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Sales of : Shanghai Bobby's progeny in 2018.

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2018 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Shanghai Bobby's progeny in 2018.
2018 Weanling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 25,000 20 15 $16,913 (153) $17,000 (149) $30,000 $52,000
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2018 411 F - Hi Lili
( $24,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Tolo Thoroughbreds & Michael A. Spirito Silver Deputy C: Ballysax Bloodstock, agent
KEENOV 2018 924 C - Oh Carole
( $10,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Chelsea Bloodstock, Galtee Bloodstock & Paget Bloodstock Unbridled's Song C: Blandford Stud, agent
KEENOV 2018 971 C - Saintlike
$17,000 B: YMT Farm  Catalog
BR: Catherine Parke & Mariann Klay Saint Ballado C: Valkyre Stud, agent; Dr. Mariann Klay and Catherine Parke
KEENOV 2018 1482 C - West Flamingo
( $17,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Foxpointe Thoroughbreds Broken Vow C: Pope McLean, agent
KEENOV 2018 1602 C - Elrose
$23,000 B: Beccie Ming  Catalog
BR: Crosshaven Bloodstock & Petaluma Bloodstock Deputy Minister C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 1910 F - World Event
$52,000 B: Nils Johnson  Catalog
BR: Kathie Maybee Quiet American C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 1920 C - All American Flyer
$19,000 B: Valentine Jimenez  Catalog
BR: Emily Wygod & Oliver Bushnell Quiet American C: Lane's End, agent
KEENOV 2018 2012 F - Cosi Celeste
$9,500 B: Jim Gulick & Al Moorhouse  Catalog
BR: Narola, LLC Bernardini C: Stonereath Stud, agent
KEENOV 2018 2126 F - Lake Champlain
$4,000 B: Patrick Maguire; Hunter Houlihan, agent  Catalog
BR: Jon L. Starr War Chant C: Perrone Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 2309 F - War Clan
$30,000 B: Valentine Jimenez  Catalog
BR: Mrs. Fitriani Hay War Front C: Summerfield, agent
KEENOV 2018 2403 F - Corderosa
$25,000 B: Venice Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: GWTW Horses LLC Aldebaran C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 2724 C - Welcome Aboard
$5,000 B: Falcon L & L Stables  Catalog
BR: Laberinto Farm & Racing Stables Rock Hard Ten C: Eaton Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 2875 C - Holly Days
$20,000 B: Myoung Bo Farm  Catalog
BR: Montese LLC Langfuhr C: Select Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 3011 C - Riled Up
$2,200 B: Ken Williams  Catalog
BR: Jose Luis Espinoza Bluegrass Cat C: Select Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 3081 C - Uknowwhatimean
$1,500 B: Falcon L & L Stables  Catalog
BR: Jumping Jack Racing LLC & Seclusive Farm Indian Charlie C: St George Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 3157 C - Bayou Miss
$9,000 B: Donald Tetarenko  Catalog
BR: Vossfeld Bloodstock Group, LLC Dixie Union C: Brookdale Sales, agent; Vossfeld Bloodstock
KEENOV 2018 3452 F - Wags Empire
$6,500 B: Larry Mejias  Catalog
BR: Springhouse Farm Empire Maker C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 3557 C - Beautiful Song
( $17,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Rancho Santa Rosa Inc. Unbridled's Song C: Select Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 3846 C - Sea of Nectar
( $2,500) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Nancy Sexton, Jason Singh, Harry Rands & Saveall Greg Candy Ride (ARG) C: Garrencasey Sales, agent
FTKNOV 2018 38 C - Timeless
$30,000 B: Dundrum Farm  Catalog
BR: Peter E. Blum Thoroughbreds, LLC Unbridled's Song C: Bridie Harrison;
Total Sold $: 253,700
RNA Amount $: (70,500)
2018 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Shanghai Bobby's progeny in 2018.
2018 Yearling Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 15,000 68 54 $47,851 (191) $31,000 (215) $180,000 $200,000
Hip Sex
FTKOCT 2018 251 F - Brunilda (ARG)
$16,000 B: Vicente Portaro, agent  Catalog
BR: Fedai Kahraman Mutakddim C: Vinery Sales;
FTKOCT 2018 252 C - Brush Up
$27,000 B: Golden Rock  Catalog
BR: Hunter Valley Farm, Keith Lazarz & John Egofske Broken Vow C: Hunter Valley Farm;
FTKOCT 2018 340 F - Conquesta
$15,000 B: Bob Grayson  Catalog
BR: Hurstland Farm & Kevin McLaughlin Empire Maker C: Hurstland Farm;
FTKOCT 2018 441 F - Dressed in Gold
( $15,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Old Dominion Thoroughbreds & Kathryn Nikkel Black Tie Affair (IRE) C: Bluewater Sales;
FTKOCT 2018 702 F - Indian Street
$7,000 B: Golden Rock  Catalog
BR: Tim Thornton Street Sense C: Threave Main Stud;
FTKOCT 2018 1009 C - No Llores Catita (CHI)
$32,000 B: DWF  Catalog
BR: Jeff Tanner Crary C: Winchester Equine;
FTKOCT 2018 1154 C - Quiet Maria
$35,000 B: Charles Galli  Catalog
BR: Totier Creek Farm Maria's Mon C: MJK Bloodstock;
FTKOCT 2018 1265 F - Sharaiji Blossom
$12,000 B: J. C. Corp.  Catalog
BR: Liberty Road Stables Saint Ballado C: Hill 'n' Dale Sales Agency;
FTKOCT 2018 1447 C - That's Life (MEX)
( $57,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Rose Hill Farm King Cugat C: Warrendale Sales;
OBSOCT 2018 25 C Shanghai Street Ashlee's Empire
$25,000 B: Rashed Yousef Bouresly; Ann Maher-Springman, agent  Catalog
BR: Hidden Lake Farm LLC & Anthony Grey, LLC Empire Maker C: Summerfield, agent
OBSOCT 2018 181 F - Solved
$30,000 B: DiBello Racing Stables  Catalog
BR: Brent Fernung, Crystal Fernung & Mike Reilly Elusive Quality C: Journeyman Bloodstock Services, agent
OBSOCT 2018 597 C China Road Lizzie K
$20,000 B: Rashed Yousef Bouresly; Ann Maher-Springman, agent  Catalog
BR: Darsan Inc. & Shanghai Bobby Syndicate High Fly C: Darsan, agent
GOFOR 2018 292 C - Fashion House
30,000 B: Sweetstreet  Catalog
BR: Jay Goodwin, Deann Baer & Chip Montgomery Quiet American C: Glidawn Stud
EASOCT 2018 27 C - Zizi Top (GB)
$17,000 B: Keep the Ball Rollin  Catalog
BR: Vossfeld Bloodstock Group, LLC Robellino C: Marshall W. Silverman;
EASOCT 2018 52 C - Beautiful Lu
( $47,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Marathon Farms, Inc. Gone West C: Marshall W. Silverman;
EASOCT 2018 78 F - Buff Jett
$16,000 B: Mark K. Haire  Catalog
BR: Mr. & Mrs. Bayne Welker Jr. Rockport Harbor C: Woodford Thoroughbreds;
EASOCT 2018 189 C Tamaqua Grey Traffic
$25,000 B: Matthew Schera  Catalog
BR: Hector Alcalde Numerous C: Sally Thomas;
EASOCT 2018 251 C - Looking Great
$17,000 B: Force Five Racing; J. Kent Sweezey, agent  Catalog
BR: Morgan's Ford Farm Include C: Morgan's Ford Farm;
BRCSEP 2018 8 C - Cee's Hollie
$56,000 B: Peter Redekop  Catalog
BR: H & E Ranch Cee's Tizzy C: North American Thoroughbred Horse Co.
BRCSEP 2018 56 F - Now Hope
$76,000 B: Nick & Pauline Felicella  Catalog
BR: Meritage LLC & Angelo Ferro Tiznow C: Whitewood Farm
BRCSEP 2018 84 C - Unattended
$74,000 B: Peter Redekop  Catalog
BR: Bryan Anderson & Carol Anderson Quality Road C: Wild Rose Farm, Bryan and Carol Anderson
KEESEP 2018 100 F - Lady Dynasty
( $95,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Kaster Richter Scale C: Castlepark Farm, agent
KEESEP 2018 1027 C Seatime It's Bear Time
( $70,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Susan Y. Foreman Gilded Time C: Susan Y. Foreman, agent
KEESEP 2018 1072 C Shanghai's Dream Maren's Melody
$65,000 B: Mike McCarty  Catalog
BR: Machmer Hall & Golden Pedigree LLC Unbridled's Song C: Select Sales, agent; Machmer Hall et al. IX
KEESEP 2018 1168 C - She Shines
$55,000 B: Tom Amoss, agent  Catalog
BR: Almar Farm LLC Polish Numbers C: Select Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 1373 F - Flowerette
$135,000 B: Zoom & Fish; Paul Nicks, agent  Catalog
BR: Indian Creek Farm Victory Gallop C: Select Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 1887 C - Midnight Embrace
( $9,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Yvonne Schwabe Thoroughbreds Midnight Lute C: Denali Stud, agent
KEESEP 2018 1895 F - Miss Patsy
( $17,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Time Will Tell LLC Chester House C: Elm Tree Farm, agent
KEESEP 2018 2034 C - Taro
$85,000 B: Sweetstreet  Catalog
BR: Emily Wygod & Oliver Bushnell Bertrando C: Lane's End, agent
KEESEP 2018 2098 C - Ascot Momma
$40,000 B: William Denzik, agent  Catalog
BR: T. F. VanMeter Purge C: War Horse Place, agent
KEESEP 2018 2140 C - Cherryblossommiss
$135,000 B: Nicholas Zito, agent  Catalog
BR: Paget Bloodstock & Galtee Bloodstock Ltd. Langfuhr C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEESEP 2018 2359 F - Queens Carousel
$120,000 B: Hubert Guy Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Betz/Lamantia/J. Betz Afternoon Deelites C: Betz Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP 2018 2389 F - Shadowlan
( $47,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Bell Tower Thoroughbreds Include C: VanMeter-Gentry Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 2396 F - Silentlea
$40,000 B: James R. Hood  Catalog
BR: Michael Wood Cherokee Run C: Dromoland Farm, agent
KEESEP 2018 2565 F - Crispy
$9,000 B: D D Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Christine Hayden Maria's Mon C: Cara Bloodstock, agent; Saintsbury Farms Inc. (Christine & Jay Hayden)
KEESEP 2018 2612 F - Fine Lookin Lady
$42,000 B: Black Hawk Stable; Carlos Martin, agent  Catalog
BR: Gary K. Tussey E Dubai C: Dromoland Farm, agent
KEESEP 2018 2618 C - Forever Vow
$155,000 B: Jake Ballis, agent  Catalog
BR: FPF LLC Broken Vow C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 2650 C - Homeschooling
$30,000 B: Bird In Hand Stables; Chris Seale, agent  Catalog
BR: Meritage Ventures, Inc. Medaglia d'Oro C: Patricia Clark, agent
KEESEP 2018 2691 C - Love and Lies
$27,000 B: BLB  Catalog
BR: Town and Country Horse Farms, LLC Broken Vow C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent; Town & Country Horse Farms, LLC
KEESEP 2018 2803 F - Soul of Bourbon
$60,000 B: Dctm, agent  Catalog
BR: Parrish Hill Farm & Ashford Stud Perfect Soul (IRE) C: Summerfield, agent; Parrish Hill Farm
KEESEP 2018 2871 C - Wildwife
$67,000 B: Koidco  Catalog
BR: Susan M. Forrester & 4M Ranch Wild Gale C: Small Batch Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 2935 C - Brown Eyes
$20,000 B: M.H. Walker; Mike Caraman, agent  Catalog
BR: Troy Rankin Halo's Image C: Select Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 2979 C - Denali Red
( $27,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Bellary Bay Bloodstock Crafty Prospector C: Bluewater Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 3106 C - Lynda's Rage
( $9,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Branch Equine, LLC Sky Mesa C: Warrendale Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 3176 F Tudi Gone Quality Pearl
$4,000 B: Blackacre Farms  Catalog
BR: Paula K. Taube Elusive Quality C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEESEP 2018 3236 F - Star White
$9,500 B: Lone Star Racing Club  Catalog
BR: Rose Hill Farm Naevus C: Warrendale Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 3488 C - Lemon Maid
$9,500 B: Powerstown Stud  Catalog
BR: C. Kidder, N. Cole & N. Strong Lemon Drop Kid C: Gainesway, agent
KEESEP 2018 3497 F - Lite Em Up Lily
$37,000 B: Peter Nehf  Catalog
BR: Justice Farm, Greg Justice Henny Hughes C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 3527 C - My Gal Lexie
$25,000 B: Pete Mattson  Catalog
BR: Modo Tesio Equine, LLC Sultry Song C: Stuart Morris, agent
KEESEP 2018 3561 F - Point Chanel
$17,000 B: Blue River Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Fedai Kahraman Point Given C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEESEP 2018 3590 F - Satin Thunder
$15,000 B: Jose A. Lopez / JAL Racing  Catalog
BR: C. Kidder & N. Cole Thunder Gulch C: Gainesway, agent
KEESEP 2018 3625 C - Southern Accents
( $72,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Buck Pond Farm Inc. Birdstone C: Buck Pond Farm, agent
KEESEP 2018 3785 C - Dixie's Hope
$20,000 B: Sweetstreet  Catalog
BR: Ed Few Cozzene C: Hidden Brook, agent
KEESEP 2018 3855 F Shanghai Kimmy Johns Lady Friend
$25,000 B: Karl E. Seitz  Catalog
BR: Huntington Stud Farm Corp. Colonel John C: MJK Bloodstock, agent
KEESEP 2018 4118 F - Charming Becky
( $7,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Destiny Oaks of Ocala Dixie Union C: James B. Keogh, agent
KEESEP 2018 4270 C - Nell's Flower
$1,200 B: Genaro Garcia  Catalog
BR: Keith Crupper & Lisa Crupper Flower Alley C: Vinery Sales, agent
ESLYRL 2018 178 F Sail On Baby Clear Sailing
$67,000 B: Mintmere Thoroughbreds  Catalog
BR: Coteau Grove Farms Empire Maker C: Select Sales, agent; Coteau Grove Farms LLC
ESLYRL 2018 186 F - Daisy for Rubiano
( $27,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Moon Lake Equine Center LLC Rubiano C: Moon Lake Equine Center; Moon Lake Equine Center, LLC
GOUKPR 2018 252 C - Starship Scarlett
£23,000 B: Marco Bozzi Bloodstock  Catalog
BR: Mr M. J. Rozenbroek Dixie Union C: Castletown Quarry Stud
WASSEP 2018 29 C Majestic Cafe Out to Sea
$6,000 B: Claudia Atwell Canouse, agent  Catalog
BR: Bar C Racing Stables, Inc. Broken Vow C: Bar C Racing Stables; Bar C Racing Stables Inc.
SARAUG 2018 523 F - Myfriendthebird
$38,000 B: Robert Lambe  Catalog
BR: Dr. Jerry Bilinski & Harold Lerner Birdstone C: Stuart Morris;
FTKJUL 2018 86 F - Tick Tick Boom
$130,000 B: Winchell Thoroughbreds  Catalog
BR: Highclere Inc. Cuvee C: VanMeter Gentry Sales;
FTKJUL 2018 172 C - Cheyenne Autumn
$45,000 B: Wicklow Farms  Catalog
BR: Johnson, Galvin & Flounders Indian Charlie C: Hunter Valley Farm;
FTKJUL 2018 181 F - Conquesta
( $28,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Hurstland Farm & Kevin McLaughlin Empire Maker C: Hurstland Farm;
FTKJUL 2018 224 F - Fast Resource
$95,000 B: Hartley/De Renzo Thoroughbreds  Catalog
BR: Peter A. Berglar Racing Interests, LLC Bob and John C: Stuart Morris;
FTKJUL 2018 269 F - Humor Me Colonel
$200,000 B: Hartley/De Renzo Thoroughbreds  Catalog
BR: Gabriel Duignan, Crosshaven Bldstk & Petaluma Bldstk Colonel John C: Paramount Sales;
FTKJUL 2018 330 C Shanghai Moon Mon in the Moon
$180,000 B: C & H Diamond Racing; Kenneth McPeek, agent  Catalog
BR: Kerby Chua Maria's Mon C: VanMeter Gentry Sales;
FTKJUL 2018 333 F - Mrs. Bean
$60,000 B: Bruce Lunsford; Patrice Miller/EQB, agent  Catalog
BR: Machmer Hall Spring At Last C: Select Sales;
Total Sold $: 2,569,200
Total Sold €: 30,000
Total Sold £: 23,000
RNA Amount $: (527,000)
2018 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Shanghai Bobby's progeny in 2018.
2018 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 15,000 31 25 $72,277 (148) $32,000 (273) $300,000 $200,000
Hip Sex
OBSOPN 2018 323 C Shanghai Go Go There I Go
$27,000 B: Pete Mattson  Catalog
BR: English Range Farm Hennessy C: Envision Equine, agent
OBSOPN 2018 413 F Barbakoa Alegra
$13,000 B: CHPR  Catalog
BR: Justice Farm, Greg Justice Exchange Rate C: Nice & Easy Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSOPN 2018 739 C - Im Classic Quality
( $7,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Classic Oaks Farm Elusive Quality C: Wavertree Stables, agent
EASMAY 2018 29 F Shesasuperfreak Whispering
$30,000 B: Underdog  Catalog
BR: Empire Equines, LLC Quiet American C: Grassroots Training & Sales;
EASMAY 2018 77 F Mary's Girl Anjorie
$73,000 B: Clear Stars Stable  Catalog
BR: Sugar Maple Farm A. P Jet C: All in Sales;
EASMAY 2018 366 C - Miss Prytania
( $19,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: J. R. Ward Stables LLC Eskendereya C: Paul Sharp;
EASMAY 2018 473 F - Rhome Magic
$18,000 B: Ed Price  Catalog
BR: Thomas G. McClay Magic Cat C: Paul Sharp;
OBSAPR 2018 50 C - At Risk
$60,000 B: Majed Almorzooqi  Catalog
BR: Martha Buckner Dixie Union C: Hartley/De Renzo Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSAPR 2018 270 C - Destiny Rose
$35,000 B: Alessandro Marconi  Catalog
BR: Cheryl A. Prudhomme & Michael T. Gallivan Leroidesanimaux (Brz) C: Coastal Equine, agent
OBSAPR 2018 438 C - Happily Ours
( $37,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Sequel Stallions New York, LLC Half Ours C: Sequel Bloodstock, agent
OBSAPR 2018 636 F - Maria's Dance
$75,000 B: Okada Stud  Catalog
BR: Sally J. Andersen Maria's Mon C: Julie Davies, agent
OBSAPR 2018 657 C - Mentally Unstable
$20,000 B: K.O.I.D. Co.  Catalog
BR: Royal Oak Farm, LLC & Ashford Stud Good Reward C: Off the Hook, agent
OBSAPR 2018 658 F Shanghai Mistress Mercuria
$40,000 B: Ted Hoover  Catalog
BR:  Medaglia d'Oro C: Bobby Jones Equine; Bobby Jones Equine LLC
OBSAPR 2018 797 C Joevia Peace Process
$32,000 B: Daniel Eubanks; Barry Dolan, agent  Catalog
BR: Ikhana Farm War Front C: Scanlon Training & Sales, agent
OBSAPR 2018 928 F - Saravati
$72,000 B: H & E Ranch  Catalog
BR: Kingsport Farm LLC, Hidden Lake Farm LLC & David Campbell Giant's Causeway C: Eddie Woods, agent
OBSAPR 2018 1023 C - Sonja's Angel
$15,000 B: Fernando Barron  Catalog
BR: John B. Penn Smoke Glacken C: Ocala Stud, agent
OBSAPR 2018 1221 C - Your Flame in Me
$300,000 B: Turnpike Partners  Catalog
BR: Fedai Kahraman Boundary C: Hemingway Racing & Training Stables, agent
GOFHIT 2018 590 F Tails I Win Beshairt
20,000 B: Nick Bradley Racing; Colm Sharkey, agent  Catalog
BR: K 5 Stables, Inc. Thunder Gulch C: Friars Lough Stables
TTAAPR 2018 17 C Big Bobby Brown Big Brown Kitty
$11,000 B: Robert & Dana Salome  Catalog
BR: Turnley Farms of Louisiana Big Brown C: Inside Move, agent
TTAAPR 2018 112 C Freightrainfreeman Stellaluce
$9,000 B: Ken Freeman  Catalog
BR: Dormellito Stud Cuvee C: Inside Move, agent
BARAPR 2018 4 F - Erin's Song
$20,000 B: UKUSA Stables  Catalog
BR: Sun Valley Farm & William Humphries Unbridled's Song C: Dynamic Sales Prep, agent
BARAPR 2018 46 C - Marfa's Squall
$32,000 B: Ray Bell, agent  Catalog
BR: Reggie Beeson & Tim Beeson Marfa C: Race Ready Thoroughbred Sales
BARAPR 2018 96 F Shanghai Bonnie Summer Dream
( $75,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Ponder Hill, Inc. Wild Rush C: Crane Thoroughbred Services; Crane Thoroughbred Services, LLC
TATABR 2018 57 C - Anysaturdayinmay
£sd52,380 B: Colm Sharkey, agent  Catalog
BR: Jeanne Bruce Any Given Saturday C: Brown Island Stables
FTFMAR 2018 97 F - Conway Two Step
$200,000 B: Katsumi Yoshida  Catalog
BR: Loren Nichols Spanish Steps C: Tom McCrocklin;
OBSMAR 2018 62 F Jazzy J Suncadia
$19,000 B: Alex Kazdan  Catalog
BR: Joe B. Mulholland Jr., John P. Mulholland & Karen Mulholland Tiznow C: Silver Star
OBSMAR 2018 97 C - True Kiss
$245,000 B: Juan Pacanins, agent  Catalog
BR: Charles Muth & Patrick Murphy Is It True C: Kings Equine, agent
OBSMAR 2018 132 F Shang Shang Shang Yankee Victoria
$200,000 B: Breeze Easy  Catalog
BR: Kris R. Del Giudice Yankee Victor C: SBM Training & Sales, agent
OBSMAR 2018 225 C Reservenotattained Chamrousse
( $24,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: Mike Abraham Peaks and Valleys C: Shadybrook Farm, agent
OBSMAR 2018 441 C - Lucette
$180,000 B: Garry Simms, agent  Catalog
BR: Marathon Farms, Inc. Dayjur C: Eisaman Equine, agent
OBSWIN 2018 298 F Choose by Faith Just in Passing
$3,500 B: Julie Belhumeur & Robert Hardie  Catalog
BR: J. R. Cavanaugh Smoke Glacken C: Kaizen Sales, agent
BARJAN 2018 118 C - Comedy Girl
( $14,000) B: RNA  Catalog
BR: H & E Ranch Comic Strip C: H & E Ranch
Total Sold $: 1,729,500
Total Sold €: 20,000
Total Sold £sd: 52,380
RNA Amount $: (176,000)
2018 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Shanghai Bobby's progeny in 2018.
2018 Covering Sire Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2015 KY 15,000 2 2 $6,000 (195) $6,000 (187) $7,000
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2018 1390 M Sea of Perfection Sealaunch
$7,000 B: K.O.I.D.  Catalog
BR: Tim Thornton, Robert Watt & Doug Glass Majesticperfection Unbridled's Song C: Threave Main Stud LLC, agent
KEENOV 2018 3445 M Ubusuku Renfro Valley Star
$5,000 B: Ahmad Alabdullatif  Catalog
BR: Roy Gottlieb Hat Trick (JPN) Dayjur C: Paramount Sales, agent; Pine Ridge Stables, Ltd.
Total Sold $: 12,000
2018 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results
Sales of : Shanghai Bobby's progeny in 2018.
2018 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sale Statistics - Northern Hemisphere Ranking
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
Sale Statistics not supported for this category
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2018 883 F March X Press Indian Rush
$275,000 B: Jackpot Farm  Catalog
BR: Pine Ridge Stables Ltd Indian Charlie C: ELiTE
KEENOV 2018 3051 F Summer Fling Summer Song
$25,000 B: Philip A. Sims  Catalog
BR: Richard Snyder & Connie Snyder Sunday Break (JPN) C: Bluewater Sales, agent
KEENOV 2018 3214 F Drawn Out Withdrawn
$1,000 B: Carrie Clark  Catalog
BR: World Thoroughbreds Racing Inc. Phone Trick C: Vinery Sales, agent
FTKHRA 2018 517 F Shanghai Shuffle Bailzee
$20,000 B: Julio D. Davila  Catalog
BR: Elm Tree Farm, LLC Grand Slam C: Taylor Made Sales Agency;
FTKHRA 2018 544 C Vital Sydney's Kiss
$41,000 B: Big E Stable  Catalog
BR: A. Francis Vanlangendonck & Barbara Vanlangendonck Boston Harbor C: James B. Keogh;
Total Sold $: 362,000