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Sunday, May 24, 2015
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The TDN Topic is a new feature for the TDN, designed to examine a topic in racing from several different angles, and then seek comment from our readers. In each TDN Topic, we ask people with different perspectives—from both inside and outside the sport—to comment on a hot-button issue. Today, we start with whipping.

Top News in Friday's TDN
Satish Sanan Resigns from Breeders' Cup Board
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Padua Stables’ owner Satish Sanan Thursday turned in his letter of resignation after 10 years on the Breeders’ Cup board. Reached for comment Thursday evening, Sanan said he had suffered from personal attacks from fellow board members who disagreed with his positions. "It's gotten to the point where, I think the few people on the board who had control, they don't like things that I believe in, and that a whole bunch of other people believe in," Sanan said. "When you disagree on an issue, they take it personally. They were attacking me personally for leaking information to the media and I said I've never done that." He added, "They don’t believe in open communication. They want to control everything. They want everything going from them. They have done this for many years. It's gotten to the point where it is no longer in the best interest of my mind and my health [to remain on the board]."

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