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Sales of : Iffraaj (GB)'s progeny in 2019.

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2019 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Iffraaj (GB)'s progeny in 2019.
2019 Weanling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2008 Eng 40,000 13 10 $65,801 (110) $56,259 (104) $169,427 $51,514
Hip Sex
GOFNOV 2019 273 F - Safiyna (FR)
( 16,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Safiyna Partnership Sinndar (IRE) C: Glebe Farm Stables
GOFNOV 2019 424 F - Free To Roam (IRE)
15,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Pitchford Bloodstock Bushranger (IRE) C: Esker Lodge Stud
GOFNOV 2019 740 F - Morning Frost (IRE)
( 30,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Kildaragh Stud Duke of Marmalade (IRE) C: Kildaragh Stud
ARQDE 2019 505 F Looking At Me (FR) Polar Eyes (GB)
15,000 B: Paul de Chevigny
BR: 1 0s.A.R.L. Imperial Bloodstock & 2 0 Fi rst Racing Sp Zo O Dubawi (IRE) C: Greenfield Consignment
TATFOA 2019 362 C - Lamentation (GB)
£sd16,000 B: Paula Flannery
BR: Overbury Stallions Ltd Singspiel (IRE) C: Overbury Stud
TATFOA 2019 630 C - Loaves And Fishes (GB)
£sd60,000 B: Iain Jardine
BR: Plantation Stud Oasis Dream (GB) C: Plantation Stud
TATFOA 2019 666 C - Age of Chivalry (IRE)
£sd50,000 B: Iain Jardine / Compas Equine
BR: Rockcliffe Stud Invincible Spirit (IRE) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATFOA 2019 702 C - Danehill Dreamer
£sd17,000 B: Paula Flannery
BR: Watership Down Stud Danehill C: New England Stud
TATFOA 2019 727 C - Sacre Coeur (GB)
£sd125,000 B: Paca Paca Farm
BR: Whitsbury Manor Stud Compton Place (GB) C: Whitsbury Manor Stud
TATFOA 2019 865 C - Sloane Square (GB)
£sd45,000 B: BBA (Ireland)
BR: Corps Commerce Ltd Teofilo (IRE) C: Britton House Stud
TATFOA 2019 872 F - Thesme (GB)
£sd38,000 B: Amy Lynam
BR: Fools Gold Exceed And Excel (AUS) C: West Moor Stud
TATFOA 2019 999 C - Amjaad (GB)
£sd110,000 B: Manister House Stud
BR: Barronstown Stud Dansili (GB) C: Norelands Stud
TATFOA 2019 1043 C - Devotion (IRE)
( £sd52,000) B: RNA
BR: Petches Farm Ltd Dylan Thomas (IRE) C: Petches Farm
Total Sold €: 30,000
Total Sold £sd: 461,000
RNA Amount €: (46,000)
RNA Amount £sd: (52,000)
2019 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Iffraaj (GB)'s progeny in 2019.
2019 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2008 Eng 27,500 69 56 $91,027 (91) $65,741 (92) $255,051 $331,591
Hip Sex
AROYRG 2019 33 C - Wiesenlerche (Ire)
( 88,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mr R. Shaykhutdinov Adlerflug (Ger) C: Mezeray
AROYRG 2019 42 C - Adja (Ire)
( 30,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Dayton Investments Ltd Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Haspel
AROYRG 2019 91 F - Global Wand (Ger)
30,000 B: A Turf  Catalog
BR: 1 0 Ecurie Des Monceaux & 6 0 Gestut Hof Ittlingen Doyen (Ire) C: Monceaux
AROYRG 2019 155 F - Porza (Fr)
50,000 B: BLM Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: 6m. 1hubert Honore Septieme Ciel C: Honore
AROYRG 2019 322 F - No Wind No Rain (GB)
( 45,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 1 0s.A.R.L. De Chambure Haras D'Etreham & 2 0 Gestut Zur Kuste & 1 0 Skymarc Far Green Tune C: Etreham
GOAUTY 2019 76 F - Tawteen
20,000 B: Razza Latina  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Street Sense C: Lumville Farm
TAOCT 2019 1356 C - Short Affair (GB)
£sd10,000 B: Mick Easterby  Catalog
BR: Aston House Stud Singspiel (Ire) C: Church View Stables
TAOCT 2019 1379 F - Tequila Sunrise (GB)
£sd11,000 B: JS Bloodstock / G. Scott Racing  Catalog
BR: Stratford Place Stud Dansili (GB) C: Stratford Place Stud
TAOCT 2019 1561 F - Light Fantastic (GB)
£sd6,500 B: Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Stanley House Stud Acclamation (GB) C: New England Stud
TAOCT 2019 1580 F - Meeting Waters (GB)
£sd28,000 B: Avenue Bloodstock / James Ferguson Racing  Catalog
BR: New England, Myriad & Naseby B'stock Aqlaam (GB) C: New England Stud
TAOCT 2019 1591 C - Moonvoy (GB)
£sd2,000 B: Marco Bozzi Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: George Kent Cape Cross (Ire) C: Jamie Railton
TAOCT 2019 1595 C - Much Promise (GB)
£sd30,000 B: Kilronan  Catalog
BR: Ashbrittle Stud & M. H. Dixon Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Ashbrittle Stud
TAOCT 2019 1911 C - Paradise Isle (GB)
£sd6,000 B: Luke Morris  Catalog
BR: T. R. G. Vestey Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: New England Stud
TATOCT 2019 10 C - Say No Now (Ire)
( £sd10,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Refuse To Bend (Ire) C: Hillwood Stud
TATOCT 2019 186 C - Balayage (Ire)
£sd150,000 B: Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Promenade Bloodstock Limited Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Far Westfield Farm
TATOCT 2019 290 C - Floriade (IRE)
£sd165,000 B: China Horse Club / Maverick Racing  Catalog
BR: Newtown Stud and T. J. Pabst Invincible Spirit (IRE) C: Yeomanstown Stud
TATOCT 2019 331 F - Hana Lina (GB)
£sd150,000 B: Mike Ryan, agent  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Oasis Dream (GB) C: Houghton Bloodstock
TATOCT 2019 425 F - Majenta (Ire)
£sd90,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Kenilworth House Stud Marju (Ire) C: Camas Park Stud
TATOCT 2019 485 C - Pamona (Ire)
£sd100,000 B: John & Jake Warren  Catalog
BR: Highclere Stud Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Highclere Stud
TATOCT 2019 531 F - Rebecca de Winter (GB)
( £sd25,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mark & Connie Burton Kyllachy (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATOCT 2019 573 F - Secret Hint (GB)
£sd70,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mildmay Bloodstock & Mr D. H. Caslon Oasis Dream (GB) C: Norris Bloodstock
TATOCT 2019 601 F - Smart Step (GB)
£sd60,000 B: Avenue Bloodstock / Hugo Palmer  Catalog
BR: Lofts Hall Stud & B. Sangster Montjeu (Ire) C: Lofts Hall Stud
TATOCT 2019 619 C - Sparring Queen
£sd120,000 B: Shadwell Estate Co.  Catalog
BR: Cliveden Stud Ltd & Lofts Hall Stud War Front C: Cooneen Stud
TATOCT 2019 649 F - Synergy (Fr)
£sd70,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Wood Hall Stud Victory Note C: Trickledown Stud
TATOCT 2019 665 F Alvina (Ire) The Fairy (Ire)
£sd250,000 B: John Clarke  Catalog
BR: Airlie Stud Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Airlie Stud
TATOCT 2019 748 C - Aetna (GB)
£sd36,000 B: James Given Racing  Catalog
BR: Mr Brian Padgett Indesatchel (Ire) C: WH Bloodstock
TATOCT 2019 749 F - Affability (Ire)
£sd170,000 B: John & Jake Warren  Catalog
BR: A. Stroud and J. Hanly Dalakhani (Ire) C: Ballyhimikin Stud
TATOCT 2019 755 C - Aksinya (Fr)
( £sd10,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 5m. 1cyril Humphris Dalakhani (Ire) C: Barton Stud
TATOCT 2019 796 F - Badweia
£sd26,000 B: Phoenix Ladies Syndicate  Catalog
BR: Whatton Manor Stud/Thurso/Cranford Kingmambo C: Whatton Manor Stud
TATOCT 2019 867 C - Chili Dip (GB)
£sd115,000 B: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr A. Parker & New England Stud Alhaarth (Ire) C: Egmont Stud
TATOCT 2019 984 C - Frangipanni (Ire)
£sd75,000 B: Creighton Schwartz Bloodstock / John Dance  Catalog
BR: Lord Margadale Dansili (GB) C: Highclere Stud
TATOCT 2019 1050 C - I'm Yours (GB)
£sd60,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Moyglare Stud Farm Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Church View Stables
TATOCT 2019 1067 C - Island Magic (GB)
( £sd20,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: W. S. Farish Oasis Dream (GB) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT 2019 1068 F - Isobel Archer (GB)
£sd87,000 B: Avenue Bloodstock / Hugo Palmer  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Oasis Dream (GB) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATOCT 2019 1128 C - Lonely Rock (GB)
£sd62,000 B: Powerstown Stud  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs David Brown Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: Furnace Mill Stud
TATOCT 2019 1131 F - Lottie Dod (Ire)
£sd60,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Wardley Bloodstock Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT 2019 1151 C - Mamma Morton (Ire)
£sd190,000 B: Shadwell Estate Co.  Catalog
BR: R. J. Cornelius Elnadim C: Tradewinds Stud
TATOCT 2019 1169 F The Circus (GB) Micaela's Moon
( £sd38,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Tactful Finance Limited Malibu Moon C: Watership Down Stud
TATOCT 2019 1225 C - Ninas Rainbow (GB)
( £sd90,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Windmill Farm Partnership Ltd Rainbow Quest C: Herbertstown House Stud (Co. Kildare)
TATOCT 2019 1240 C - Pacifica Highway
£sd40,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Overbury Stallions Ltd Pulpit C: Overbury Stud
TATOCT 2019 1252 C - Peacoat (GB)
£sd15,000 B: Johnston Racing  Catalog
BR: Kingsley Park Ltd Doyen (Ire) C: Friar Ings Stud
TATOCT 2019 1275 C - Poppet's Passion (GB)
£sd22,000 B: C A J Stable  Catalog
BR: Whatton Manor Stud Clodovil (Ire) C: Whatton Manor Stud
TATOCT 2019 1341 F - Royal Empress (Ire)
£sd67,000 B: McKeever Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Newsells Park Stud Holy Roman Emperor (Ire) C: Newsells Park Stud
GOFSPT 2019 694 C - Gamma (Fr)
15,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Nafferty Stud Sadler's Wells C: Irish National Stud
GOFSPT 2019 785 C - Meet Marhaba (Ire)
26,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Biddestone Stud Ltd Marju (Ire) C: Ballyhane
GOFSPT 2019 813 F - Newellen (Ire)
10,000 B: Gerry Hogan Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr Maurice Regan Montjeu (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFOR 2019 116 F - Abend (Ire)
280,000 B: Philippa Mains  Catalog
BR: Deerpark Stud Sea The Stars (Ire) C: Deerpark Stud
GOFOR 2019 142 F - Arabescatta (GB)
32,000 B: Friars Lough Stables  Catalog
BR: Kildaragh Stud Monsun (Ger) C: Kildaragh Stud
GOFOR 2019 212 F - Desert Song
62,000 B: MAB Agency  Catalog
BR: Hamidreza Mojtahedzadeh Unbridled's Song C: Tinnakill House
GOFOR 2019 253 C - Gamrah (Ire)
( 40,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mrs P. K. O'Rourke Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
GOFOR 2019 376 F - Miss Marina Bay (GB)
35,000 B: Barry Lynch  Catalog
BR: Tinnakill Bloodstock Galileo (Ire) C: Baroda Stud
GOFOR 2019 382 C - Morning Frost (Ire)
50,000 B: SackvilleDonald  Catalog
BR: Kildaragh Stud Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Kildaragh Stud
GOFOR 2019 420 F - Photophore (Ire)
95,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: P & B Bloodstock Clodovil (Ire) C: Croom House Stud
TIRSEP 2019 365 F - Maralika (Fr)
( 20,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mickley Stud & Tim & Miranda Johnson Dubawi (Ire) C: Stanley Lodge
BBAGS 2019 178 C - Zarzali (Aus)
55,000 B: P. Schiergen  Catalog
BR:  Hussonet C: Stiftung Gestut Fahrhof
GOFFPR 2019 52 C - Riskit Fora Biskit (Ire)
£150,000 B: Shadwell Stud  Catalog
BR: Ed's Stud Ltd Kodiac (GB) C: Longview Stud
GOFFPR 2019 208 F Soller Bay (Ire) Ahazeej (Ire)
£25,000 B: Tim Easterby  Catalog
BR: Thomas Hassett Dubawi (Ire) C: Monksland Stables
GOFFPR 2019 284 C - Coral Mist (GB)
£36,000 B: Johnston Racing  Catalog
BR: Lordship Stud Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Highclere Stud
GOFFPR 2019 357 F - Habita (Ire)
£52,000 B: Ebonos  Catalog
BR: D. J. and Mrs Deer Montjeu (Ire) C: Oakgrove Stud
ARAUG 2019 176 F - Sharavana (GB)
55,000 B: One Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Ecurie des Monceaux & Lordship Stud Fastnet Rock (Aus) C: Monceaux
ARAUG 2019 224 C - Annie The Doc (GB)
200,000 B: Phoenix Thoroughbred / D. Farrington  Catalog
BR: Zalim Bifov Nayef C: Monceaux
ARAUG 2019 245 F - Dardania (GB)
( 55,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 1m. 1thierry De La Heronniere & 2 0 Sala bi Racing & 1 0 Haras Des Adelis Dalakhani (Ire) C: Ellon
ARAUG 2019 281 C - Imperialistic Diva (Ire)
90,000 B: Alessandro Botti  Catalog
BR: Gerry Flannery Developments Haafhd (GB) C: Gouffern Taylor Made Sales
ARAUG 2019 297 C - Lucelle (Ire)
195,000 B: Avenue Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Charmes/Morsangliere High Chaparral (Ire) C: Aumonerie
ARAUG 2019 320 F - Peinted Song
( 150,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: 6m. 1jean-Pierre Dubois Unbridled's Song C: Montaigu
ARAUG 2019 323 F - Primaprima
52,000 B: Paul Nataf  Catalog
BR: 2 0s.C.E.A. Le Haras D' Haspel More Than Ready C: Haspel
TADEYG 2019 154 C - Magic Art (IRE)
£sd78,000 B: R. O'Ryan / R. Fahey
BR: C. McHale & The Rat Pack Partnership Nayef C: Peter Nolan Bloodstock
TADEYG 2019 155 F - Magic Nymph (IRE)
£sd14,000 B: Luke Comer
BR: Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd Galileo (IRE) C: Hascombe & Valiant Stud
TADEYG 2019 180 C - Ninas Rainbow (GB)
£sd55,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock
BR: Windmill Farm Partnership Ltd Rainbow Quest C: Herbertstown House Stud (Co. Kildare)
Total Sold €: 1,352,000
Total Sold £sd: 2,490,500
Total Sold £: 263,000
RNA Amount €: (428,000)
RNA Amount £sd: (193,000)
2019 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Iffraaj (GB)'s progeny in 2019.
2019 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2008 Eng 22,500 15 13 $17,761 (431) $13,684 (425) $61,883 $20,627
Hip Sex
TATAHI 2019 222 C Make Me Laugh (Ire) Tickle Me (Ger)
£sd11,000 B: Imperial Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs David J. Brown Halling C: Musley Bank Stables
TATAHI 2019 668 F Fast And Free (GB) Dame Helen (GB)
£sd10,000 B: Sandra Brolin Berg  Catalog
BR: Whatton Manor Stud Royal Applause (GB) C: Somerville Lodge
TATAHI 2019 825 F Um Aljadeela (Ire) Ajaadat (GB)
£sd9,000 B: Madame Bollack-Badel  Catalog
BR: Newtown Anner Stud Shamardal C: Hambleton Lodge Stables
TATAHI 2019 971 G Ivor (GB) Ligeia (GB)
£sd10,500 B: Eugenio Goldin  Catalog
BR: Pineapple Stud Ltd Rail Link (GB) C: East Everleigh Stables
TASAUG 2019 73 C Flowing Magic (Ire) Brimful (Ire)
£sd1,904 B: Elias Kritikos  Catalog
BR: Barouche Stud Ireland Ltd Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Godolphin
TATGOR 2019 13 F Lee Stream (GB) Tooraweenah (GB)
7,000 B: Gael Lemer  Catalog
BR: Pitt Bloodstock Ltd Notnowcato (GB) C: Dolmen Bloodstock
TATGOR 2019 96 C Rogue Assassin (Ire) Zahrat Narjis (GB)
( 38,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Haras de Cisai Exceed And Excel (Aus) C: Knockanglass Stables
TATGOR 2019 153 F Lady Iffraaj (Ire) Lady Liberty (Ire)
9,000 B: Valfredo Valiani  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Shirocco (Ger) C: Egmont Stud
ARQMA 2019 149 C Tippler (GB) Present Day (GB)
40,000 B: DE BURGH EQUINE / MARK TODD  Catalog
BR: Sir Alan Parker & Bullard Bloodstock Ltd Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Brown Island Stables
ARQMAY 2019 149 C - Present Day (GB)
40,000 B: DE BURGH EQUINE / MARK TODD  Catalog
BR: Sir Alan Parker & Bullard Bloodstock Ltd Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Brown Island Stables
TATBRE 2019 34 F Um Aljadeela (Ire) Ajaadat (GB)
£sd15,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Newtown Anner Stud Shamardal C: The Ivy's Stables, Ireland
TATBRE 2019 52 C Flowing Magic (Ire) Brimful (Ire)
£sd45,000 B: Rabbah Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Barouche Stud Ireland Ltd Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Brown Island Stables, Ireland
TATBRE 2019 91 F Lady Roula (Ire) Hint of Pink (Ire)
£sd10,000 B: Alessandro Marconi / Ahmed Bintooq  Catalog
BR: Norelands B/stock & P. Robinson B/stock Teofilo (Ire) C: Mocklershill, Ireland
TATHIT 2019 165 F Red Treble (GB) Threetimesalady (GB)
£sd10,000 B: Rebecca Menzies  Catalog
BR: Biddestone Stud Ltd Royal Applause (GB) C: Grove Stud
GOFHIT 2019 460 C - Heart of Africa (GB)
1,000 B: David Melia  Catalog
BR:  Cape Cross (Ire) C: Baroda Stud
TATABR 2019 69 F Mrs Merton (GB) Merton Matriarch (GB)
( £sd22,857) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Peter Winkworth Cadeaux Genereux (GB) C: Hetta Stevens Bloodstock
Total Sold £sd: 122,404
Total Sold €: 97,000
RNA Amount €: (38,000)
RNA Amount £sd: (22,857)
2019 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Iffraaj (GB)'s progeny in 2019.
2019 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2008 Eng 35,000 10 8 $46,134 (107) $40,012 (89) $93,007
Hip Sex
GOFNOV 2019 849 M Althania Gabriellina Giof (GB)
39,000 B: Irish Emerald Stud  Catalog
BR: Rosa Colasanti Street Cry (IRE) Ashkalani (IRE) C: Derrinstown Stud
GOFNOV 2019 855 M Qawaasem (IRE) Misdaqeya (GB)
84,000 B: Yeguada Centurion  Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited Shamardal Red Ransom C: Derrinstown Stud
GOFNOV 2019 921 F Bedwyyah (IRE) Shirley a Star
21,000 B: Marco Bozzi Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Andrew Rosen Invincible Spirit (IRE) Cozzene C: Godolphin
TATMA 2019 1397 M Moonlife (IRE) Marania (IRE)
£sd40,000 B: BBA (Ireland)
BR: M. Parola Invincible Spirit (IRE) Marju (IRE) C: Godolphin
TATMA 2019 1405 M Soryah (IRE) Dirtybirdie (GB)
£sd18,000 B: Anita Wigan
BR: Liam Queally Shamardal Diktat (GB) C: Godolphin
TATMA 2019 1560 F Romantic Talk (GB) Galician (GB)
£sd45,000 B: Joseph Burke Bloodstock
BR: Godolphin New Approach (IRE) Redoute's Choice (AUS) C: Godolphin
TATMA 2019 1597 M Thora Barber (GB) How High The Sky (IRE)
( £sd28,000) B: RNA
BR: Whatton Manor Stud & Robert Cornelius Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Danehill Dancer (IRE) C: The National Stud
TATMA 2019 1998 M Mango Mischief (IRE) Eurolink Mischief (GB)
£sd27,000 B: Storm Again Syndicate
BR: A. G. Antoniades Desert King (IRE) Be My Chief C: Brook Stud
TATMA 2019 2011 M Disdain Eternal Bounty (IRE)
( £sd40,000) B: RNA
BR: R. S. Evans Invincible Spirit (IRE) Galileo (IRE) C: Far Westfield Farm
Total Sold €: 144,000
Total Sold £sd: 130,000
RNA Amount £sd: (68,000)
2019 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results
Sales of : Iffraaj (GB)'s progeny in 2019.
2019 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
Sale Statistics not supported for this category
Hip Sex
GOFNOV 2019 986 F Katiywa (IRE) Katiyra (IRE)
13,000 B: Orchardstown Farm  Catalog
BR: His Highness the Aga Khan's Studs S.C. Peintre Celebre C: Aga Khan Studs
GOFNOV 2019 1012 F For Your Eyes (IRE) Armoise (GB)
6,500 B: Prestige Worldwide  Catalog
BR: Flaxman Stables Ireland Ltd Sadler's Wells C: Kiltinan Castle Stud
TATAHI 2019 351 C Noble Lineage (Ire) Regal Hawk (GB)
£sd14,000 B: Mohammed Saer Aldihani  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Singspiel (Ire) C: Jamesfield Stables
TATAHI 2019 402 F Lola's Theme (GB) Lady's Art (Fr)
£sd6,000 B: Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Petches Farm Ltd Verglas (Ire) C: Manor House Stables
TATAHI 2019 410 F Sloane Garden (GB) Sloane Square (GB)
£sd25,000 B: Ron Charles  Catalog
BR: Jupiter Bloodstock Ltd Teofilo (IRE) C: Jamesfield Stables
TATAHI 2019 429 G Liberation Day (GB) Welsh Cake (GB)
£sd4,500 B: Talal Hamed Mohammed Almutairi  Catalog
BR: Horizon Bloodstock Limited Fantastic Light C: Green Oaks Farm
TATAHI 2019 580 C Creek Island (Ire) Jumeirah Palm Star (GB)
£sd7,500 B: Roncalli Massimiziano  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Invincible Spirit (Ire) C: Kingsley Park
TATAHI 2019 631 C Assembled (GB) Bezique (GB)
£sd35,000 B: M. Bosley  Catalog
BR: Aston House Stud Cape Cross (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATAHI 2019 788 G Irreverent (GB) Royal Rascal (GB)
( £sd92,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mr & Mrs N. Wrigley Lucky Story C: Musley Bank Stables
TATAHI 2019 1052 F Just My Type (GB) Sweet Cecily (Ire)
£sd17,000 B: Richard O'Brien  Catalog
BR: Newsells Park Stud Kodiac (GB) C: Carlburg Stables
TATAHI 2019 1064 C Chilean (GB) Childa (Ire)
£sd70,000 B: Luke Comer  Catalog
BR: Ed's Stud Ltd Duke of Marmalade (Ire) C: Martyn Meade Racing
TATAHI 2019 1152 C Grisons (Fr) Fig Roll (GB)
£sd45,000 B: Thomas Morley  Catalog
BR: 2 0s.A.R.L. Eds Stud Ltd Bahamian Bounty (GB) C: Beechdown Farm Stables
TATAHI 2019 1182 G Jaleel (GB) Precariously Good (GB)
£sd27,000 B: Armando Duarte  Catalog
BR: Jane Allison Oasis Dream (GB) C: Carlburg Stables
TATAHI 2019 1255 G C Note (Ire) Alexander Queen (Ire)
£sd9,000 B: Rajeh K.B. Alathab  Catalog
BR: Mountarmstrong Stud King's Best C: Heather Main Racing
TATAHI 2019 1321 G Yaazaain (GB) Tamazirte (Ire)
£sd8,000 B: Leslie F. Young / Tom Garner  Catalog
BR: Ecurie La Vallee Martigny/Ecurie du Loup Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Shadwell Stud
TATAHI 2019 1333 F Flown The Nest (GB) Go Angellica (Ire)
£sd6,000 B: Graham Thorner  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Kheleyf C: Trillium Place Stables
TATAHI 2019 1390 C Baahi (Ger) Boccassini (Ger)
£sd5,000 B: Kyrkoy Kalliopi  Catalog
BR:  Artan (Ire) C: Shadwell Stud
GOFSPT 2019 267 F Baladio (Ire) Balamana (Fr)
£9,000 B: John Mackie  Catalog
BR: Haddenham Stud Farm Ltd Sinndar (Ire) C: Musley Bank Stables
GOFSPT 2019 313 G Saryshagann (Fr) Serasana (GB)
£11,000 B: Sandy Thomson  Catalog
BR: 6 0h.H. The Aga Khan's Studs Haras De S. A. Le Prince Aga Kha Red Ransom C: David O'Meara Racing
TASAUG 2019 68 M Les Verguettes (Ire) Mitsina (GB)
£sd571 B: Andrew Bull  Catalog
BR: Camogue Stud Ltd Fantastic Light C: Ermyn Lodge Stud
ARDEAM 2019 379 F Soul Survivor (Fr) Blue Parade (Ire)
20,000 B: Yohea  Catalog
BR: 1 0e.A.R.L. Haras De Cisai Singspiel (Ire) C: St. Wattel
TATIAS 2019 56 F - White And Red (IRE)
( £0) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Thurso Bloodstock Ltd Orpen C: Hill Top Stables
TATIAS 2019 65 F Fouz (GB) Bronwen (Ire)
£sd952 B: Flint Hall Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited King's Best C: Godolphin
TATIAS 2019 68 F Soul Searching (GB) Remember (GB)
£sd3,809 B: Ermyn Lodge  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Selkirk C: Godolphin
TATIAS 2019 71 F Welsh Glow (GB) Nantyglo (GB)
£sd952 B: Jerry Horan  Catalog
BR: Usk Valley Stud Mark of Esteem (Ire) C: Godolphin
TATJUL 2019 103 F Crimean Queen (GB) Victoria Cross (Ire)
£sd38,000 B: Tina Rau Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Hascombe and Valiant Studs Mark of Esteem (Ire) C: Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd.
TATJUL 2019 137 F Rosefinch (GB) Araqella (Ire)
£sd14,000 B: Anthony Ryan  Catalog
BR: BBA 2010 Ltd Oasis Dream (GB) C: Godolphin
TATJUL 2019 243 F Diamond Oasis (GB) Belonging (GB)
£sd30,000 B: Avenue Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Godolphin Raven's Pass C: Godolphin
TATJUL 2019 375 G Comporta (GB) Hot Wired (GB)
£sd6,500 B: P & S Syndicate  Catalog
BR: Jane Allison Rock of Gibraltar (Ire) C: Grange House Stables (I. Mohammed)
TATJUL 2019 536 F Abanica (GB) Abated (GB)
£sd25,000 B: A C Elliott, Agent  Catalog
BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd Dansili (GB) C: Juddmonte Farms
TATJUL 2019 611 F She's Awake (GB) Porthcawl (GB)
£sd6,000 B: Nabill Elmurabet  Catalog
BR: Usk Valley Stud Singspiel (Ire) C: Flaxton Stables (M. Easterby)
TATJUL 2019 703 G Able Jack (GB) Solva (GB)
£sd8,000 B: Pat Murphy  Catalog
BR: Usk Valley Stud Singspiel (Ire) C: Diomed Stables (S. Williams)
TATJUL 2019 769 G Me Too Nagasaki (Ire) Distinguish (Ire)
£sd7,000 B: Nayef Aldehani  Catalog
BR: Kevin Walsh Refuse To Bend (Ire) C: Jamie Railton (Agent)
TATJUL 2019 860 F Starlight (GB) Ighraa (Ire)
£sd4,000 B: Mr & Mrs S Bosley  Catalog
BR: Aston Mullins Stud & S. Barrow Esq Tamayuz (GB) C: Fitzroy House (M. Bell)
TATJUL 2019 893 G The Gates of Dawn (Fr) Cheap Thrills (GB)
£sd9,000 B: David Haddrell  Catalog
BR: 5 0 Stratford Place Stud Bertolini C: George Baker Racing LLP
TIAJUN 2019 65 F Fouz (GB) Bronwen (Ire)
£sd952 B: Flint Hall Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited King's Best C: Godolphin
TIAJUN 2019 68 F Soul Searching (GB) Remember (GB)
£sd3,809 B: Ermyn Lodge  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Selkirk C: Godolphin
TIAJUN 2019 71 F Welsh Glow (GB) Nantyglo (GB)
£sd952 B: Jerry Horan  Catalog
BR: Usk Valley Stud Mark of Esteem (Ire) C: Godolphin
GOFSPR 2019 558 G Arrowzone (GB) Donna Giovanna (GB)
£3,500 B: Katy Price  Catalog
BR: J. K. Beckitt and Son Mozart (Ire) C: Kevin Frost Racing
GOFSPR 2019 601 C Terrain (GB) Continental Drift
£7,500 B: Egziama Fathi  Catalog
BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd Smart Strike C: Juddmonte Farms
TATHIT 2019 18 C Shinobi (Ire) Ninja Lady (GB)
£sd10,000 B: K.C. Bailey  Catalog
BR: Mr N. Bradley Nayef C: Jamie Railton
TATHIT 2019 41 C Ifton (GB) Flambeau (GB)
£sd18,000 B: RHD  Catalog
BR: Dunchurch Lodge Stud Company Oasis Dream (GB) C: Kingstone Warren Stables
TATHIT 2019 50 F Fire Island (GB) Pink Flames (Ire)
£sd10,000 B: Marcus Collie  Catalog
BR: Dukes Stud & Overbury Stallions Ltd Redback (GB) C: Jamie Railton
GOFHIT 2019 530 C Ballydrislane (Ire) Burke's Rock (GB)
4,000 B: R.K. Watson  Catalog
BR: George Kent Cape Cross (Ire) C: Copper Beech Stables
GOFHIT 2019 576 G Formal Order (GB) Full Mandate (Ire)
17,000 B: Matthew Smith  Catalog
BR: Mr Liam Sheridan Acclamation (GB) C: Fox Covert Stables
TTIMAR 2019 70 G Key Choice (GB) Strictly Silca (GB)
£sd8,571 B: Durcan Bloodstock / E. Alston  Catalog
BR: Aldridge Racing Partnership Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Godolphin
TTIMAR 2019 76 F Serenading (GB) Constant Dream (GB)
£sd27,619 B: Manor Farm Stud / J. Rose  Catalog
BR: Manor Farm Stud & J. E. Rose Kheleyf C: Godolphin
ARQFEB 2019 332 F Aliyana (Ire) Campanillas (Ire)
8,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Sarl Darpat France Montjeu (Ire) C: Prime Equestrian
GOFFEB 2019 383 F Dancing Around (GB) Caldy Dancer (Ire)
4,000 B: Galway Bay Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Soviet Star C: Abbeyleix Bloodstock
GOFFEB 2019 432 M Flower of May (GB) Jamrah (Ire)
( 22,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Swordlestown Stud Danehill C: BB Bloodstock
GOFFEB 2019 464 F Trump Alexander (Ire) Obama Rule (Ire)
12,500 B: Archway Stud  Catalog
BR: Mountarmstrong Stud Danehill Dancer (Ire) C: Mountarmstrong Stud
TATFEB 2019 39 M Alyaa (Ire) Queenie Keen (Ire)
£sd800 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: N. Hartery Refuse To Bend (Ire) C: Hedgeholme Stud
TATFEB 2019 143 F Travelcard Central Line
£sd22,000 B: Tix Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Godolphin Redoute's Choice (Aus) C: Lordship Stud
TATFEB 2019 149 F Gold Spark (Ire) Dancealot (GB)
£sd1,500 B: JKP Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Lawman (Fr) C: Godolphin
TATFEB 2019 153 F Laurentia (Ire) Brynica (Fr)
£sd8,000 B: Graham Thorner / Dean Ivory Racing  Catalog
BR: Corduff Stud & T. J. Rooney Desert Style (Ire) C: Godolphin
TATFEB 2019 184 C Casiet (GB) Caskelena (Ire)
£sd800 B: Tony Sands  Catalog
BR: Hesmonds Stud Ltd Galileo (Ire) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATFEB 2019 214 F Unwanted Beauty (Ire) Extreme Beauty
£sd12,000 B: Walter Buick  Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Rahy C: Grange House Stables
TATFEB 2019 278 G Easy Money (Ire) Ezalli (Ire)
£sd5,500 B: Nick Bradley Racing  Catalog
BR: Swordlestown Little Cape Cross (Ire) C: Ed Walker Racing
TATFEB 2019 343 F Inajuma (Ire) Zayn Zen (GB)
£sd4,000 B: BBA (Ireland)  Catalog
BR: Ringfort Stud Singspiel (Ire) C: Hambleton Lodge Stables
GOFJAN 2019 213 G Flash Point (Ire) Permission Slip (Ire)
£800 B: Tracy Waggott  Catalog
BR: Godolphin Authorized (Ire) C: Godolphin
ARQDE 2019 19 F Crimean Queen (GB) Victoria Cross (IRE)
67,000 B: De Burgh Equine
BR: Hascombe and Valiant Studs Mark of Esteem (IRE) C: La Motteraye Consignment
ARQDE 2019 491 F Nijinska (GER) Nianga (GER)
7,000 B: AGV Karwin Stud
BR:  Lomitas (GB) C: Rauscher
ARQDE 2019 819 F Regnante (GB) Reggane (GB)
10,000 B: Racing D
BR: Haras de la Perelle Red Ransom C: Perelle
GOFUKD 2019 34 G Ghazan (IRE) Sweet Firebird (IRE)
£3,500 B: Derycke Stijn
BR: Gerrardstown House Stud Sadler's Wells C: The Old Stables
TATASD 2019 26 F Thora (IRE) Authora (IRE)
£sd571 B: S. Dow
BR: Woodcote Stud Ltd Authorized (IRE) C: Clear Height Stables
TATMA 2019 1409 F Pennywhistle (IRE) Folk Melody (IRE)
£sd130,000 B: Gordon Thom
BR: Godolphin Street Cry (IRE) C: Godolphin
TATMA 2019 1564 F Kimblewick (IRE) Kiyra Wells (IRE)
£sd10,000 B: Grenane House Stud
BR: Epona Bloodstock Ltd Sadler's Wells C: Godolphin
TATMA 2019 1722 F Fille de Reve (GB) Danehill Dreamer
£sd55,000 B: John & Jake Warren
BR: Watership Down Stud Danehill C: Kiltinan Castle Stud
TATMA 2019 1839 F Hostess (GB) Birdie (GB)
£sd725,000 B: Badgers Bloodstock
BR: Highclere Stud Alhaarth (IRE) C: Highclere Stud
TATMA 2019 2005 F L'Age d'Or (GB) Goleta (IRE)
£sd26,000 B: Brian Grassick Bloodstock
BR: Cyril Humphris Royal Applause (GB) C: Barton Stud
Total Sold €: 169,000
Total Sold £sd: 1,513,858
Total Sold £: 35,300
RNA Amount £sd: (92,000)
RNA Amount €: (22,000)