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Sales of : Animal Kingdom's progeny in 2017.

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2017 Weanling Sales Results
Sales of : Animal Kingdom's progeny in 2017.
2017 Weanling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 35,000 19 16 $55,718 (112) $45,000 (126) $160,000 $130,000
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2017 83 F - Life Is Beautiful
$20,000 B: First Finds Catalog
BR: William G. Andrade MD De Niro C: Meadowlark Valley Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 357 C - Triune
$160,000 B: Darley Japan Catalog
BR: B. P. Walden Jr. & P. W. Madden E Dubai C: Pauls Mill, et al.; Pauls Mill (Ben & Elaine Walden), et. al., A Complete
KEENOV 2017 520 F - Fortyniner Fever
$97,000 B: Scott & Evan Dilworth Catalog
BR: Hunter Valley Farm & Godolphin Forty Niner C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEENOV 2017 631 C - Mis Vizcaya
$120,000 B: Dudley Racing Catalog
BR: Burden Creek LLC, Springland Farm & Godolphin Successful Appeal C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEENOV 2017 855 F - Casa Pippo
( $70,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Ladyswell Bloodstock LLC Deputy Commander C: Blandford Stud, agent
KEENOV 2017 1055 F - My Spanx
$130,000 B: Newtown Investments Catalog
BR: H. Allen Poindexter A. P. Delta C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1067 C Quicken Thou Me Oh Glory Be
$15,000 B: MJK Bloodstock Catalog
BR: B. P. Walden Jr. Dixieland Band C: Pauls Mill, et al.; Pauls Mill (Ben & Elaine Walden), et. al., A Complete
KEENOV 2017 1274 F - Certain Quality
$30,000 B: H. Allen Poindexter Catalog
BR: Bryan Fraley DVM & Allen Poindexter Elusive Quality C: Bluewater Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1429 C - Marshtini
( $60,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC & Spruce Lane Farm Bernardini C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEENOV 2017 1661 F - Awesome Maneuver
$30,000 B: Back Straight Farm Catalog
BR: Pippas Hurricane Awesome Again C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1700 C - Carsonality
$16,000 B: Charles Howard Catalog
BR: Highlight Thoroughbreds & Godolphin Carson City C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1893 C - Motivated Sreva
$52,000 B: Newtown Investments Catalog
BR: Jayde, Inc Lear Fan C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1912 F - Nothingbutthetruth
$45,000 B: Forever Spring Bloodstock Catalog
BR: John D. Sutart & A. R. Enterprises, Inc. Medaglia d'Oro C: Bluegrass Thoroughbred Services, agent
KEENOV 2017 1934 C - Prettypriceygirl
$65,000 B: Springhouse Farm Catalog
BR: Spruce Lane Farm, Copper Beach Stables, Grand Crue Farm, et al Scat Daddy C: Brookdale Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1936 F - Proudeyes (GER)
( $45,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Brookdale Dashing Blade (GB) C: Brookdale Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1969 F - Shadow Cast
$52,000 B: Erich Brehm Catalog
BR: Ms. Teagan Tormey Smart Strike C: Blandford Stud, agent
KEENOV 2017 2053 C - Abbigucci
$8,000 B: Potrero Stables Catalog
BR: Dividing Ridge Farm, Inc. Quality Road C: Scott Mallory, agent
KEENOV 2017 2125 F - Chelsea Road
$45,000 B: Magna Carta Catalog
BR: Millennium Farms & Godolphin Speightstown C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 2402 F - Super Phoebe
$6,500 B: Tanner Wingo, agent Catalog
BR: Mt. Joy Stables, Pope McLean & Godolphin Malabar Gold C: Pope McLean, agent
Total Sold $: 891,500
RNA Amount $: (175,000)
2017 Yearling Sales Results
Sales of : Animal Kingdom's progeny in 2017.
2017 Yearling Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 35,000 67 43 $76,823 (117) $35,000 (168) $750,000 $325,000
Hip Sex
FTKOCT 2017 233 F - Seeking Adel
$2,500 B: Ivan E. Ibanez Catalog
BR: Fedai Kahraman Seeking the Gold C: Vinery Sales;
FTKOCT 2017 283 C - Smart Penny
( $72,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Adena Springs Smart Strike C: Adena Springs;
FTKOCT 2017 519 F Peaceable Kingdom Whisked Away
$2,000 B: Tracey & Clay Caudill Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Charles H. Deters Victory Gallop C: Taylor Made Sales Agency;
FTKOCT 2017 587 F - Agiftfromservice
$6,500 B: M.E. II Racing Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Millennium Farms Service Stripe C: Buckland Sales;
FTKOCT 2017 595 F - All Elegance (IRE)
$2,000 B: Samcro Catalog
BR: Team Valor International Key of Luck C: Denali Stud;
FTKOCT 2017 678 F - Be Glorious
( $55,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Adena Springs Red Bullet C: Adena Springs;
FTKOCT 2017 769 C Galahad Kid Caterina (URU)
( $23,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Team Valor International Ritz (ARG) C: Denali Stud;
FTKOCT 2017 1018 F - Fjord
$195,000 B: G. Watts Humphrey Jr. Catalog
BR: Godolphin Bernardini C: Blandford Stud;
FTKOCT 2017 1067 C - Ginger Brew
( $39,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Adena Springs Milwaukee Brew C: Adena Springs;
FTKOCT 2017 1159 F - Hot Novel
$8,000 B: Andreia Stables Catalog
BR: Godolphin Bernardini C: Taylor Made Sales Agency;
FTKOCT 2017 1180 F - Im Out First
( $200,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Normandy Farm LLC Allen's Prospect C: Gainesway;
FTKOCT 2017 1283 F - Laureldean Gale
$2,500 B: R.B. McCutchen Catalog
BR: Godolphin Grand Slam C: Brookdale Sales;
FTKOCT 2017 1350 C - Maria Von Trapp
$2,000 B: R.B. McCutchen Catalog
BR: Godolphin Bernardini C: Brookdale Sales;
BAROCT 2017 97 F Someday Special Cash No Credit
( $47,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Pillar Property Services Inc. West by West C: Critter Creek Farm, agent
TAOCT 2017 1497 F - Absolute Crackers (IRE)
£sd24,000 B: Crimbourne Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Flaxman Holdings Limited Giant's Causeway C: Glidawn Stud
TAOCT 2017 1758 C - Royal Order
£sd7,000 B: Jamie B Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited Medaglia d'Oro C: Genesis Green Stud
EASOCT 2017 188 F Mykingdomforyou Untiltherewasyou
( $27,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Mr. & Mrs. Charles McGinnes Big Brown C: Thornmar;
KEESEP 2017 146 F - Catch the Moment
$185,000 B: Demeteer Stable Catalog
BR: John R. Cummins Unbridled C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEESEP 2017 275 C - Golden Sunray
( $90,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: William J. Betz & Peter V. Lamantia Crafty Prospector C: Betz Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP 2017 416 C Tough Larking
( $95,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Dunwoody Farm Pulpit C: Blackburn Farm, agent
KEESEP 2017 750 C - Sirmione
$200,000 B: Tally-Ho Stud Catalog
BR: St. George Farm LLC Cozzene C: Select Sales, agent; Grey Dawn Stables and Broken Back Farm
KEESEP 2017 859 C - Temporada
( $160,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Ron Magers & Robert Marcocchio Summer Squall C: Betz Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP 2017 1218 C Proud as Punch Flash Dance (BRZ)
( $37,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Team Valor, LLC Roi Normand C: Denali Stud, agent
KEESEP 2017 1488 C - That's Hot
$80,000 B: Toru Okawa Catalog
BR: Team Valor, LLC Seeking the Gold C: Denali Stud, agent
KEESEP 2017 1584 C - Clear Thinking
$35,000 B: K.O.I.D. Catalog
BR: G. Watts Humphrey Jr. & St. George Farm, LLC Awesome Again C: Lane's End, agent
KEESEP 2017 1643 C - Fu Cat
$7,000 B: Fiveways Catalog
BR: Martha Jane Mulholland Fusaichi Pegasus C: Mulholland Springs
KEESEP 2017 1655 F - Golden Mystery
( $27,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Dell Ridge Farm, LLC Awesome Again C: St George Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 1707 C - Kurmikova (ARG)
$100,000 B: Silverton Hill Catalog
BR: Susan Casner Distorted Humor C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 1903 C - Why Katherine
$120,000 B: Quarter Pole Enterprises Catalog
BR: Betz, Burns, Magers, CoCo Equine & Terra Racing Whywhywhy C: Betz Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP 2017 1949 C - Big Awakening
( $70,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: William Humphries Big Brown C: Woodford Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP 2017 1989 F - Classic Joy
( $9,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Hargus Sexton & Sandra Sexton Kitten's Joy C: Warrendale Sales, agent; Hargus and Sandra Sexton
KEESEP 2017 2012 F - Design Mine
( $47,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Green Lane Farm South, LLC Mineshaft C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEESEP 2017 2118 F - Lets Get Cozzy
$20,000 B: Atlantic Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Godolphin, Ashbrittle Stud & Hartwell Farm Inc. Cozzene C: Hunter Valley Farm, agent
KEESEP 2017 2174 F - No Setting Sun
$35,000 B: N W Management Catalog
BR: Nursery Place & Wilhite Giant's Causeway C: Nursery Place, agent
KEESEP 2017 2229 F - Sense of Reality
( $8,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Leonard Pineau & Patricia Pineau Street Sense C: Eaton Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2250 C - South Bay Cove
$2,000 B: Big Oak Farms Catalog
BR: Team Valor, LLC Fusaichi Pegasus C: Denali Stud, agent
KEESEP 2017 2257 F - Starship Elusive
$70,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Millennium Farms Elusive Quality C: Buckland Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2278 C - Sweet Theresa (SAF)
$35,000 B: Kinsman Farm Catalog
BR: Team Valor International & Albert Frassetto Strike Smartly C: Denali Stud, agent
KEESEP 2017 2382 C - Catbird Seat
( $20,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: H & L Partners, LLC Bluegrass Cat C: Lane's End, agent
KEESEP 2017 2405 F Tina Sparkle Crimson Palace (SAF)
$10,000 B: Team Valor by Barry Irwin Catalog
BR: Team Valor, LLC Elliodor (FR) C: Denali Stud, agent
KEESEP 2017 2468 C - Hasiti
$45,000 B: MAB Agency Catalog
BR: Fedai Kahraman Candy Ride (ARG) C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2568 F - Motivated Sreva
$35,000 B: Brushy Hill; Rockbridge Bloodstock, agent Catalog
BR: Jayde, Inc Lear Fan C: Four Star Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2600 C - Propriety
$50,000 B: Quarter Pole Enterprises Catalog
BR: Godolphin, Steve M. DeMaiolo & Beechwood Racing Stable LLC Storm Cat C: Paramount Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 2692 F - Tippy Tapit
$13,000 B: Valle Las Palmas / J. Zulaica Catalog
BR: Calumet Farm Tapit C: Bluegrass Thoroughbred Services, agent
KEESEP 2017 2742 F - Ask the Question
$75,000 B: Cecil Seaman, agent Catalog
BR: Hidden Brook Farm, Candy Meadows LLC & Chris Swann Silver Deputy C: Hidden Brook, agent
KEESEP 2017 2761 F Face Card Contessa Berry Knoll
$55,000 B: Shawn R. Hailey Catalog
BR: Endeavor Farm & Caveman Stables Vindication C: Vinery Sales, agent; Endeavor Farm and Caveman Stable
KEESEP 2017 2801 C - Coronado Rose
( $9,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: J. G. Jones Jr., J. Geisler, J. W. Hirschmann & Silent Grove Farms, Coronado's Quest C: Brookdale Sales, agent; Mineola Farm
KEESEP 2017 3120 C - Wallstreetmadness
( $32,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Omega Farm LLC & Bally Breeders Rahy C: Garrencasey Sales, agent
KEESEP 2017 3355 F - Pearls
$7,500 B: Wayne & Susie Chatfield-Taylor Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Morgan's Ford Farm Black Tie Affair (IRE) C: Stuart Morris, agent; Morgan's Ford Farm
KEESEP 2017 3398 F - Scenica (ARG)
$6,000 B: MTM Enterprises Catalog
BR: Woodford Thoroughbreds Interprete (ARG) C: Woodford Thoroughbreds, agent
KEESEP 2017 3600 C Do You Gamble Dreamtheimpossible
$7,000 B: Sycamore Shade Racing Catalog
BR: Adena Springs Giant's Causeway C: Adena Springs
KEESEP 2017 3788 C - Tale of the Fox
$15,000 B: Chad Schumer, agent Catalog
BR: Godolphin & Pope McLean Tale of the Cat C: Pope McLean, agent
FTKTUR 2017 37 F - Final Sense
( $48,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Fedai Kahraman Street Sense C: Vinery Sales;
FTKTUR 2017 74 C - Lady of Akita
$185,000 B: De Meric Stables, agent Catalog
BR: Runnymede Farm Inc. & Peter J. Callahan Fantastic Light C: Runnymede Farm;
FTKTUR 2017 96 F - Mazzy (ARG)
$50,000 B: SBS Sales; Tom McCrocklin, agent Catalog
BR: Mike Abraham Giant's Causeway C: Bluewater Sales;
FTKTUR 2017 129 F - Sky Song (IRE)
$32,000 B: McCauley Farm Catalog
BR: Godolphin Sadler's Wells C: Brookdale Sales;
BBAGS 2017 91 F Elected Everything Matters
49,000 B: Andreas Hacker
BR: ASKE Bloodstock, LLC Lemon Drop Kid C: Stiftung Gestut Fahrhof
BBAGS 2017 153 F - Superb
( 40,000) B: RNA
BR: Gestuet Faehrhof Arch C: Stiftung Gestut Fahrhof
WASSEP 2017 14 F Someday Special Cash No Credit
( $14,000) B: RNA
BR: Godolphin & Pillar Property Services Inc. West by West C: Castlegate Farm; Castlegate Farm (Dr. & Mrs. Duane Hopp)
SARAUG 2017 421 C - Salty Talk
$65,000 B: Randy Bradshaw Catalog
BR: Taylor Brothers Properties LLC Midshipman C: Taylor Made Sales Agency;
SARAUG 2017 427 C - Screen Happy
( $70,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Joseph Daniels & Jennifer Daniels Brunswick C: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds;
SARAUG 2017 451 C - Southern Truth
$137,000 B: FHMB Catalog
BR: Eaton & Thorne, Inc Yes It's True C: Thorndale Farm;
FTSAUG 2017 66 C - Stop Time (GB)
$150,000 B: Vincent J. Foglia Catalog
BR: Tom Conway & Calvin Crain Street Cry (Ire) C: Select Sales;
FTSAUG 2017 74 F - Sweet Dreams
$325,000 B: Lothenbach Stables Catalog
BR: T. F. Van Meter, R. Stivers, G. Cox & Fox Strauss Candy Ride (Arg) C: St George Sales;
FTSAUG 2017 129 C - Art Teacher
$750,000 B: OXO Equine Catalog
BR: T. F. VanMeter Master Command C: Gainesway;
FTKJUL 2017 42 F Princess Kiah Miss Patchouli
$80,000 B: Dale Romans, agent Catalog
BR: Austin Paul Bernardini C: Shawhan Place;
FTKJUL 2017 154 F - Vesper Lynd
( $50,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Keene Ridge Racing, LLC Henny Hughes C: VanMeter-Gentry Sales;
Total Sold $: 3,202,000
Total Sold £sd: 31,000
Total Sold €: 49,000
RNA Amount $: (1,249,000)
RNA Amount €: (40,000)
2017 Two Year Olds Sales Results
Sales of : Animal Kingdom's progeny in 2017.
2017 Two Year Olds Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Colt Top Filly
2015 KY 35,000 24 20 $136,604 (43) $92,500 (51) $550,000 $220,000
Hip Sex
BARJUL 2017 35 C California King Alyssum
$180,000 B: Steve Gasparelli Catalog
BR: Alexander-Groves Thoroughbreds Storm Cat C: Excel Bloodstock, agent
OBSOPN 2017 293 F - Revered
$75,000 B: Gary Sciacca, agent Catalog
BR: Sequel Thoroughbreds & JMJ Racing Stables Dixie Union C: James Layden, agent
OBSOPN 2017 703 F Biloxi Princess Gharbiah
$43,000 B: James M. Miller Catalog
BR: Godolphin Bernardini C: Hartley/De Renzo Thoroughbreds, agent
EASMAY 2017 205 F - Warrior Prinzessa
$10,000 B: Trin-Brook Stable Catalog
BR: Bortolazzo Stable LLC Pleasantly Perfect C: Kings Equine;
BARMAY 2017 57 C - Bandora
$245,000 B: D. P. Racing Catalog
BR: PT Syndicate #1, LLC Dixieland Band C: McCarthy Bloodstock, agent
BARMAY 2017 61 C - Catstar
$60,000 B: Six-S Racing Stable Catalog
BR: Meritage Ventures, Inc. Storm Cat C: Havens Bloodstock Agency, agent
ARQMAY 2017 77 F - Vegas Trip
( 55,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: P. Headley Bell & Nancy Bell & NATO Aldebaran C: CHANNEL CONSIGNMENT
TATHIT 2017 162 F - Royal Crystal
£sd25,000 B: Blandford Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Rabbah Bloodstock, LTD Tapit C: Hillwood Stud
OBSAPR 2017 71 F - Yachats
$220,000 B: Lollipop Farm Catalog
BR: Pollock Farms, T & C Kentucky Inc & Arthur Maberry Forest Camp C: Hartley/DeRenzo Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSAPR 2017 115 C - Anea
$50,000 B: John P. Warren Catalog
BR: Jack Sims Unbridled's Song C: Woodford Thoroughbreds, agent
OBSAPR 2017 334 C - Dharana
$11,000 B: Gary Folgner Catalog
BR: Bloodstock Investments II Street Cry (Ire) C: King's Equine, agent
OBSAPR 2017 406 F - Ever So
$210,000 B: Xavier International Bloodstock, agent Catalog
BR: Godolphin Medaglia d'Oro C: Mayberry Farm, agent
OBSAPR 2017 473 F - Gharbiah
( $95,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Godolphin Bernardini C: Hendry Training Stables, agent
OBSAPR 2017 792 C - Mooji's Empire
$125,000 B: Ki Woong Song Catalog
BR: CESA Farm Empire Maker C: Top Line Sales, agent
OBSAPR 2017 1088 C - Southern Truth
( $37,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Eaton & Thorne, Inc. Yes It's True C: Eisaman Equine, agent
OBSAPR 2017 1121 C - Street Scene (Ire)
$100,000 B: Nick J. Hines, agent Catalog
BR: Frank Penn & John R. Penn Zafonic C: Wavertree Stables, agent
TATBRE 2017 58 C - Shadow Cast
£sd60,000 B: Cheveley Park Stud Catalog
BR: Godolphin Smart Strike C: Tally-Ho Stud
BARMAR 2017 82 F Animosity Coup de Coeur
$85,000 B: Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners Catalog
BR: Spendthrift Farm LLC Exchange Rate C: King's Equine, agent; Spendthrift Farm LLC
OBSMAR 2017 19 C Call Me Bill Mesa Fresca
$50,000 B: Jack Swain Catalog
BR: Jack Swain III Sky Mesa C: Halcyon Hammock Farm, agent
OBSMAR 2017 27 C - Miss Lombardi
$550,000 B: Solis/Litt Catalog
BR: Herringswell Stables Ltd. Unbridled Jet C: Eddie Woods, agent
OBSMAR 2017 65 F Nicole Oregon Lady (Ire)
$100,000 B: Willow Pond Stable; LeRoy Jolley, agent Catalog
BR: Blue Heaven Farm, LLC Shamardal C: Craig L. Wheeler, agent
OBSMAR 2017 102 C - Private Dining
( $57,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Fred W. Hertrich III Royal Academy C: King's Equine, agent
OBSMAR 2017 389 C - Boleyn
$205,000 B: Plesa, Ellman, & Melin Catalog
BR: Eico Ventures Proud Citizen C: Eisaman Equine, agent
FTFMAR 2017 65 C Jungle Warfare Golden Mean
$300,000 B: West Point Thoroughbreds; L.E.B., agent Catalog
BR: Tony Holmes, Tim Thornton & Walter Zent Mt. Livermore C: Eddie Woods;
Total Sold $: 2,619,000
Total Sold £sd: 85,000
RNA Amount €: (55,000)
RNA Amount $: (189,000)
2017 Covering Sire Sales Results
Sales of : Animal Kingdom's progeny in 2017.
2017 Covering Sire Sale Statistics
Fyr Loc Stud Fee Ring Sold Average (Rank) Median (Rank) Top Mare
2015 KY 30,000 27 23 $36,478 (107) $30,000 (109) $85,000
Hip Sex
KEENOV 2017 419 M Blue Enzian Ariege
$30,000 B: Tally Ho Stud Catalog
BR: Adena Springs Street Cry (IRE) Doneraile Court C: Adena Springs
KEENOV 2017 533 M Gossip Line Tattletale
$25,000 B: Kicourt Catalog
BR: Farish and Farish, TGP & Gasparilla Stable LLC A.P. Indy Quiet American C: Lane's End, agent
KEENOV 2017 598 M Little Widow Maker In Love Again
( $37,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Adena Springs Orientate Awesome Again C: Buck Pond Farm, agent
KEENOV 2017 1115 M Ruedelarose Coronado Rose
$18,000 B: Recapture / Wade Wacker Catalog
BR: Jack G. Jones Jr., Jim Geisler, James W. Hirschmann & David R. Houchin Street Sense Coronado's Quest C: Brookdale Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1200 M War Poppy War Thief
$85,000 B: Cecil Seaman, agent Catalog
BR: Tony Holmes & Tim Thornton Discreet Cat Lord At War (ARG) C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEENOV 2017 1233 M Autobahn Girl Saoirse
$35,000 B: K.O.I.D. Catalog
BR: Live Oak Stud A.P. Indy Cure the Blues C: Darby Dan Farm, agent
KEENOV 2017 1325 M Elloluv Currency Quest
$25,000 B: Danzing Candy Syndicate; Checkmate Thoroughbreds, agent Catalog
BR: North Wales LLC Gilded Time Cryptoclearance C: Adena Springs
KEENOV 2017 1379 M Indy Annestesia Two Trail Sioux
( $65,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: W. S. Farish and Mooney Stables, LLC A.P. Indy Indian Charlie C: Lane's End, agent
KEENOV 2017 1562 M Spun Lace Diaphanous
( $75,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Colts Neck Stables LLC Hard Spun Unbridled C: Adena Springs
KEENOV 2017 1588 M Taseel Alabaq
$42,000 B: Dragon Bloodstock Catalog
BR: Shadwell Farm, LLC Danzig Riverman C: Bluewater Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 1595 M The Sense Angel Sense of Class
$62,000 B: Geoffrey Nixon - TOLOTB Catalog
BR: Sha-Li Leasing Associates, Inc. Mineshaft Fusaichi Pegasus C: Oxmoor Sales; Oxmoor Sales, LLC.
KEENOV 2017 1884 M Miss Emilia Wonder Woman
$75,000 B: Anderson Farms Catalog
BR: Joseph Allen War Front Storm Cat C: Royal Oak Farm, agent
KEENOV 2017 2033 M Visions of Candy Field of Vision
$85,000 B: Ben Glass, agent Catalog
BR: Pam and Martin Wygod Candy Ride (ARG) Deputy Minister C: Warrendale Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 2054 M Above the Mark Short Skirt (GB)
$27,000 B: Frankfort Park Farm Catalog
BR: Darley Street Cry (IRE) Diktat (GB) C: Godolphin
KEENOV 2017 2061 M Afsana Angel Craft
$55,000 B: K.O.I.D. Catalog
BR: Darley Tiznow A.P. Indy C: Godolphin
KEENOV 2017 2109 M Burooz (IRE) Alyakkh (IRE)
$5,000 B: Richard Barton Enterprises Catalog
BR: Shadwell Estate Company Limited King's Best Sadler's Wells C: Bluewater Sales, agent
KEENOV 2017 2139 M Coogee Bay Manistique
$50,000 B: Calumet Farm Catalog
BR: Darley Lonhro (AUS) Unbridled C: Godolphin
KEENOV 2017 2150 M Desired Effect Desire to Excel
$35,000 B: Brownwood Properties Catalog
BR: JMJ Racing Stables, LLC, Jeffrey Narlinger & Michael Narlinger Giant's Causeway Mt. Livermore C: Burleson Farms, agent
KEENOV 2017 2257 M Lentini Sweet Sonnet
$45,000 B: Philip Robertson Catalog
BR: Darley Bernardini Seeking the Gold C: Godolphin
KEENOV 2017 2270 M Macchiato Caffe Latte (IRE)
$27,000 B: Terry C. Lovingier Catalog
BR: Darley Hard Spun Seattle Dancer C: Godolphin
KEENOV 2017 2297 M Monarchos Song Chalmette
$8,000 B: Richard Barton Enterprises Catalog
BR: John C. Oxley Monarchos Quiet American C: Village View Farm, agent
KEENOV 2017 2336 M Princessofthenile Princess Two
$16,000 B: Jay McKee Catalog
BR: Michelle Redding Pioneerof the Nile Two Punch C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEENOV 2017 2374 M Shieldmaiden Code Book
$30,000 B: Michael DePaulo Catalog
BR: W. S. Farish, BCWT, LTD. and Inwood Stable Smart Strike Giant's Causeway C: Godolphin
KEENOV 2017 2378 M Silky Girl Beau Dare
$35,000 B: Sunnyside Stock Farm, agent Catalog
BR: Rosedown Racing Stables, LLC Scat Daddy Military C: Taylor Made Sales Agency, agent
KEENOV 2017 3199 M Saraama Thawakib (IRE)
$14,000 B: Grovendale, agent Catalog
BR: Shadwell Farm, LLC Bahri Sadler's Wells C: Bluewater Sales, agent
FTNMIX 2017 54 M Delaplane Darlin High Heeled Honey
$10,000 B: Donald Fallon Catalog
BR: Robert V. Dobson Afleet Alex Gold Stage C: Sequel New York, agent
FTKFEB 2017 319 M Devious Chic Skyscape
$6,000 B: McMahon Thoroughbreds Catalog
BR: Kristin Mulhall & Dr. Melinda Blue Harlan's Holiday Marquetry C: Select Sales;
KEEJAN 2017 206 M Victory Lap Checkered Flag
$7,000 B: Blue Sky Thoroughbreds Catalog
BR: G. Watts Humphrey Jr. & Dedman & Dedman Touch Gold A.P. Indy C: Betz Thoroughbreds, agent
KEEJAN 2017 318 M Earth Goddess (GB) Clara Bow (Ire)
( $52,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Lady Bamford Invincible Spirit (Ire) Sadler's Wells C: Kingswood Farm, agent
KEEJAN 2017 335 M Fly Solo Caffe
( $20,000) B: RNA Catalog
BR: Michael Cahan Thoroughbreds Scat Daddy Mr. Prospector C: Vinery Sales, agent
KEEJAN 2017 1243 M Oh Glory Be Long View
$11,000 B: Hope Stable Catalog
BR: W. S. Farish Dixieland Band Damascus C: Brookdale Sales, agent
Total Sold $: 863,000
RNA Amount $: (249,000)
2017 Racing or Broodmare Prospects and Horses of Racing Age Sales Results

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