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The Black Type Library allows users to look at a prescribed period of Black Type races–from one day to any time in the past 20 years.

The default setting is the past 7 days, listed in order by Grade, from Grade 1 to 2, 3, Listed and Black Type. You may re-order this in any way, for any time period, choosing to view by sire, dam, damsire, date, race name, etc., by using the dropdown menus at the top of the page, or by clicking on the column headers.

Clicking on a race brings up the race detail; clicking on a horse or sire brings up all of that horse's Black Type wins with the time period you have chosen. Links are also available for Equibase race charts, sales information, catalogue pages, and pedigrees for winners of Grade or Group 1/2/3 races.

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Date Track Race Grade Finish Purse Horse Sire Dam Sire Resources
02/03/2013 PAU PRIX HOTEL PARC BEAUMONT 1 €21,830 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
09/25/2010 CRA Pr Point Du Jour 3 €60,552 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
09/21/2009 CRA Pr Du Point Du Jour 2 €76,341 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
10/09/2008 BDX Pr Andre Baboin G3 1 €109,472 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
09/22/2008 CRA Pr Du Point Du Jour 1 €76,788 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
07/19/2008 MLF Pr Messidor G3 3 €126,824 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
11/01/2007 STC Pr Perth G3 1 €115,512 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
09/24/2007 CRA Pr Du Point Du Jour 1 €73,263 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
07/01/2006 NTS Gp D'Anjou Bretagne 3 €63,955 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
05/27/2006 BDX Gp De Bordeaux 2 €76,434 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
02/12/2006 CGN Gp De La Riviera Cote D'Azur 2 €71,406 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
11/19/2005 MRS Gp De Marseille 3 €70,638 g Chopastair (Fr) Astair (Fr)
08/13/2000 TDB 3 $33,216 c Acazo (Fr) Astair (Fr) Chart
12/05/1999 TLU Grand Criterium Du Languedoc 2 €36,648 g Loyal Tartare (Fr) Astair (Fr)
10/12/1999 MLF Pr Isonomy 1 €40,895 g Loyal Tartare (Fr) Astair (Fr)