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TATJAN - 2022
YOB Gender Name Sire Dam Broodmare Sire Price Breeder
1 2017 G Astronomic View (GB) Schiaparelli (Ger) Winter Scene (Ire) Oscar (Ire) ( £100,000) • Mrs C. L. Alers-Hankey
• Woodhayes Stud
2 2017 G Lighthouse Mill (Ire) Leading Light (Ire) Horner Mill (Ire) Vinnie Roe (Ire) £25,000 • Miriam & John Murphy
• Thorne Farm
Legacy Racing
3 2016 G Qarbatsi (Ire) Barely a Moment (Aus) Robin Victoria (Ire) Old Vic (GB) £40,000 • Bernard & Owen Crowley
• Woodwalk Stables
Lucinda Russell/Paul McIvor
6 2016 M Heneryetta Bay (Ire) Jet Away (GB) Elisabetta (Ire) Milan (GB) £30,000 • F. Quinn & S. Browne
• Skehanagh Stables
Highflyer Bloodstock
7 2017 G Shakermaker (Ire) Mastercraftsman (Ire) Fine Threads (GB) Barathea (Ire) £75,000 • Lady Bamford
• Newlands Farm
Tom Malone
8 2017 M Queens Vic (Ire) Shirocco (Ger) Petrovic (Ire) Old Vic (GB) £175,000 • Eclipse Bloodstock Ltd
• Cobajay Stables
Joey Logan/Gordon Elliott/Andy Brown
9 2017 G Deafening Silence (Ire) Alkaadhem (GB) Taipers (Ire) Taipan (Ire) £40,000 • G. Rothwell
• G & T Racing
Ryan Mahon
10 2017 G Theformismighty (GB) Black Sam Bellamy (Ire) Mimi Equal (GB) Alflora (Ire) £105,000 • Shade Oak Stud
• Suir View Stables
Ryan Mahon
12 2017 G Jet Marshall (Ire) Jet Away (GB) Little Hand (Ire) Carroll House (Ire) £50,000 • Frank Marshall
• Redbridge Stables
Ed Bailey Bloodstock
13 2017 G Yeomen Warder (Ire) Shirocco (Ger) Quarry Endeavour (Ire) Great Palm £30,000 • Tolisons Bloodstock Ltd
• Offerton Farm
Ryan Mahon
14 2017 G Weveallbeencaught (Ire) Getaway (Ger) Curvacious (Ire) Anshan (GB) £210,000 • Conor Murphy
• Michael Kennedy Racing
Twiston-Davies Equine/Jimmy Wenman
15 2017 G Torula (Ire) Yeats (Ire) Mighty Millie (Ire) Presenting (GB) £55,000 • William Quinn
• Grangecoor Farm Stables
Dan Astbury/Ben Pauling
16 2017 G Supreme Commander (Ire) Fame And Glory (GB) Unique Snoopy (Ire) Witness Box £120,000 • Parkville Stud
• Ballycrystal Stables
Tom Malone/Sherborne Utilities
17 2017 G Zaidi (Fr) Born To Sea (Ire) Zaidiyna (Fr) Azamour (Ire) ( £40,000) • 6 0h.H. The Aga Khan's Studs Haras De S. A. Le Prince Aga Kha
• Coolmeen Stables
18 2017 M Copperfasten (Ire) Flemensfirth Copper Dusht (Ire) Dushyantor £160,000 • Terence O'Brien
• Woodstock Stables
Louise Bowtell/Select Racing Bloodstock
19 2017 G Tightenourbelts (Ire) Mahler (GB) Miss McGoldrick (Ire) Kasakov (GB) £75,000 • Mr John Connolly
• Millwood Stables
Gerry Hogan Bloodstock
20 2017 M Autumn Return (Ire) Fame And Glory (GB) Fedaia (Ire) Anabaa £55,000 • Mountainview Stud Ltd Tipperary
• Crossgales Stables
Bobby O'Ryan/Ruth Jefferson
21 2017 G Royal Sam (GB) Black Sam Bellamy (Ire) Royal Nashkova (GB) Mujahid £42,000 • Mr Paul Bocking
• Boundary Stables
Byerley Stud
22 2017 G Great Name That (Ire) Flemensfirth Tokenella (Ire) Witness Box £100,000 • Jennifer Coleman & Philip Heskin
• Monbeg Stables
Kevin Ross Bloodstock
23 2017 M The Grey Monty (Fr) Montmartre (Fr) Tobetall (GB) Tobougg (Ire) £95,000 • 1m. 1nigel N E M Jones & 1m. 1paul T. J. Murphy
• Lisroe Farm
John McConnell Racing
24 2017 G Twinjets (Ire) Jet Away (GB) Shenamar (Ire) Beneficial (GB) £45,000 • Pat Morrissey
• Coogane Stables
MFH Bloodstock
25 2017 G Path d'Oroux (Fr) Coastal Path (GB) Belle Du Bresil (Fr) Blue Bresil (Fr) £105,000 • 1m. 1david Giraudeau & 1m. 1philippe Mor eau
• Moate Stables
Gavin Cromwell
26 2017 G Pedley Wood (Ire) Westerner (GB) Rosin de Beau (Ire) Milan (GB) £75,000 • T. Hanley
• G & T Racing
Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock/C Tizzard
27 2017 M Maid of The Night (Ire) Shirocco (Ger) Molly Maid (Ire) Oscar (Ire) £40,000 • Mrs Elizabeth Grant
• Mark Grant Racing
Henry Daly
30 2017 G Western Diego (Ire) Westerner (GB) Ask Me Sister (Ire) Safety Catch £125,000 • Sean Osborne
• Saltee View Stables
Gerry Hogan Bloodstock
31 2017 M Coin Basket (Ire) Flemensfirth Garraidubh (Ire) Mahler (GB) £32,000 • Thistletown Stud
• Canterbrook Stud
MFH Bloodstock
32 2017 G Val Dancer (Ire) Valirann (Fr) Katies Dancer (Ire) Danehill Dancer (Ire) £60,000 • Charles Persse
• Redbridge Stables
Highflyer Bloodstock
33 2017 G Inch House (Ire) Ocovango (GB) Ask Hazel (Ire) Ask (GB) £125,000 • R. McCarthy
• Skehanagh Stables
Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock
34 2017 G Home Sweet Highway (Ire) Walk In The Park (Ire) Dancing Bird (Ire) Bahhare £50,000 • Christopher Maye
• Milestone Stables
Finlay McCain
35 2017 M Desert Fortune (Ire) Soldier of Fortune (Ire) The Millers Tale (Ire) Rashar £80,000 • Mr H. Fowler
• Lisroe Farm
Christian Williams Racing/Gwent Holdings
36 2017 G Getupearly (GB) Getaway (Ger) Come the Dawn (GB) Gunner B (GB) ( £50,000) • Richard & Caroline Mathias
• Dower House Stables
37 2016 G Rouge de L'Quest (Ire) Fame And Glory (GB) What A Bleu (Ire) Pistolet Bleu (Ire) £20,000 • JC South Farm Ltd
• Moate Stables
Rebecca Curtis
38 2017 G Are U Wise To That (Ire) Walk In The Park (Ire) Pretty Puttens (Ire) Snurge (Ire) £125,000 • Mrs Rita Kent
• Howardstown House
Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock
39 2017 M Meetuatnine (Ire) Court Cave (Ire) Glen Ellie (Ire) Anshan (GB) £40,000 • Mr P. O'Sullivan
• Harveystown Stables
Craig & Laura Buckingham

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