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2017 Weanling Sales Results

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2017 Yearling Sales Results
2017 Yearling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 5,000 29 26 $16,406 (378) $11,113 (398) $56,203 $28,000
Hip Sex
GOUKSI 2017 487 F Fortress (GB)
£8,500 B: Kubler Racing
BR: Lynn Lodge Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Lynn Lodge Stud
GOUKSI 2017 505 C Juara (IRE)
£5,500 B: Romano Vincenzo
BR: J. Magill Casamento (IRE) C: Trickledown Stud
GOUKSI 2017 560 F Six Diamonds (GB)
( £9,500) B: RNA
BR: Amy Taylor Casamento (IRE) C: Houghton Bloodstock
KEESEP 2017 3587 F Crystal House (CHI)
$28,000 B: Amador Sanchez Quinteros
BR: Godolphin Casamento (IRE) C: Brookdale Sales, agent
SGASEP 2017 44 F L'Essence (IRE) Lady Penko (ITY)
9,000 B: Francesca Turri
BR: Soc. Finanza Locale Consulting srl Casamento (IRE) C: Razza del Velino
SGASEP 2017 61 F Samaden (IRE)
12,000 B: Low Cost Agency & Marco Salles
BR: Massimo Parri Casamento (IRE) C: Allevamento Le.Gi.
TASAYG 2017 25 F Money Spider (IRE)
£sd4,761 B: Andrew Balding
BR: Kildaragh Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Glending Stables
TASAYG 2017 29 C Naayla (IRE)
£sd9,523 B: Blandford Bloodstock
BR: D. A. Bloodstock Casamento (IRE) C: Manor House Farm Stud
TASAYG 2017 70 F Spirit of Alsace (IRE)
( £0) B: RNA
BR: Ringfort Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Ringfort Stud
TASAYG 2017 116 C Free Lance (IRE)
£sd14,761 B: John Best Racing
BR: Lisieux Stud Casamento (IRE) C: JKP Bloodstock
TIRSEP 2017 12 C Journey's End (IRE)
4,200 B: Beliar Bloodstock
BR: Oghill House Stud & Jimmy Hyland Casamento (IRE) C: Oghill House Stud
TIRSEP 2017 142 C Purple Tigress (GB)
9,450 B: Andrew Balding
BR: B. Kennedy & Mrs Ann Marie Kennedy Casamento (IRE) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TIRSEP 2017 201 C Silverscreen Queen (IRE)
7,350 B: Soc All Ponte Di Pietra Di Filippo Sbariggia Srl
BR: Rossenarra Stud Bloodstock Ltd Casamento (IRE) C: Rossenarra Stud
TIRSEP 2017 207 F Snapped (IRE)
22,050 B: P D Evans/David Evans
BR: Knocktartan House Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Knocktartan House Stud
TIRSEP 2017 224 C Stunned Silence
47,250 B: Amanda Skiffington Agent
BR: Butlersgrove Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Ardo Farm
TIRSEP 2017 364 C Casina Valadier (IRE)
10,500 B: B W Duke
BR: Ringfort Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Ringfort Stud
TIRSEP 2017 370 C Celsius Degre (IRE)
4,725 B: Uab ?irgo Startas
BR: Linacre House Limited Casamento (IRE) C: Moyfinn Stud
TIRSEP 2017 372 C Chantilly Cream (IRE)
31,500 B: Ric Wylie Bloodstock (P.S.)
BR: Castle Paddock Bloodstock Ltd Casamento (IRE) C: Lodge Park Stud
TIRSEP 2017 419 C Emerald Peace (IRE)
24,150 B: Charlie Gordon Watson Bloodstock
BR: Corduff Stud & D. Egan Casamento (IRE) C: Corduff Stud
TIRSEP 2017 436 C Fillthegobletagain (IRE)
23,100 B: Gianluca Verricelli
BR: Kilnamoragh Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Kilnamoragh Stud
TIRSEP 2017 535 F Methayel (IRE)
7,350 B: Alduino Botti
BR: Ringfort Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Ringfort Stud
TIRSEP 2017 541 F Monroe (GB)
( 3,150) B: RNA
BR: Gearoid Cahill Casamento (IRE) C: Ballyshannon Stud
TIRSEP 2017 598 F Serenata (IRE)
7,350 B: Michael Egan
BR: Manister House Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Loughmore Stables
TIRSEP 2017 611 C Star Port (GB)
8,400 B: Guerrier Corrado
BR: Patrick Cummins Casamento (IRE) C: Woodtown House Stud
TIRSEP 2017 621 C Tessa Romana (IRE)
14,175 B: BBA (Ireland)
BR: Mrs Ann Kennedy Casamento (IRE) C: Reesk Farm
TIRSEP 2017 650 C Alaysieh (IRE)
5,775 B: Anne Wishart (P.S.)
BR: Miss Emma Jayne Gallagher Casamento (IRE) C: Moyfinn Stud
TIRSEP 2017 654 C Alpine (GB)
27,300 B: Alduino Botti
BR: Jennifer & Evelyn Cullen Casamento (IRE) C: Leacarrow House Stud
TIRSEP 2017 675 F Betrothed (IRE)
8,400 B: John Comerford
BR: John Connaughton Casamento (IRE) C: Church View Stables
TIRSEP 2017 683 C Cailin Coillteach (GB)
1,260 B: Jonathon Creswell
BR: Mrs M. Joyce Casamento (IRE) C: Moyfinn Stud
2017 Two Year Olds Sales Results
2017 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2014 Eng 5,000 11 9 $60,424 (142) $13,453 (365) $81,421 $383,340
Hip Sex
GOFLON 2017 3 F Whitefountainfairy (IRE) Groupetime
£300,000 B: SackvilleDonald Catalog
BR: M. Sinanan Casamento (IRE) C: Commonstown Racing Stables
TATHIT 2017 186 F Spirit of Hope (IRE)
£sd10,000 B: Luke McJannet Catalog
BR: Miss Nicola Cullen Casamento (IRE) C: Drish Stud
TATHIT 2017 274 C Esposa (IRE)
£sd60,000 B: Highflyer Bloodstock & Alan King Catalog
BR: L. Norton & W. James Casamento (IRE) C: Knockanglass Stables
TATHIT 2017 284 F Flames Last (IRE)
£sd2,000 B: De Burgh Equine Catalog
BR: Mrs C. Burns Casamento (IRE) C: Shanaville Stables
TATHIT 2017 285 C Forest Storm
£sd4,500 B: Paola Masiemo Catalog
BR: Nore Lee Syndicate Casamento (IRE) C: Brackile House Stables
OSAMAY 2017 30 C Provisional (GB)
18,000 B: Markus Tschopp Catalog
BR: 2 0 S.A.G.L. Seserve Casamento (IRE) C: HDG Consignment
GOFFEB 2017 34 F Annamay (IRE)
( 3,800) B: RNA Catalog
BR:  Casamento (IRE) C: Cooldrinagh Stud
GBMBR 2017 68 C So Sweet (IRE)
12,000 B: Racing Sprint Catalog
BR: Moorpark Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Mocklershill
GBMBR 2017 86 F Happy To Chat (IRE)
11,000 B: Marco Bozzi Catalog
BR: Paul Ennis Casamento (IRE) C: The Bloodstock Connection
GBMBR 2017 159 F Mas A Fuera (IRE)
10,000 B: M. Halford Catalog
BR: Dr Peter Harms Casamento (IRE) C: Sherbourne Lodge
GBMBR 2017 206 G Caroline Bi (IRE)
( 0) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Golden Vale Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Lexington Stables
2017 Covering Sire Sales Results
2017 Covering Sire Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2014 Eng 5,000 3 2 $6,069 (49) $6,069 (48) $6,743
Hip Sex
TATJUL 2017 6 M Pound Sterling (GB) Silver Yen
£sd4,000 B: J.D. Moore Catalog
BR: Juddmonte Farms Ltd Silver Hawk Champs Elysees (GB) C: Four Acres Stud
TATJUL 2017 35 M Dream Belle (GB) Bellona (IRE)
£sd5,000 B: Emerald Bloodstock Catalog
BR: George Strawbridge Bering (GB) Oasis Dream (GB) C: Old Buckhenham Stud
TATJUL 2017 94 M Parisi (GB) Her Own Kind (JPN)
( £sd10,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Darley Dubai Millennium (GB) Rahy C: Barton Stud
2017 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results
2017 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
Sale Statistics not supported for this category
Hip Sex
TATASS 2017 22 F My Body Is A Cage (IRE)
£sd1,428 B: Paul Murphy Catalog
BR: J. Waldron & J. Barton Casamento (IRE) C: Woodland Stables
TATASS 2017 43 G War of Succession (GB) Rohlindi (GB)
£sd20,952 B: A.G. Newcombe Catalog
BR: Hillwood Bloodstock Casamento (IRE) C: Park House Stables
TATJUL 2017 373 C Rambling Speech (IRE) Eloquent Rose (IRE)
£sd7,500 B: Mubarak Al-Sehan Catalog
BR: Mr Joseph Kennedy Casamento (IRE) C: The Castlebridge Consignment
TATJUL 2017 545 C Naadheer (IRE) Precious Citizen
£sd17,000 B: James Mescall Catalog
BR: Rosetown Bloodstock Ltd Casamento (IRE) C: Shadwell Stud
TATIAJ 2017 62 C Casemates Square (IRE) Marhaba (GB)
£sd9,047 B: Ian Williams Catalog
BR: Denis McDonnell Casamento (IRE) C: Godolphin
TATHIT 2017 44 F Wedding Breakfast (IRE) Fair Countenance (IRE)
£sd10,000 B: J.H. Chromes Catalog
BR: Mr Brian O'Neill Casamento (IRE) C: Kremlin Cottage Stables
TATHIT 2017 70 F Magical Forest (IRE) Hurry Home Hydee
( £sd20,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Adrian McMullan & Mairead O'Grady Casamento (IRE) C: Prestige Place
TATHIT 2017 82 C Bola E Corrente (IRE) Annouska (IRE)
£sd9,500 B: Elias Kritikos Catalog
BR: Ballybrennan Stud Casamento (IRE) C: Somerville Lodge
GUKSEP 2017 93 C Caramuru (IRE) Zaynaba (IRE)
£5,000 B: Jose Santos
BR: Mrs J. Norris Casamento (IRE) C: East Everleigh Stables
GUKSEP 2017 95 C Devil's Bridge (IRE) Cantaloupe (GB)
( £27,000) B: RNA
BR: D. G. Iceton Casamento (IRE) C: Middleham Park Racing