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Op/Ed: Eric Hamelback

The horse-racing industry is poised to take an incredibly important step forward this week in achieving true uniformity among jurisdictions on medication policies and penalties for violators. Following the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) September meeting in Chicago, a subcommittee was formed to investigate and recommend the possibility of changes to the Multiple Medication [...]

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Lessons Learned This Weekend

A Handicap is a Handicap… When previewing a Group 1 race, it is all too easy merely to try to find the best horse in the race. That’s obviously fair enough; but when it is a Group 1 handicap, the situation is no different from any other handicap, i.e. that the key is generally to [...]

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Motion Responds to KHRC Ruling

Editor’s Note: Trainer H. Graham Motion has penned the following response to a KHRC ruling Tuesday fining him for a Robaxin positive with last year’s GIII Bewitch S. winner Kitten’s Point (Kitten’s Joy). Click here to read a TDN article on his initial appeal to the suspension and fine. After over 11,000 starters and more [...]

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Do Britain/Ireland Make Enough of Their Thoroughbred Heritage?

In life, sometimes our most valuable commodities are right in front of our noses, but remain underappreciated and underutilised such is our familiarity with them. Horse racing can often seem like a sport that is quite insecure about its own value. Many of the marketing and promotional methods used by racing authorities around the world [...]

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Op-Ed: “Saratoga Live” Gets It Right

I never understood why so many people putting together racing broadcasts didn’t understand their viewers or their viewers’ wants. We’ve gotten a lot of babble, features on the friendship between the goat and the favorite in that day’s stakes races and some nauseating banality and silliness. Even NBC, on its Derby show, forces figure skaters [...]

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Keep Customers Engaged the Old-Fashioned Way

The Jockey Club’s 64th annual Round Table Conference took place on Sunday at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs. As I usually find with this conference, the speakers were interesting and informative, and I learned something. One speaker stood out to me, however, because he shared something that I found particularly compelling. Kip Levin, [...]

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Let’s Talk About Drugs In Racing

The issue of drugs in sport has never been bigger than it is now. There have been so many performance-enhancing drug scandals in recent years that it has bred a culture of scepticism of sporting success amongst the public. Brilliant performances are immediately questioned as being too good to be true, with the trainers/coaches that [...]

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Op/Ed: Eric Hamelback

Everyone wants what is best for horse racing and especially for the Thoroughbred racehorses that make our industry possible. That is why many of us are stunned by The Jockey Club leadership’s latest attempt to use that organization’s considerable wealth and influence to push a piece of federal legislation, not supported by the vast majority [...]

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Great Product. Lousy Product. Same Price?

The price of a new Honda Civic is about $23,000. The price of making a bet at the racetrack is the takeout, the percentage extracted from the pool before winning bettors are paid. No matter the race, the size of the field, the class of the horses running, the takeout is about 17% for a [...]

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Ben's Cat with Trevor McCarthy up wins the Jim McKay Turf Sprint Stakes for trainer King Leatherbury, Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, MD 5.20.2016.
Ben’s Cat’s Groupies

I have had the pleasure of knowing King Leatherbury since 1976. I have been his client, his competitor and, on occasion, his co-conspirator. All of these facets were a boatload of fun. I could not have imagined that 20 years after I left the business, King would come up with a homebred gelding that would [...]

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