & John Rumoro Mr. Livingston C: Scott Mallory;
FTKFEB 2020 281 F - Splendid Honor
$3,500 B: Phil Hall  Catalog
BR: Jay Goodwin & Tommy Walters Double Honor C: Select Sales;
FTKFEB 2020 371 C - Z U Later
$3,000 B: Terry Young  Catalog
BR: Terry Young & Tim Strathman Stormy Atlantic C: Paramount Sales;
OBSWIN 2020 462 F - Prompter
( $5,500) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm Into Mischief C: Summerfield, agent
OBSWIN 2020 600 C - Catching Diamonds
$7,500 B: Jose Ordonez  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm, LLC Into Mischief C: Summerfield, agent
OBSWIN 2020 655 C - Frosty Cupcake
$2,200 B: Yosuanys Garcia  Catalog
BR: Ashley Schappert Top Account C: Kaizen Sales, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1264 C - Sweet Reveille
$6,000 B: Cat Bird Stable  Catalog
BR: Pine Tree Thoroughbreds LLC Suave C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1743 C - Lil Sweet Sea
$4,000 B: Will Bealmear  Catalog
BR: Dan W. McGough Warrior's Reward C: Scott Mallory, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1787 F - Nabbed
$7,500 B: (Richard Lake) Lakeland Farms  Catalog
BR: Kings and Queens Farm Red Ransom C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEENOV 2019 3279 F - Rhetorical Colors
$7,500 B: Nick Esler, agent  Catalog
BR: Carl Bennett Afleet Alex C: South Point Sales Agency, agent
KEENOV 2019 3491 C - Encounter
$15,000 B: Long Lick Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Susan Forrester & Judy Curry Southern Image C: Susan M. Forrester, agent
KEENOV 2019 3761 C - Twenty in One
$47,000 B: Triple T. Ranch  Catalog
BR: Ralph Kinder, Erv Woolsey, Mike Tomlinson & Mark Farrar Invasor (Arg) C: Alliance Sales Agency, agent
FTNMIX 2019 100 F Racing for Peanuts Chickpea
$33,000 B: Wellspring Stables  Catalog
BR: Windhorse Thoroughbreds, LLC Macho Uno C: Vinery Sales, agent; Windhorse Thoroughbreds LLC
Total Sold $: 141,000
RNA Amount $: (5,500)
2019 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Race Day's progeny in 2019.
2019 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2017 KY 6,000 32 27 $15,017 (511) $10,000 (552) $45,000 $40,000
Hip Sex
INDMIX 2019 4 C Race Day Ready Fudge Fatale
$8,000 B: Ron Brown  Catalog
BR: Johnson's Thoroughbred Farm Roar C: Johnson Thoroughbred Farms
ESLMIX 2019 10 F - Brush the Rail
$2,500 B: George Santis  Catalog
BR: Blue Star Racing LLC Broad Brush C: 4 M Ranch, agent
FTKOCT 2019 61 C - A. P. Andrea
$20,000 B: Rising Star Stables  Catalog
BR: Equus Farm Notional C: Equus Farm;
FTKOCT 2019 92 F - Awful Smart
$8,500 B: Parrish Farms  Catalog
BR: Ruddles Mill Bloodstock Black Tie Affair (Ire) C: Bill Murphy;
FTKOCT 2019 205 C Rrace Day Warrior Causin a Storm
$20,000 B: Ernest M. Haynes  Catalog
BR: Equus Farm Giant's Causeway C: Equus Farm;
FTKOCT 2019 283 F - Crafty Wac
$2,000 B: Berenice Garcia  Catalog
BR: Howard Parker Patton C: Paramount Sales;
FTKOCT 2019 737 C - Lady Lola
$13,000 B: FXP Corp.  Catalog
BR: Moss Lake Farm Evansville Slew C: Vinery Sales;
FTKOCT 2019 755 C - Lasso the Moon
( $9,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Larry Richardson Gone West C: Ricky Higgs;
FTKOCT 2019 789 F Lovin Livin Live and Love
$34,000 B: Kenneth McPeek, agent  Catalog
BR: Ralph Colville Distorted Humor C: Equus Farm;
FTKOCT 2019 911 C - Morse Code Mama
$27,000 B: Twisted Chaps Racing Stable  Catalog
BR: Jimmy Lee Smith Macho Uno C: Brandywine Farm;
FTKOCT 2019 1064 C - Princess Gandolfo
$4,500 B: Franklin G. Smith, agent  Catalog
BR: Robby Rankin Castle Gandolfo C: Little's Bloodstock;
FTKOCT 2019 1146 F - Rinky Brownie
$15,000 B: K.O.I.D.  Catalog
BR: Molly Metz Royal Academy C: True Blue Thoroughbreds;
FTKOCT 2019 1179 C - Sakra
$17,000 B: K.O.I.D.  Catalog
BR: Terry Phillips Buddha C: Blake-Albina Thoroughbred Services;
FTKOCT 2019 1410 C - Ten Crowns
( $4,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Silent Grove Farms LLC & Mineola Farm II, LLC Tenpins C: Brookdale Sales;
FTKOCT 2019 1499 C Authentic Justice U S Gold
$25,000 B: Paul Sharp, agent  Catalog
BR: Justice Farm, Greg Justice U S Ranger C: Paramount Sales;
FTKOCT 2019 1559 C Rhettman Windy Prairie
$6,500 B: Fisher Stable  Catalog
BR: Bella Bloodstock LLC Tale of the Cat C: Legacy Bloodstock;
OBSOCT 2019 165 C - Selective Memory
( $19,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Eugene Montoya Malibu Moon C: Kim Harrison, agent
OBSOCT 2019 335 F Goo Goo Eyes Bedroom Eyes
$31,000 B: Kenneth Fishbein  Catalog
BR: Chuck Johnsen Pleasant Tap C: Select Sales, agent
OBSOCT 2019 667 F - Tiz Worldly
$1,500 B: Chris Duncan  Catalog
BR: Hardacre Farm Tiznow C: Summerfield, agent
EASOCT 2019 1 F - Absolute Magic
$8,000 B: Jose M. Garcia Blanco  Catalog
BR: T.H.A.N.K.S. A Lot Farm Unbridled C: T.H.A.N.K.S. A Lot Farm;
EASOCT 2019 418 C Rippolino Tasley
$45,000 B: Oliver C. Fortune  Catalog
BR: Kirt Cahill & Sarah Cahill Mr. Greeley C: Scott Mallory
FTCAYR 2019 276 C - Wild Tickle
$14,000 B: Nick J. Hines, agent  Catalog
BR: Cole Ranch Roar C: Cole Ranch;
KEESEP 2019 4044 F - Cherry Point
$40,000 B: Me II Racing  Catalog
BR: Sheltowee Farm & Mariah Thoroughbreds LLC Point Given C: Sheltowee Sales, agent
KEESEP 2019 4299 C - Saint Bella
$10,000 B: Eva Mackenzie  Catalog
BR: Christine Hansen & Clare Asbury Run Away and Hide C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEESEP 2019 4445 C Berring Man Blueyed Lass
$5,500 B: Expoline  Catalog
BR: Bruno DeJulio Sky Classic C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEESEP 2019 4590 F - Limited Risk
$1,200 B: Shawn Freitas  Catalog
BR: Javier Martinez Avila Henrythenavigator C: Ballysax Bloodstock, agent
MNSAUG 2019 39 F - Naturally Naughty
$5,500 B: Dana Isaacson  Catalog
BR: Scott Pierce Holy Bull C: Dove Hill Farm, agent; Scott Pierce
ESLYRL 2019 36 C - Swifty Victress
( $18,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Clear Creek Stud LLC Macho Uno C: Clear Creek Stud, agent
ESLYRL 2019 144 F Tap Out Fast Jysele's Hot Mess
$30,000 B: SBM, agent  Catalog
BR: Carl Mathieu & Coop Acres My Pal Charlie C: 4 M Ranch, agent
IOWOCT 2019 39 F Race to Boyd Survived
$4,000 B: Chris Hicklin  Catalog
BR: Haroldson Thoroughbreds LLC Stravinsky C: Haroldson Thoroughbreds; Haroldson Thoroughbreds, LLC
CANSEP 2019 40 F Tickle Her Toe Briskly
$9,000 B: Heather Stringer  Catalog
BR: Suzanne Collicutt City Zip C: Richard G. Hogan, agent
SARAUG 2019 381 C Tuesday's Child Childhood Dream
( $25,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Windhorse Thoroughbreds, LLC Freud C: Vinery Sales;
Total Sold $: 407,700
RNA Amount $: (75,000)
2019 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Race Day's progeny in 2019.
2019 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2017 KY 7,000 22 17 $75,529 (103) $47,000 (144) $170,000 $170,000
Hip Sex
OBSOPN 2019 40 C Conquest Day Annabird
$170,000 B: Marc Tacher  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm LLC Flower Alley C: Top Line Sales, agent
OBSOPN 2019 198 F Racing My Father Courage to Change
( $24,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Country Life Farm Two Punch C: Mayberry Farm, agent
OBSOPN 2019 418 C Indy's Escape Indy Xs
( $34,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Phoenix Farm and Racing LLC In Excess (Ire) C: Pick View, agent
OBSOPN 2019 706 C King of Rock Queen Brianna
$150,000 B: R.A. Hill / S. Kennedey; Oracle Bloodstock, agent  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm LLC Unbridled's Song C: Hawks Nest; Hawks Nest LLC
OBSOPN 2019 825 F Mycrazyxgirlfriend Simply Sensational
$45,000 B: Sean S. Perl Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Golden Arrow Racing, Inc. Colonel John C: Bobby Dodd, agent
OBSOPN 2019 932 C Wild Wes Tricia's Trama
$39,000 B: Alistair Roden Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Nossab LLC, Jan Basson & Madelein Basson Article of Faith C: Julie Davies, agent
OBSOPN 2019 1030 F Lucky Western Lady Herecomesmsgreeley
$10,000 B: Ervin Rodriguez  Catalog
BR: Tommy Ives & Daren Ives Giant's Causeway C: Whitman Sales, agent
OBSOPN 2019 1050 C Three Eyed Raven Tasley
$47,000 B: Nick J. Hines, agent  Catalog
BR: Kirt Cahill & Sarah Cahill Mr. Greeley C: JVC Training & Sales; J V C Training and Sales (Jorge and Maria Villagomez)
EASMAY 2019 27 C Cherokee Strip Appealing Cat
$75,000 B: Kenneth McPeek, agent  Catalog
BR: Shawhan Place LLC & Spendthrift Farm LLC Successful Appeal C: Kings Equine;
EASMAY 2019 152 C R Rajun Bull Flashy Lassie
$37,000 B: Pewter & Kasey K Racing Stable  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm LLC Flashy Bull C: Kings Equine;
EASMAY 2019 159 F Ultimate Justice Fun Given
$16,000 B: Ernest M. Haynes  Catalog
BR: Justice Farm, Greg Justice Point Given C: Mort Shirazi;
EASMAY 2019 186 F Lucky Western Lady Herecomesmsgreeley
( $29,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Tommy Ives & Daren Ives Giant's Causeway C: Hemingway Racing & Training Stables;
EASMAY 2019 495 C Preemax Stately Appeal
$30,000 B: S.R.O.A. (K.O.I.D.)  Catalog
BR: Michael Wilson Successful Appeal C: Hemingway Racing & Training Stables;
EASMAY 2019 527 C Three Eyed Raven Tasley
( $48,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Kirt Cahill & Sarah Cahill Mr. Greeley C: JVC Training & Sales;
OBSAPR 2019 5 F Henrys Deal Fast Deal
$65,000 B: Dr. Simon Hudy; Nick J. Hines, agent  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm LLC Grand Slam C: Grassroots Training & Sales; Grassroots Training & Sales LLC
OBSAPR 2019 261 C Mighty Go Lebo Lady
$45,000 B: S.R.O.A. (K.O.I.D.)  Catalog
BR: Jay Goodwin & Rick Smith Five Star Day C: Julie Davies, agent
OBSAPR 2019 346 C Substantial Miss Euphoria
$150,000 B: Michael Langford  Catalog
BR: WinQuest Thoroughbreds, LLC Aragorn (Ire) C: Woodside Ranch, agent
OBSAPR 2019 994 C Jeongsang Baekho Blues in the Grass
$80,000 B: K.O.I.D. Co.  Catalog
BR: Brandywine Farm (Jim & Pam Robinson) Bluegrass Cat C: Circle D Thoroughbreds, agent
TTAAPR 2019 49 F Race Day Mae Patientoftheheart
( $23,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Keith Paul Jacobs Lion Heart C: Inside Move, agent
OBSMAR 2019 232 C Standing Ovation Ile St Jaycee
$125,000 B: Jeffrey D.J. Kallenberg; Jake Ballis, agent  Catalog
BR: Jay Goodwin Ile St. Louis (Chi) C: Top Line Sales, agent
OBSMAR 2019 272 C Munhak Boss Lady Daphne
$30,000 B: J.J. Race  Catalog
BR: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC & Spruce Lane Farm Harlan's Holiday C: Golden Rock Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSMAR 2019 494 F Josie Spirited Away
$170,000 B: BSW Bloodstock; Liz Crow, agent  Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm LLC Awesome Again C: Kings Equine, agent
Total Sold $: 1,284,000
RNA Amount $: (158,000)
2019 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Race Day's progeny in 2019.
2019 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2017 KY 6,000 12 7 $3,671 (412) $3,000 (418) $7,500
Hip Sex
FTKFEB 2020 31 M Hashtagsid Saintly Scholar
( $24,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Anjes Farm Scat Daddy Danzig C: Bill Murphy;
FTKFEB 2020 140 M Miss Fontana Jewelia
( $2,500) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Robert Neumeyer Classic Account Glitterman C: Scott Mallory;
FTKFEB 2020 256 M Sheltowee's Gal Miss Sheltowee
( $2,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Sheltowee Farm & Paynter Syndicate Paynter Najran C: Sheltowee Sales;
FTKFEB 2020 370 M Z U Later Miss Smart Strike
$3,200 B: Jennifer & Byron Schunk  Catalog
BR: Terry Young Stormy Atlantic Smart Strike C: Paramount Sales;
KEEJAN 2020 1208 M Sakra Three of a Kind
$7,500 B: Liz Klopp  Catalog
BR: EMF Broodmares Buddha Carson City C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1567 M Raebella Claire's Smile
$2,000 B: Erin Fisher  Catalog
BR: Runnymede Farm Inc. & Catesby W. Clay Menifee Carson City C: Blackburn Farm, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1610 M Time for Harlan Time of Peace
$3,000 B: Tropical Racing  Catalog
BR: Thomas & Burleson Harlan's Holiday Slew City Slew C: Shawhan Place, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1630 M All American Miz Miz United States
$3,000 B: C. Rutledge Horne  Catalog
BR: Trilogy Stable & Edward Plesa Jr. Grand Slam Valid Appeal C: Select Sales, agent
KEEJAN 2020 1733 M Lady Caroline Lady Buttercup
( $10,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Steve C. Snowden & Doug Wilson Indygo Shiner Meadowlake C: Justice Farm
CANNOV 2019 43 M Quiet Request Quiet Whisper
( $1,200) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Everest Stables, Inc. Petionville Quiet American C: Susan Y. Foreman, agent
KEENOV 2019 3290 M Saygoodnightalice Hallnor
$6,000 B: Jeon Yeong Hwan  Catalog
BR: Robert G. Harvey City Zip Horse Chestnut (SAf) C: South Point Sales Agency, agent
FTNMIX 2019 34 M Jazz Dancer Missy's Mirage
$1,000 B: Alfred Rogers Smithwick  Catalog
BR: Jayeff B Stables Dixieland Band Stop the Music C: RFHF Bloodstock, agent
Total Sold $: 25,700
RNA Amount $: (39,700)
2019 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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