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Sales of : No Nay Never's progeny in 2018.

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2018 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : No Nay Never's progeny in 2018.
2018 Weanling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2016 Ire 17,500 37 34 $84,901 (85) $73,877 (83) $201,411 $193,290
Hip Sex
GOFFEB 2019 93 F - Barzah (Ire)
20,000 B: Avaz Ismoilov  Catalog
BR: Summerhill Bloodstock Darshaan (GB) C: Grenane House Stud
ARQDE 2018 32 F - Sea of Blue (Ire)
100,000 B: Saubouas Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: 1ind. 0 N.Sea Of Blue 2018 Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: Castillon
ARQDE 2018 74 F - Alhania
130,000 B: Karate Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Ind. N. Alhania 2018 Medaglia d'Oro C: Castillon
ARQDE 2018 220 C - Mixfeeling (Ire)
160,000 B: Fairway Partners  Catalog
BR: 1m. 1mathieu Daguzan-Garros Red Ransom C: Granges
TATFOA 2018 403 F Know How (GB) Velvet Ribbon (Ire)
£sd80,000 B: Justin Casse, agent  Catalog
BR: Killashee House Limited Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Voute Sales
TATFOA 2018 625 C - Je T'Adore (Ire)
£sd120,000 B: Fairway Partners  Catalog
BR: John Yarr Montjeu (Ire) C: Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down)
TATFOA 2018 791 C - Found You
£sd50,000 B: Stockvale Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Found You Partnership New Approach (Ire) C: Trinity Park Stud
TATFOA 2018 858 F Never Say Never (Ire) Tahara (Ire)
£sd55,000 B: David Easterby  Catalog
BR: Arctic Tack Stud Caerleon C: Peter Nolan Bloodstock
TATFOA 2018 1017 C - Mythical Echo
£sd150,000 B: Yeomanstown Stud  Catalog
BR: Frank Hutchinson Stravinsky C: Norelands Stud
TATFOA 2018 1207 C - Musically (GB)
£sd110,000 B: Tally Ho Stud  Catalog
BR: The Musically Syndicate Singspiel (Ire) C: The Premier Consignment
GOFNOV 2018 93 F - Two Pass (Ire)
34,000 B: Ballyhimikin Stud  Catalog
BR: Camas Park Stud & Summerhill Mtoto (GB) C: Grenane House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 133 F - Art of Dance (GB)
22,500 B: Alexander Pereira (P.S.)  Catalog
BR: Grenane House Stud Medicean (GB) C: Grenane House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 157 C - Celestial Dream (Ire)
125,000 B: Pier House Stud  Catalog
BR: Miss Audrey F. Thompson Oasis Dream (GB) C: Kilmore Stud
GOFNOV 2018 290 F - Plying
40,000 B: Littleton Stud  Catalog
BR: Churchtown House Stud Hard Spun C: Churchtown House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 326 C Sir Edward Elgar (Ire) Stroke of Six (Ire)
58,000 B: JC Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Knockainey Stud Woodborough C: Knockainey Stud
GOFNOV 2018 327 C - Supernovae (Ire)
26,000 B: S. Uberto  Catalog
BR: Grenane House Stud Dalakhani (Ire) C: Grenane House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 377 F - Always Special (Ire)
25,000 B: Chuck & Wendy Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr W. Evans Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: Grenane House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 381 C - Anna David (GB)
40,000 B: Western Thoroughbreds  Catalog
BR: Miss Anna Giunta Sleeping Indian (GB) C: Moyfinn Stud
GOFNOV 2018 415 C - Contiguous
15,000 B: Mount Eaton  Catalog
BR: Turbo Bloodstock Danzig C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFNOV 2018 417 C - Court Circular (GB)
100,000 B: Camas Park Stud  Catalog
BR: Mrs Heather Fitzpatrick Pivotal (GB) C: Graigue Stables
GOFNOV 2018 437 F - Emirates Hills (GB)
( 0) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Randolf Stevens Limited Dubawi (Ire) C: Oghill House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 473 C - Hot Legs (Ire)
90,000 B: Kim Valerio  Catalog
BR: Mrs Michelle Collins Galileo (Ire) C: Brittas House Stud
GOFNOV 2018 484 F - Jamm (Ire)
16,000 B: York Stud  Catalog
BR:  Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFNOV 2018 496 C - Lady Soldier (Ire)
54,000 B: GHS Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Peadar McCaghey Erewhon C: Hart Livery Farm & Stud
GOFNOV 2018 502 C - Lily of Kenmare (Ire)
( 0) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Thomas Frisby & Pascal Bolger Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Bolfry Stud
GOFNOV 2018 509 F - Lundy Island (GB)
38,000 B: Tally Ho Stud  Catalog
BR: John Lyons Dansili (GB) C: Collegelands
GOFNOV 2018 581 C Pontius (Ire) Sacrament (Ire)
65,000 B: Yeomanstown Stud  Catalog
BR: Oak Leaf Stud Acclamation (GB) C: Oak Leaf Stud
GOFNOV 2018 584 C - Sapphire Diva (Ire)
65,000 B: Yeomanstown Stud  Catalog
BR: Kevin & Meta Cullen Zebedee (GB) C: Middlelane Farm
GOFNOV 2018 602 C - Starlight Princess (Ire)
65,000 B: Glenvale Stud  Catalog
BR: Nick Cable Mastercraftsman (Ire) C: Whitehall Stud
GOFNOV 2018 612 C - The Tempest (GB)
40,000 B: Peter & Ross Doyle B/S  Catalog
BR: Sebastian Curran Mastercraftsman (Ire) C: Ryebridge Stud
GOFNOV 2018 614 C - Van de Cappelle (Ire)
82,000 B: Ballyhane Stud  Catalog
BR: Cloughmealy Stud Pivotal (GB) C: Ashwood Stud
GOFNOV 2018 618 F - Veronica Falls (GB)
170,000 B: Mick Flanagan, Agent  Catalog
BR: Irish National Stud Medicean (GB) C: Irish National Stud
GOFNOV 2018 619 F - Vestavia (Ire)
( 0) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mr M. C. Grassick Alhaarth (Ire) C: Ballybin Stud
GOFNOV 2018 649 C - Arpege (Ire)
140,000 B: Jamie Railton Sales Agency  Catalog
BR: Highpark B/Stock Ltd & Akuna B/Stock Ltd Sadler's Wells C: Highpark
GOFNOV 2018 688 C - El Diamante (Fr)
68,000 B: JC Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Sir Robert Ogden Royal Applause (GB) C: Castletown Stud
GOFNOV 2018 745 C - Lily Mohawk (Ire)
28,000 B: Lynn Lodge Stud  Catalog
BR: Mr Gerry Smith Amadeus Wolf (GB) C: Lewinstown Farm
GOFNOV 2018 751 C - Mackenzie's Friend (GB)
50,000 B: Pier House Stud  Catalog
BR: D. Harron, Ederidge Ltd & Glenvale Stud Selkirk C: Glynn Park
Total Sold €: 1,866,500
Total Sold £sd: 565,000
2018 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : No Nay Never's progeny in 2018.
2018 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2016 Ire 17,500 105 97 $162,190 (48) $91,736 (61) $622,991 $893,597
Hip Sex
TATDEY 2018 58 F Lyrical Beauty (Ire) Virginia Celeste (Ire)
£sd98,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: C. O. P. Hanbury Galileo (Ire) C: New England Stud
TATDEY 2018 92 F Last Surprise (Ire) Beta Tauri
£sd72,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs C. Booth & Mrs S. Cammidge Oasis Dream (GB) C: Catridge Farm Stud
TATDEY 2018 130 C - Emeralds Spirit (Ire)
£sd45,000 B: Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: T. A. Scothern Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Battlefield Stud
DEANOV 2018 574 C Tiger Crusade (Fr) Folle Allure (Fr)
52,000 B: Con Marnane  Catalog
BR: 7mme 1dominique Ades Hazan & 7mme 1lily Ades Poliglote (GB) C: Capucines
GOYRL 2018 362 C Never Gone (Ire) Echoes of My Mind (Ire)
18,000 B: Bent Olsen  Catalog
BR: Mrs Ann Marie O'Brien Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: Railstown Stud
GOYRL 2018 415 F Handful of Gold (Ire) Golden Passion (Ire)
( 9,500) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Miss Anna Giunta Arakan C: Rinroe House Farm
AROYRG 2018 35 F Sambetta (Fr) Sabasha (Fr)
( 120,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.S. Elevage Du Haras De Bourgeauvi lle Xaar (GB) C: Bourgeauville
AROYRG 2018 69 C Aneirin (Ire) Via Lattea (Ire)
160,000 B: Al Shaqab Racing  Catalog
BR: Haras du Mezeray Teofilo (Ire) C: Mezeray
AROYRG 2018 82 F Baga (Fr) Afra Tsitsi (Fr)
80,000 B: Jean-Claude Rouget  Catalog
BR: 1 0e.A.R.L. Ecurie Haras Du Cadran & 1 0 s.A.R.L. Ste Entrainement C Et Y Lerner Belong to Me C: Cadran
AROYRG 2018 327 C Black Side (Ire) Toxic Girl (Fr)
40,000 B: Ramon Avial Lopez  Catalog
BR: Hubert de Nicolay & Haras D'Elbe Soldier of Fortune (Ire) C: Elbe
TAOCT 2018 549 C Royal Commando (Ire) Online Alexander (Ire)
£sd125,000 B: Andrew Sime  Catalog
BR: Mount Armstrong Stud Acclamation (GB) C: Mountarmstrong Stud
TAOCT 2018 580 C Vito (GB) Petaluma (GB)
£sd65,000 B: J.S. Company  Catalog
BR: Mike Channon Bloodstock Limited Teofilo (Ire) C: Yeomanstown Stud
TAOCT 2018 689 C Whitby Harbour (GB) Secrets Away (Ire)
( £sd15,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Nick Bradley Bloodstock Refuse To Bend (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
TAOCT 2018 705 C Galactic Glow (Ire) Shine Like A Star (GB)
£sd160,000 B: James Toller / Washbourn  Catalog
BR: D. Boocock Fantastic Light C: Overbury Stud
TAOCT 2018 773 C Vitalogy (GB) Sylvestris (Ire)
£sd80,000 B: J B Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr W. A. Tinkler Arch C: Brook Stud
TAOCT 2018 846 C Frozen Waters (Ire) Whitefall
£sd320,000 B: Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: JC Bloodstock Limited Street Cry (Ire) C: Kilminfoyle House Stud
TAOCT 2018 1002 F Chant Nay Never (Ire) Chant de Sable (Ire)
£sd260,000 B: Kingcraft Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Stilvi Compania Financiera SA Oasis Dream (GB) C: Highclere Stud
TAOCT 2018 1112 C Mystery Power (Ire) Gems (GB)
£sd250,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Ms Siobhan O'Rahilly Haafhd (GB) C: Oaks Farm Stables
TAOCT 2018 1146 F Tango (Ire) Idle Chatter (Ire)
£sd200,000 B: C. Gordon-Watson / M.V. Magnier  Catalog
BR: Fastnet Stud Ltd Galileo (Ire) C: Morna McDowall
TAOCT 2018 1165 C Mr Kiki (Ire) Jacquelin Jag (Ire)
£sd450,000 B: A.C. Elliott, agent  Catalog
BR: Canice Farrell Jnr Fayruz (GB) C: Ballyphilip Stud
TAOCT 2018 1243 C Wichita (Ire) Lumiere Noire (Fr)
£sd140,000 B: Amanda Skiffington / M.V. Magnier  Catalog
BR: W. Maxwell Ervine Dashing Blade (GB) C: Keith Harte
TAOCT 2018 1302 F Bombshell (Ire) Miss Azeza (GB)
£sd135,000 B: A.C. Elliott, agent  Catalog
BR: Oak Leaf Stud Dutch Art (GB) C: Kilmoney Cottage Stud
TAOCT 2018 1548 F Yes Always (Ire) Flavia Tatiana (Ire)
£sd80,000 B: Greenhills Farm  Catalog
BR: Whisperview Trading Ltd Holy Roman Emperor (Ire) C: Jamie Railton
TAOCT 2018 1604 F - L'Ile Rousse (GB)
£sd25,000 B: Agent Federico Barberini  Catalog
BR: 1 0e.A.R.L. Ecurie Du Grand Chene Muhtathir (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TAOCT 2018 1607 F Mitty's Smile (Ire) Lace (Ire)
£sd13,000 B: Mark Flannery  Catalog
BR: Summerseat Stables Ltd Sadler's Wells C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TAOCT 2018 1628 F Apples Acre (Ire) Matron (GB)
£sd40,000 B: Paul George  Catalog
BR: Nick Cable Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Mickley Stud
TATOCT 2018 22 F Arabian Belle (Ire) Opera Fan (Fr)
£sd525,000 B: Shawn Dugan, agent  Catalog
BR: Summerhill & Lynn Lodge Cape Cross (Ire) C: Camas Park Stud
TATOCT 2018 67 F Rue de La Gaite (Ire) Rhiannon (Ire)
£sd130,000 B: Broadhurst Agency  Catalog
BR: Dc Investments Ltd High Chaparral (Ire) C: Kilminfoyle House Stud
TATOCT 2018 103 F Eden Quay (Ire) Seeking Solace (GB)
£sd600,000 B: M.V. Magnier  Catalog
BR: Camas Park, Lynch Bages & Summerhill Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Camas Park Stud
TATOCT 2018 111 F I Never Say No (Ire) Shelley Beach (Ire)
£sd650,000 B: Lady Sheila Stables & George Bolton; Kerri Radcliffe Bloodstock, agent  Catalog
BR: Lynch - Bages & Longfield Stud Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
TATOCT 2018 273 F Nope (Ire) Bright Sapphire (Ire)
£sd135,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Mr Charlie Brooks Galileo (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
TATOCT 2018 274 C The Rain King (Ire) Brigids Cross (Ire)
£sd250,000 B: M.V. Magnier  Catalog
BR: Brittas House Stud Sadler's Wells C: Camas Park Stud
TATOCT 2018 320 C Circular Quay (Ire) Dancing Shoes (Ire)
£sd380,000 B: M.V. Magnier  Catalog
BR: Lynch-Bages & Rhinestone Bloodstock Danehill C: Baroda Stud & Colbinstown Stud
TATOCT 2018 322 F Yesterdayoncemore (Ire) Danehill's Dream (Ire)
£sd110,000 B: Cormac McCormack / F. Stack  Catalog
BR: Llang Bloodstock Danehill C: Oaks Farm Stables
TATOCT 2018 353 C Never Before (Ire) Endure (Ire)
£sd130,000 B: Aidan O'Ryan / Joseph O'Brien  Catalog
BR: Lynn Lodge Stud Green Desert C: Lynn Lodge Stud
TATOCT 2018 407 C Stand Strong (Ire) Hurricane Emma
£sd400,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: M. G. White Ltd Mr. Greeley C: Knockainey Stud
GOFSPT 2018 577 F Queen Salamah (Ire) Cape Jasmine (Ire)
20,000 B: Agent Federico Barberini  Catalog
BR: Cape Jasmine Syndicate Danehill C: Castlehyde Stud
GOFSPT 2018 627 F Dearly Beloved (Ire) Forever More (Ire)
40,000 B: Bobby O'Ryan / Keith Dalgleish  Catalog
BR: Mr Brian O'Neill Galileo (Ire) C: Whitehall Stud
GOFSPT 2018 649 F Rishima (Ire) Hunting Goddess (GB)
( 14,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Byerley Stud Ltd Galileo (Ire) C: Byerley Stud
GOFOR 2018 6 F Cayman Haven (Ire) Novat (Ire)
160,000 B: Form Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Denis and Mrs Teresa Bergin Tagula (Ire) C: Morna McDowall
GOFOR 2018 38 C Franklin Street (Ire) Queen Bodicea (Ire)
50,000 B: Joseph O'Brien  Catalog
BR: Pier House Stud Revoque (Ire) C: Pier House Stud
GOFOR 2018 55 F Dublin Rocker (Ire) Rocking (GB)
35,000 B: Hillen/Ryan  Catalog
BR: Wardstown Stud Ltd Oasis Dream (GB) C: Wardstown Stud
GOFOR 2018 65 F But You Said (Ire) San Macchia (GB)
90,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Sean Connolly Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Jamie Railton Sales Agency
GOFOR 2018 66 F Able Grace (Ire) Sanadaat (GB)
110,000 B: Ric Wylie Bloodstock HK  Catalog
BR: Minch Bloodstock And Castletown Stud Green Desert C: Tally Ho Stud
GOFOR 2018 68 F No Name Girl (Ire) Sandglass (GB)
100,000 B: Justin Casse, agent  Catalog
BR: Mr Frank Hutchinson Zafonic C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR 2018 69 F Shines Her Light (Ire) Sarawati (Ire)
60,000 B: BBA (Ireland) / Yulong Investments  Catalog
BR: Pigeon Park Stud Haafhd (GB) C: Moyfinn Stud
GOFOR 2018 89 C No Days Off (Ire) Special Assignment
105,000 B: Joseph O'Brien  Catalog
BR: Special Assignment Syndicate Lemon Drop Kid C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR 2018 100 F Love Locket (Ire) Starlet (Ire)
700,000 B: M.V. Magnier  Catalog
BR: Springbank Way Stud Sea The Stars (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR 2018 108 C - Subtle Charm (GB)
210,000 B: Form Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages & Camas Park Stud Machiavellian C: Camas Park Stud
GOFOR 2018 129 F Carmena (Ire) Thewaytosanjose (Ire)
135,000 B: Michael Roy, agent  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd Fasliyev C: Manister House Stud
GOFOR 2018 173 F Noetic (Ire) Anestasia (Ire)
150,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Minch & Fullbury Bloodstock Anabaa C: Manister House Stud
GOFOR 2018 176 C Irish Prosecutor (Ire) Apparel (Ire)
245,000 B: De 5 Stjerner APS  Catalog
BR: Minch Bloodstock Cape Cross (Ire) C: Pine Tree Stud
GOFOR 2018 182 C Dawn Over Owning (Ire) Asteya (Ire)
16,000 B: Joseph O'Brien  Catalog
BR: Whisperview Trading Ltd Tiger Hill (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFOR 2018 213 F Sushi Power (Ire) Bright And Clear (GB)
65,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Clare Castle Farm Danehill C: Clare Castle Stud
GOFOR 2018 247 C Master McGrath (Ire) Dacio
130,000 B: Grove Stud  Catalog
BR: Highpark Bloodstock Ltd Harlan's Holiday C: Powerstown Stud
GOFOR 2018 290 F Durga (Ire) Fancy (Ire)
40,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Longfield Stud Galileo (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFOR 2018 291 C Verboten (Ire) Far Away Eyes (Ire)
350,000 B: Godolphin  Catalog
BR: Mr B. Minde High Chaparral (Ire) C: Lynn Lodge Stud
GOFOR 2018 333 C No Nay Now (Ire) High Savannah (Ire)
240,000 B: R.A. Brodie Andrew Farm  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd High Chaparral (Ire) C: Glenvale Stud
GOFOR 2018 371 F No Nay Always (Ire) Lesson In Life (GB)
360,000 B: R.A. Brodie Andrew Farm  Catalog
BR: Camas Park & Lynch Bages Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Camas Park Stud
GOFOR 2018 405 F Dandy Groove (Ire) Mironica (Ire)
300,000 B: Shawn Dugan, agent  Catalog
BR:  Excellent Art (GB) C: Whitehall Stud
TIRSEP 2018 92 F The Works (Ire) Seinellanima (Ire)
( 19,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: John Paul Condron Oratorio (Ire) C: Abbeyleix Stud
TIRSEP 2018 165 C Ming Warrior (Ire) Terracotta (Ire)
75,000 B: Michael O'Callaghan  Catalog
BR: Mrs Ann Marie O'Brien Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TIRSEP 2018 239 C Seven Worlds (Ire) Aqua de Vida (Ire)
3,000 B: Darren Bunyan Racing  Catalog
BR: Whisperview Trading Ltd Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: Knockatrina House
TIRSEP 2018 285 F Arabian Romance (Ire) Cabelo (Ire)
105,000 B: Godolphin  Catalog
BR: Minch Bloodstock Azamour (Ire) C: Castledillon Stud
TIRSEP 2018 290 C Stone Circle (Ire) Candlehill Girl (Ire)
50,000 B: A.C. Elliott, agent  Catalog
BR: Stephen Curran Shamardal C: Rockton Stud
TIRSEP 2018 324 C - Cool Cap (Ire)
100,000 B: BBA (Ireland) / Yulong Investments  Catalog
BR: Miss Anna Giunta Captain Rio (GB) C: Peter Nolan Bloodstock
TIRSEP 2018 330 F A Little Jewel (Ire) Crystal Crossing (Ire)
70,000 B: BBA (Ireland) / Yulong Investments  Catalog
BR: Jill Ryan Royal Academy C: Manister House Stud
TIRSEP 2018 340 C Brave New World (Ire) Dara's Girl (Ire)
120,000 B: A.C. Elliott, agent  Catalog
BR: Novidale Limited Starspangledbanner (Aus) C: Killourney Mor Farm
TIRSEP 2018 445 F No Nay Bella (Ire) Illuminating Dream (Ire)
38,000 B: Meah/Lloyd Bloodstock, Marco Botti  Catalog
BR: Lynn Lodge Stud High Chaparral (Ire) C: Lynn Lodge Stud
TIRSEP 2018 457 F Marhaba Salamah (Ire) Isontonic (Ire)
22,000 B: Johnny Murtagh  Catalog
BR: Glacken View Kodiac (GB) C: Knocklong House Stud
TIRSEP 2018 474 F Jm Jackson (Ire) Kawn (GB)
58,000 B: Kilbride Equine  Catalog
BR: Charles Shanahan Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Glenvale Stud
TIRSEP 2018 476 F Celtic Beauty (Ire) Keystone Gulch
52,000 B: D. Farrington  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Gulch C: Baroda Stud & Colbinstown Stud
TIRSEP 2018 480 F - Kingsridge (Ire)
( 4,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Joe Fogarty King's Theatre (Ire) C: Kilfeacle Stud
TIRSEP 2018 545 C Latin Fury (Ire) Miss Latina (Ire)
( 15,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Richard Frayne Mozart (Ire) C: Gaynestown Stud
TIRSEP 2018 549 C Upstate New York (Ire) Mizayin (Ire)
65,000 B: Joe Foley  Catalog
BR: Mrs Anna Giunta Clodovil (Ire) C: Tradewinds Stud
TIRSEP 2018 641 F - Surrey Pink (Fr)
30,000 B: Joe Foley  Catalog
BR: J. Connolly Kyllachy (GB) C: Glenard Stables
TASAYG 2018 45 F Shadn (Ire) Amethyst (Ire)
£sd40,000 B: Al Rabban Racing / Jackson-Stops Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Barronstown Stud Sadler's Wells C: Jamie Railton
TASAYG 2018 84 C Duke of Condicote (GB) Duchess of Gazeley (Ire)
£sd43,809 B: Highflyer Bloodstock / A. King  Catalog
BR: Elwick Stud Halling C: Peter Nolan Bloodstock
OSLATE 2018 182 F - Fast Lane Lili (GB)
85,000 B: Haras du Saubouas  Catalog
BR: Ecurie Winning Fasliyev C: Haras de Grandcamp
GOUKPR 2018 70 F Never In Paris (Ire) Meeting In Paris (Ire)
£32,500 B: H&H Bloodstock / K. Burke  Catalog
BR: A. R. W. Marsh Dutch Art (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOUKPR 2018 86 F Rovera (Ire) Minnie Hazel (Ire)
£42,000 B: Amanda Perrett / Peter & Ross Doyle  Catalog
BR: Richard Morecombe & Max Sangster Excellent Art (GB) C: Weir View Stud
GOUKPR 2018 114 F Balancing Act (Ire) My Lass (GB)
£40,000 B: Creighton / Sackville / Dance  Catalog
BR: Lynn Lodge Stud Elmaamul C: Lynn Lodge Stud
GOUKPR 2018 116 C Fleeting Prince (Ire) My Sweet Georgia (Ire)
£70,000 B: J B Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Edgeridge Ltd Royal Applause (GB) C: Jamie Railton Sales Agency
GOUKPR 2018 143 C Moonbootz (Ire) Orange Pip (GB)
£105,000 B: SackvilleDonald / John & Jess Dance  Catalog
BR: Pier House Stud Bold Edge (GB) C: Pier House Stud
GOUKPR 2018 160 F Silver St Cloud (Ire) Pisa No Tiffany
£42,000 B: Gaelic Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Y. Ichikawa Fusaichi Pegasus C: Ballyhimikin Stud
GOUKPR 2018 168 F Quick Recap (Ire) Princess Patsky
£50,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Mr M. J. Rozenbroek Mr. Greeley C: Lisieux Stud
GOUKPR 2018 171 C Nullifier (Ire) Queen Grace (Ire)
£65,000 B: Rick Wylie Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Ms Sinead Maher Choisir (Aus) C: West Moor Stud
GOUKPR 2018 172 C Star of Cashel (Ire) Queen of Lyons
£82,000 B: Cormac McCormack  Catalog
BR: Gigginstown House Stud Dubai Destination C: Lynn Lodge Stud
GOUKPR 2018 184 F Dragon Flight (Ire) Real Charm (Ire)
£26,000 B: Jackson-Stops Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Dc Investments Ltd Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Grove Stud
GOUKPR 2018 218 F Positive Light (Ire) Sharplaw Star (GB)
£11,000 B: Lackendarra Stables  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd & Camas Park Stud Xaar (GB) C: Camas Park Stud
GOUKPR 2018 234 C - Sivensen (Ire)
£35,000 B: Pegasus Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Canice Farrell Intikhab C: Knockatrina House
GOUKPR 2018 260 F Winter Sleep (Ire) Sunbird (GB)
£120,000 B: SackvilleDonald / John & Jess Dance  Catalog
BR: Manister House & Grange Stud Echo of Light (GB) C: Manister House Stud
GOUKPR 2018 338 F Polar Billy (Ire) Arctic Freedom
£13,000 B: New Racing Factory  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd War Chant C: Glenvale Stud
GOUKPR 2018 449 F Head Over Heels (Ire) Falling Rain (Ire)
( £50,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages & Camas Park Stud Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Camas Park Stud
GOUKPR 2018 455 F Pink Sands (Ire) First Breeze
£40,000 B: Star Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Lynchbages Edgeridge Ltd & Glenvale Stud Woodman C: Glenvale Stud
GOUKPR 2018 526 F Varsha (GB) More Is to Come
£24,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Soc AGA Racing di Agrestini A&G SRLS War Front C: Powerstown Stud
GOUKPR 2018 663 F Never Think Twice (Ire) Golden Lemon
£24,000 B: Lars Kelp  Catalog
BR: Vartan Vartanov Lemon Drop Kid C: Eli Creek House
ARAV2 2018 397 F Saga Bawi (Fr) Bawinanga
29,000 B: Con Marnane  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.C. Ecurie Jema Dubawi (Ire) C: Jedburgh Stud
ARAV2 2018 427 F Darling Valentine (Fr) Elegant Times (Ire)
15,000 B: Paul Nataf  Catalog
BR: 1 0e.A.R.L. Haras De Cisai & 7m. 1didier Krainc Dansili (GB) C: La Motteraye Consignment
ARAV2 2018 437 C Ventura Lightning (Fr) From This Day On
37,000 B: Con Marnane  Catalog
BR: 2 0snowdrop Stud Corporation Limited El Prado (Ire) C: Aumonerie
ARAV2 2018 444 C Chemin de Jacques (Ire) Halo de Lune (GB)
25,000 B: Guy Petit  Catalog
BR: Haras du Logis St Germain Halling C: Logis Saint Germain
ARAUG 2018 143 C Arizona (Ire) Lady Ederle
260,000 B: Michael Vincent Magnier  Catalog
BR: Stephen Sullivan English Channel C: Fairway Consignment
ARAUG 2018 187 F Pocket Veto (Ire) Pivoina (Ire)
160,000 B: Godolphin  Catalog
BR: Charel Bloodstock Marchand de Sable C: Fairway Consignment
ARAUG 2018 212 F Alle Lazalle (Fr) Serendy
60,000 B: Haras du Saubouas  Catalog
BR: 2m. 1alexander Khakhonin Pleasantly Perfect C: Bourgeauville
ARAUG 2018 226 F Dirty Dancer (Fr) Super Marmelade (Ire)
80,000 B: Magnolia Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: 3 0 Fratini Allevamento E Corse Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: La Motteraye Consignment
Total Sold £sd: 5,951,809
Total Sold €: 5,600,000
Total Sold £: 821,500
RNA Amount €: (181,500)
RNA Amount £sd: (15,000)
RNA Amount £: (50,000)
2018 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : No Nay Never's progeny in 2018.
2018 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2016 Ire 20,000 12 8 $83,496 (123) $77,937 (83) $93,776 $210,000
Hip Sex
TATAHI 2018 173 G Nayslayer (Ire) Elaflaak
( £sd28,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages Ltd & Rhinestone Bloodstock Gulch C: Cedar Lodge Stables (S. Kirk)
TATAHI 2018 203 C North Wind (Ire) Kawn (GB)
£sd25,000 B: Damian English  Catalog
BR: Charles Shanahan Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Ballydoyle Stables, Ireland (A. O'Brien)
TATAHI 2018 218 C Eagle Song (Ire) Al Ihsas (Ire)
£sd160,000 B: Red Baron's Barn & Rancho Temescal  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages & Rhinestone B/Stock Danehill C: Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien)
GOFAUG 2018 265 C Anthony E (Ire) Lace (Ire)
£2,500 B: Rashed Yousef Bouresly  Catalog
BR: Mr R. Mcdonald Sadler's Wells C: Fitzroy House
ARJUL 2018 70 F Oui Madame (Ire) Mitchelton (Fr)
9,000 B: Antoine Lamotte D'Argy  Catalog
BR: Sherbourne Lodge High Chaparral (Ire) C: Sherbourne Lodge Stables
GOFLON 2018 25 C No Needs Never (Ire) Opera Fan (Fr)
( £300,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Summerhill & Lynn Lodge Cape Cross (Ire) C: Carriganog Racing
GBMBR 2018 72 C Faris Champion (Fr) Laber Ildut (Ire)
80,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: 6 0 Bloodstock Agency Ltd Whipper C: Ardglas Stables
ARQMAY 2018 75 F Nikisophia (Ire) Apache Dream (Ire)
52,000 B: Marco Bozzi Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Apache Dream Syndicate Indian Ridge (Ire) C: Mayfield Stables
ARQMAY 2018 104 F El Gumryah (Ire) Dancing Shoes (Ire)
135,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Lynch-Bages & Rhinestone Bloodstock Danehill C: Bastard
TATHIT 2018 255 C Eminent Being (Ire) Eminence Gift (GB)
( £sd24,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mr P. Turley Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Baroda Stud & Colbinstown Stud
TATBRE 2018 93 C Nonaynevernomore (Ire) Choose Me Please (Ire)
( £sd28,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: John Martin McLoughney Choisir (Aus) C: Bansha House Stables
TATBRE 2018 169 F Oui Madame (Ire) Mitchelton (Fr)
( £sd14,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Sherbourne Lodge High Chaparral (Ire) C: Sherbourne Lodge
GOFBRE 2018 74 F Nonna Grazia (Ire) School Holidays
£5,000 B: Umberto Esposito  Catalog
BR: Mountarmstrong Stud Harlan's Holiday C: Tally Ho Stud
GOFBRE 2018 118 F Alfa Dawn (Ire) Aitch (Ire)
£85,000 B: Bryan Smart  Catalog
BR: Mr Adrian Purvis Alhaarth (Ire) C: Mocklershill
OBSMAR 2018 413 F Nay Lady Nay (Ire) Lady Ederle
$210,000 B: Hidden Brook, agent  Catalog
BR: Stephen Sullivan English Channel C: Eddie Woods, agent
Total Sold £sd: 185,000
Total Sold £: 92,500
Total Sold €: 276,000
Total Sold $: 210,000
RNA Amount £sd: (94,000)
RNA Amount £: (300,000)
2018 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : No Nay Never's progeny in 2018.
2018 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2016 Ire 25,000 17 14 $121,497 (47) $88,593 (49) $293,901
Hip Sex
TATFEB 2019 66 M Hestia (Fr) Perruche Grise (Fr)
( £sd62,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.C. Famille Rothschild High Chaparral (Ire) Mark of Esteem (Ire) C: The National Stud
TATFEB 2019 68 M Art of Dance (GB) Danceabout (GB)
£sd50,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Bloomsbury Stud Medicean (GB) Shareef Dancer C: Baroda Stud & Colbinstown Stud
ARQDE 2018 209 M Itasca (Fr) Lune Rouge (Ire)
77,000 B: Margaret O'Toole  Catalog
BR: 1mme 1aliette Forien & 1m. 1jean-Francoi s Gribomont Dylan Thomas (Ire) Unfuwain C: Channel Consignment
TATMA 2018 1478 M Little Shambles (GB) Meiosis
£sd80,000 B: Ever Union Shokai  Catalog
BR: Darley Shamardal Danzig C: Silfield Bloodstock
TATMA 2018 1529 M Azenzar (GB) Dashing (Ire)
( £sd30,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Saleh Al Homeizi Danehill Dancer (Ire) Sadler's Wells C: The National Stud
TATMA 2018 1552 M Fata Morgana (Ger) Flashing Colour (Ger)
£sd57,000 B: Castlehyde Stud  Catalog
BR:  Monsun (Ger) Pivotal (GB) C: New England Stud
TATMA 2018 1554 F Hidden Charms (Ire) Gilded Vanity (Ire)
£sd130,000 B: Castlehyde Stud  Catalog
BR: Lynchbages Edgeridge Ltd & Glenvale Stud Canford Cliffs (Ire) Indian Ridge (Ire) C: Baroda Stud & Colbinstown Stud
TATMA 2018 1574 F Goodnight (Ire) Dance Parade
£sd160,000 B: MAB Agency  Catalog
BR: Lynch-Bages Ltd Camelot (GB) Gone West C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATMA 2018 1589 F A Bid In Time (Ire) Annabelle Ja (Fr)
£sd130,000 B: D. O'Byrne  Catalog
BR: Lynch Bages, Camas Park & Arkle B/Stock Fastnet Rock (Aus) Singspiel (Ire) C: New England Stud
TATMA 2018 1690 M Reverent (Ire) Wadaat (GB)
£sd67,000 B: Summerhill Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Teofilo (Ire) Diktat (GB) C: Marwell Park
TATMA 2018 1695 F Madam Baroque (GB) Belle Allemande
£sd45,000 B: Norelands Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Howard Barton Stud Royal Applause (GB) Royal Academy C: Brendan Boyle Bloodstock
TATMA 2018 1751 F Great Court (Ire) Neat Shilling (Ire)
£sd220,000 B: Cambridge Stud  Catalog
BR: James Waldron Mastercraftsman (Ire) Bob Back C: Tweenhills Farm & Stud
TATMA 2018 1753 F Clip Art (GB) Semaphore (GB)
( £sd140,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Moyns Park Estate and Stud Ltd Acclamation (GB) Zamindar C: Highclere Stud
TATMA 2018 1853 M Bewitchment (GB) Hypnotize (GB)
£sd150,000 B: Tweenhills  Catalog
BR: Cheveley Park Stud Ltd Pivotal (GB) Machiavellian C: Fittocks Stud
TATJUL 2018 81 F Clip Art (GB) Semaphore (GB)
£sd30,000 B: Jake Warren  Catalog
BR: Moyns Park Estate and Stud Ltd Acclamation (GB) Zamindar C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL 2018 214 M Cutty Sark (GB) L'Affaire Monique (GB)
£sd26,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Aston House Stud Dylan Thomas (Ire) Machiavellian C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL 2018 218 F Foreign Assignment (Ire) Kamarinskaya
£sd55,000 B: T.E. Pocock  Catalog
BR: My Meadowview LLC Mastercraftsman (Ire) Storm Cat C: The Castlebridge Consignment
Total Sold £sd: 1,200,000
Total Sold €: 77,000
RNA Amount £sd: (232,000)
2018 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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